How to protect older people from coronavirus

It’s no secret that coronavirus infection spreads Worldwide. For many people, the severity of the disease is mild. form, with symptoms of influenza and SARS. But there is critical factor in this epidemic – NCoV-2019 virus serves as a catalyst and increases the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, high arterial pressure and others. People who have a stroke are more at risk, than others. A virus increases the lethality of other diseases if it goes paired with them. How to protect the older generation from coronavirus at home

Symptoms of a strain of coronavirus infection COVID-2019 consists of the following symptoms:

  • Fever;
  • Often dry cough (sometimes with sputum);
  • Fatigue, shortness of breath;
  • Pain in the chest;

In young and children, the virus can leak without much severity, but there may be exceptions. People with a weak immune system also are at risk. Older people are more vulnerable to Covid-19 infections, so special care should be taken family members who are in old age.


How to care for older people at home conditions

  • First and foremost, be careful so that little children contact them as little as possible. At children, the symptoms of the virus may not even appear and proceed without certain complications, so they may in part be potential carriers, without even knowing it;
  • Ventilate periodically a room;
  • Keep your laundry clean and how wash it in hot water more often;
  • Treat rooms with special disinfectants and remember that chlorophyll solution will not help;
  • Serve them only after how to heat it at 100 degrees Celsius in the microwave;
  • Clean dishes thoroughly in running water;
  • Follow their hygiene: more often change toothbrushes, towels and provide fresh linen. Help them if they are not able to take on their own shower;

The main thing to remember is that with the onset of symptoms of coronavirus in elderly family members, call a doctor at home and give the first medical care, not forgetting to protect yourself from infection.

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