How to put the baby to sleep without tears andcaprices

The first months after the birth of the baby sleep most of the time.
days. As a rule, problems with falling asleep during this period
is observed. The little one wakes up to eat, to gaze a little
On the world and again sweetly asleep, sucking mother’s breast. Gradually
sleep time is reduced, and wake time, respectively,
increases. Most parents of babies from 6 months to 2 years
(sometimes younger, or opposite to older age)
questions on women’s forums on the Internet or ask their more
experienced acquaintances or grandmothers “How to put a child to sleep without tears,
caprices и нервотрепки?».

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  • 1 Укладываемся спать без слез и caprices
    • 1.1 How to put a child to sleep: simple tips for young
      to parents

      • 1.1.1 VIDEO: 8 ways to put a baby to sleep
      • 1.1.2 Rituals for falling asleep
    • 1.2 Self-sleep techniques
      • 1.2.1 Timer Method (by Tracy Hogg)
      • 1.2.2 Method “Fading”
      • 1.2.3 Explain method
      • 1.2.4 The “Logout” method
  • 2 VIDEO: How to quickly put a child to sleep in 1 minute
  • 3 Метод Натана Дайло

Как уложить ребенка спать без слез

Укладываемся спать без слез и caprices

Проблемы с засыпанием у новорожденных связаны не с
capricious character, not with the pampered child, but with features
work of the nervous system of young children. Unlike adults,
kids of the first year of life simply do not know how to consciously relax
and disconnect from extraneous irritants at the moment when
the body needs rest and in time it is time to fall asleep.  But if
родители будут правильно действовать, то слез и caprices можно
it will be, if not completely avoided, then minimized.

Byдробная статья о капризах ребенка до года

How to put a child to sleep: simple tips for young
to parents

  • According to modern pediatricians, babies under one year old are not worth
    strictly observe the regime. Careful observation of the baby will allow
    you understand his biorhythms and correctly organize the time for rest and
    feedings. The sleepy child starts yawning, rubs his eyes, becomes
    lethargic or capricious. Noticed these signs – urgently
    , чтобы не пропустить момент засыпания.
  • Baby is lucky if mom is breastfeeding on demand: in early
    childhood children, plenty sated, easily fall asleep at the chest.
    Кормите грудью хотя бы до года, так  вы сможете укладывать
    baby sleep without tears until the time comes to take away
    crumbs from the chest.
  • It is very important to create a small comfortable one before going to bed.
    relaxing environment. For this fit a warm bath (be
    attentive, for some children, the bath acts excitingly, in this
    the case of the child must be bathed 2 hours before sleep), relaxation massage
    (many kids fall asleep if they are gently stroked on the back or
    tummy), aromatherapy with lavender, nutmeg,
    sandalwood, jasmine.
  • Pay attention to clothes crumbs: it should be soft and
    pleasant to the touch things.
  • Some kids help mom’s lullaby to sleep, not loud.
    relaxing music with sounds of nature (murmur of water, noise
  • Many babies are helped to sleep by rocking in a crib or on
    hands. If a ваша кроха из таких детишек, не стоит пренебрегать этим
    proven method for centuries (See the article on motion sickness on the hands).
  • Do not forget to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity in
    baby room. The best option: 20-22 degrees. Do not muffle
    baby, children sleep poorly if they are hot.
  • Before going to bed at least an hour, exclude watching cartoons and
    noisy games.
  • Create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in your family. Crumb on
    emotional level perceives tense and
    reacts to it painfully.

VIDEO: 8 ways to put a baby to sleep

Sleep rituals

Молодым to parents, деткам которых уже исполнилось 6-7 месяцев,
can advise to develop a system of “sleepy” rituals. For 20-30
minutes before bedtime, parents do the same things every day
which the toddler will soon begin to associate with
falling asleep.

In the “sleepy” rituals can be advised

  • �”Farewell to the sun.” Baby take on his hands, bring to the window
    and they say that the sun, the birds and the little animals fell asleep. In the sky
    asterisks are lit – it means it’s time for all kids to sleep. After these
    words curtains are drawn, the lights are turned off, and the baby is placed in
  • Reading books (viewing pictures with children up to a year) before
    a dream.
  • Beding your favorite toy.
  • Singing a lullaby.
  • You can make a tradition every evening in a calm voice.
    telling the little one about how the day went, how your baby was tired and
    Now sweet fall asleep, etc.
  • A similar way is 3-4 daily repeating phrases like: “Our
    the angel is tired. Mom and daddy are near. Now we will be sweet

«Сонные» ритуалы  при правильном подходе облегчают труд
parents, tots quickly begin to understand the meaning of these
action and no problem fit to sleep. The exceptions are
cases when the baby is unhealthy (fever, cut
teeth, etc.).


Self sleep techniques

By opinion of somnologists (sleep specialists), a child
need to be trained to fall asleep by yourself just as you teach it
eat, wash, dress yourself. Developed by
special techniques, applying which, parents will be able to lay
baby sleep without tears and tantrums.

Self sleep techniques

Self sleep techniques

Методики применяются к детям 9-15 месяцев и направлены на смену
associations to fall asleep. If the baby is on the chest
feeding, and the mother feeds on demand, then the child has
устойчивое представление: СОН = ЕДА. Purpose of the data
techniques to break (change) this association, moving apart in time
feeding and sleep. Consider the most popular of them.

Timer Method (by Tracy Hogg)

  1. At bedtime, the baby is given a tasty meal. After that toddler
    show the timer and say that the milk will end when
    the bell rings. The timer is set to 10 minutes. On call
    the child is weaned and placed in sweet words
    bed. Probably, the baby will cry and demand breasts minutes
    20-40. Be patient. Reassure the child. Put to bed and
    pat on the back until the crumb falls asleep.
  2. A few days in a row the timer is set to 10 minutes.
    Whims can not be avoided, but on the 3rd or 4th day the children release their breasts and
    засыпают  по звонку.
  3. The next 3-4 days the timer is set to 4 minutes. During
    feeding mom reads a familiar little cake or a fairy tale. 
    After the call the child is weaned and continue reading
    5-10 minutes. Then the crumbs are laid to sleep. So gradually one
    habit is replaced by another.
  4. After another 3-4 days, feeding for daytime sleep is canceled. Instead
    Breasts baby read a book. And at the last stage, the evening is removed.

Method “Fading”

Наиболее длительный и мягкий способ  отучения ребенка
fall asleep with breasts. The training can take 1.5-2 months.

Its essence is that the mother does not refuse the baby to suck breast.
before bed, but trying to interest the little interesting
book talk. Sometimes a baby can fall asleep without sucking, and this
already the first success. So gradually, mom finds other ways
calm (rituals) for the crumbs, sleep without a chest he will
get more frequent, and finally, the baby begins to fall asleep without

At the next stage, nightly feedings are gradually eliminated.
(How and when to stop weaning at night?): instead of a baby’s breast,
Of course, you do not need to read a book at night, just stroke it
по спинке, дать попить воды или сказать традиционную фразу: «
Мама рядом – спи спокойно»
. Over time, a little waking up
at night, stop searching for breasts, and the number of awakenings


By теме: Когда ребенок начинает спать всю
night without waking up at night feeding? and more important
статья: почему ребенок до года плохо спит ночью: как наладить
baby’s sleep?

Explain method

This method is practiced with children of one and a half – two years.

It is suitable for both babies and artificials.

For the baby come up with a simple story, for what reason milk
will not be at night (the cow will not bring more milk at night,
because … or the “Sisi” ends with milk, there is only
one time).

This story is told to the toddler 10-15 times during the day. In
the time of evening feeding the baby is given the last breast
(milk from a bottle) and remind once again that at night the milk is not
it will be because … After that, the baby is not given a bottle or a breast
at all. This stops breastfeeding (detailed
how to wean a baby from breastfeeding?), and
ассоциация СОН = ЕДА заменяется другими

The implementation of this method takes from 3 days to a week.

The “Logout” method

In my opinion, the most painful method for a child.

The essence of the technique is that the mother puts the baby to sleep and, not
waiting until the baby falls asleep, leaves the room for 5-7 minutes. If a
during this time the child does not calm down, the mother returns, calms
baby and goes out again, giving the baby the opportunity to fall asleep
on their own.

In a short time (this method takes about 7-12 days)
little one must understand that he will have to fall asleep
on their own.

And in conclusion, you need to say: in order to lay
baby sleep without tears, first need to navigate
on the individual characteristics of character and temperament

Experiment, it will allow you to find the method that
It is suitable for your toddler. Be consistent, calm and
confident in their actions – your attitude will be transferred to the little one.
Show at this time patience and love for the crumbs.


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VIDEO: How to quickly put a child to sleep in 1 minute :)

Метод Натана Дайло

We look, it is simply ingenious!

Гениальный трюк — как уложить ребёнка спать за 1 минуту

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