How to protect yourself from coronavirus

Now, when a new strain is actively spreading around the world coronavirus COVID-19. People in panic fear infection infection and procured for the long term. Many restrain contact with friends and strangers, afraid to ride in public transport and visit parks, malls, even a literal shopping trip to the store is no longer safe. Based on this, we can conclude how pathogen is contagious. SARS-CoV-2 survivability is very high level: the virus can withstand heat up to 75 degrees Celsius and survives at extremely low temperatures, resistant to chlorine solution, which makes hospitals not the most safe place. How to protect yourself in an epidemic of NCOV-19

What to do if coronavirus is already in your country?

If you have officially confirmed the presence of coronavirus infection in your country then don’t panic. Follow the standard instructions and stock up on the necessary products for home quarantine. Try to avoid contact with other people and pre-purchase protective equipment, such as: medical masks, respirators, antiseptics, alcohol, rubber gloves, goggles basis for eye protection. Remember that fear and panic are the main reasons for the rush, and hasty people often forget to follow behind the rules of personal safety and miss important factors.


Coronavirus quarantine safety rules infections

  • Follow personal hygiene and wash your hands with antibacterial soap after contact with people and animals;
  • Use antiseptic gels to disinfect if not on sale, for replacement you can use a similar pharmaceutical alcohol;
  • Choose a safer travel method if possible (Personal cars, bicycles, etc.), avoiding large crowds;
  • Do not use public transport (Taxis, buses, trolleybuses, electric trains, metro);
  • Avoid contact with people coming from other countries;
  • If possible, stay home;
  • Do not go to the hospital for examinations. Better call an ambulance home help;
  • If you have been to public places, sterilize clothes and items that you carried with you using wet napkins and alcohol;
  • Do not touch the mucous membranes of the body (eyes, mouth, nostrils, genitals) with unwashed hands;
  • Wear medical masks and respirators whenever possible if decided to visit public places;
  • Wear glasses to protect your eyes from getting infectious discharge

The most important thing is not to be afraid. At the first symptoms call doctors and try not to infect others.

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