How to properly cook the oatmeal on milk


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Parents can be divided into adherents of use modern childcare methods and proponents of proven centuries of recipes. Someone is horrified by the methods of grandmothers, some are funds instantly help. Here the choice depends only on ourselves parents.

Only one thing is recognized by everyone: the most useful to the newborn is breast milk. And what if it’s impossible breast-feeding?

To do this, there are now many milk substitutes for adherents of modern methods. And supporters of grandmother’s funds prepare all kinds of decoctions. Among them, the most valuable is Hercules. broth for infants whose recipe should be studied in more detail.


Before using a decoction, it is better to consult your pediatrician. After all, even the absence of contraindications to this product is not means that there are no other, more useful types of baby food. Just before, there was a limited selection of them. extremely useful when there is insufficient weight gain. This product is well absorbed, therefore, it is recommended with frequent constipation. Although often eating such cereals should not, so as not to provoke diarrhea.

When babies have little mom’s milk, it’s worth a try Herculean broth that saturates the body for a long time.


Familiar grandmothers always recommend a recipe for hercules in milk, They will tell you how to cook it. Although in this case there are no difficulties. As baby food, water is diluted with milk, keeping proportion 1: 3. Then gradually increase the dose of milk, reducing volume of water. Goat milk is better for infants because it is closer to Mom’s composition. Now let’s look at how porridge hercules prepare for the baby, we will figure out how to cook properly her:

  • On a glass you need to take a spoonful of cereal, which is desirable grind previously using a coffee grinder;
  • The boiling process lasts a quarter of an hour, then the composition must be filtered.

Want to know why goat milk is more beneficial for babies from cow?

Before introducing new products into the diet, we reveal what baby allergy.

We recommend for mothers to read educational material about the ways overcome the child’s poor appetite.

A glass is enough for a single feeding. You should not cook much. Ready oat broth is better to give the baby 2 months after childbirth, after the approval of the pediatrician. Start feeding with a spoon, and then gradually one-time feeding is replaced by such a decoction.


There is something to learn from elders, not only in matters of upbringing, but and infant nutrition. Although in any matter you do not need to show fanaticism, the approval of the attending physician is always necessary.

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