How to prepare the breast for breastfeeding

How to feed the future baby, how to prepare the breast for
feeding is a question that many mummies are interested in, especially those for
who is the first birth. To the feeding process was the most
comfortable for you and your child, there are several recommendations for
preparing breasts for feeding. You need to start training in
gestation time. Special attention to preparatory procedures
should be given to women with a flat, retracted nipple shape and
overly sensitive breasts.

The content of the article

  • 1 What is your nipple shape?
    • 1.1 Плоские или втянутые соски
    • 1.2 What to do with nipple hypersensitivity
  • 2 General recommendations
    • 2.1 How to keep a breast shape
    • 2.2 What not to do
  • 3 Video consultation


Any manipulation of the breast requires prior consultation.
with a doctor. He will talk about how to prepare for feeding, which
right for you and also help to avoid the most
common mistakes among young moms.

What is your nipple shape?

Some moms have flat nipples or retracted
nipples, start to panic, that it somehow interferes with feeding, that
baby will be uncomfortable. In fact, it does not hurt. Simply
you need to prepare the nipples in advance.

ATиды сосков

The first thing to do is check the form. Maybe your
suspicions are unfounded, and the form is all right. Take a halo
nipple with two fingers (forefinger and thumb) and gently push down –
if the nipple is drawn in, the shape is not quite correct, if
The nipple protrudes forward – it is convenient for feeding the baby.
Also нормальный сосок под действием холода вытягивается
forward and takes a convex shape, retracted – retracts into the areola,
flat – does not change the form at all.


Плоские или втянутые соски

  • Massage. But in your power to change it slightly,
    to make it easier to feed the baby. Enough effective method –
    massage. The first and simplest is pulling and twisting.
    nipples. With two fingers gently pull the nipple slightly
    twisting it. Probably no need to remind that hands
    at the same time they must be cleanly washed and the nails trimmed and
    file? But do not overdo it – the skin on them is very delicate,
    you can damage it. Also too much twisting of the nipples can
    cause increased uterine tone.

There is also a Hoffman technique that can be used.
for pulling the nipple. Two thumbs need to be placed at
the base of the nipple and start soft rubbing movements with one finger
up, others down, then to the sides. Thus, adhesions
the base of the flat (or retracted) nipple weakens and he
displayed outside. It is recommended to do this exercise by
several minutes 2-5 times a day. This method is a little controversial, some
experts consider it effective, others are extremely

  • Special bra with special inserts and
    корректоры nipples.
     Bra gradually changes
    the shape of the nipples, making them more convex. Also
    в аптеке можно найти специальные корректоры, действующие по
    the principle of the pump. But often they can not be worn – start
    wear correctors about a month before the birth of a child
    минут в день, постепенно увеличивая время до 30 мин, и прежде
    what to do with such procedures, consult with
    a specialist. After the baby is born, keep wearing
    correctors before feeding for 15 minutes. Корректоры и накладки
    they press on the areola area and help the nipple to stretch out.
Корректор формы соска авент

Корректор формы соска авент
Накладка для формирования соска medela

Накладка для формирования соска medela
  • Третий метод — молокоотсос. Use it after the start.
    feeding but consult in advance if you have
    contraindications for pumping. It also helps pulling.

Do not listen to “advisers” recommending
artificial feeding if too flat
nipples (do not use a pacifier and a bottle with a nipple for supplementation.
Remember that in the case of inverted nipples, after the bottle with the nipple, you
You will definitely struggle with the “nipple confusion” of your baby;).
Even if you did not have time to prepare the breast for feeding before birth
baby – do not worry, the crumb will do everything himself. In the process
кормления движениями губ он будет постепенно менять форму nipples. AT
In this case, try to use bottles, nipples and pacifiers.
at a minimum.

What to do with nipple hypersensitivity

Nipples with increased sensitivity make every feeding
torture. ATы отвлекаетесь на неприятные ощущения, а это мешает
комфортному кормлению малыша. Get rid of the problem will help
предварительная подготовка nipples. There are several ways to
of this.

  1. Bra from coarse fabric. Ткань должна быть не слишком
    tough so as not to injure the skin, but at the same time rather coarse,
    to help halo get rid of excess sensitivity.
  2. Go without a bra often – every day for 10-15 minutes
    take air baths on your chest (walk naked
    around the apartment). You can go to the nearest store without a bra –
    10-15 minutes just enough. AT тёплую погоду можно оголять грудь на
    street in his dacha plot.
  3. Another way is a massage with imitation of baby feeding.
    ATозьмите сосок двумя пальцами слегка сожмите и начните оттягивать.
    But do not press on the mammary glands too much – the body can
    it seems that the feeding time has already begun.
  4. Do not rub the nipples and do not apply lotions containing alcohol!
    These manipulations break the protective layer of the areola and injure

General recommendations

Even if you have no problems with nipples, there is
a few recommendations for their preparation for feeding, which are worth

  • Try to avoid getting soap on the nipples so as not to
    dry out the skin – wipe it with a wet towel with a halo completely
  • ATо время беременности грудь увеличиваются в размерах.
    Чтобы грудь не отвисала, нужно носить правильно подобранный
    bra. It should not squeeze the chest, preventing the correct
    blood circulation. It is recommended to choose underwear with wide straps,
    made from breathable hypoallergenic natural
  • Breast skin care. Breast preparation for feeding includes
    yourself proper care of the skin condition. On late terms
    pregnancy is recommended to avoid using aggressive
    cosmetics, leading to drying of the epidermis;
  • Compresses. You can make natural decoctions of oak bark or
    strong black tea, wet a cotton wool in the solution and apply to
    halo for a few minutes. It strengthens them and warns
    the appearance of cracks. Repeat the procedure several times a day;
  • Hardening. For the future mom is very important to harden the chest,
    as when feeding she is in constant tension. Most
    simple way – air baths. Also можно обливать грудь
    cold water. Gradually reduce the temperature – begin to pour
    nipples ice water from the first procedure is impossible. Tonic effect
    possesses drenching the chest alternately with cool and warm water. Still
    one way is to rub the chest with ice cubes. Can do
    frozen decoction of chamomile, oak or train that is good for the skin
    nipple halo. Ice can not be kept for a long time to prevent
  • Специальный bra. Its shape is specifically designed for
    preparing the female breast for feeding the baby. When wearing this
    bra Avoid tight and too tight clothes;
  • Massage. Periodically massage the breast, making circular movements.
    around the breast. It increases blood flow and warns
    pain during feeding (breast massage);
  • Communication with the doctor and other moms. Baby waiting period
    very exciting. AT голове возникает много вопросов, в том числе
    about how the feeding will take place. You can talk about this with
    a doctor. Ask him about everything that interests you. Also старайтесь
    talk about it with other moms ask about
    the challenges they faced and learn from their experiences.
    You can go to special classes for young mummies, where you
    will show how to properly attach the child to the chest, how to cook
    её к кормлению и как о ней заботиться после of this.

If during pregnancy you responsibly approached
preparing the breast for future feeding, after the birth of the baby
will be comfortable and painless for you. Once a child
born, attach the baby to his chest – he will feel maternal
heat, and your body will start the processes responsible for producing

How to keep breast shape

  • It is recommended to wear a special bra, as during
    of pregnancy. It is impossible that he squeezed the chest. Excessive
    squeezing the mammary glands can lead to the fact that
    milk is gone. Do not buy it “for growth” – better buy
    new each time the chest increases or decreases.
    It is advisable to buy a bra with wide straps;
  • Do special exercises. Push off the floor or wall
    squeeze any object with your palms, placing them inside
    side to each other, as in prayer, cross your arms before
    by myself. But exclude jumping and running for a while;
  • Do not sleep on your stomach when the breast is filled with milk;
  • Do not try to lose weight dramatically in the first time after birth
  • Feed your baby in the correct position (posture for
  • Do regular breast massage with natural oils.

Exercise “prayer.” It should sit on a chair, straightening
back, or stand up. The palms are folded at the chest level with the fingers.
up, elbows divorced to the sides. The lower parts of the palms with strength
press on each other, thereby tightening the muscles that protect
mammary glands from sagging. Exercise is repeated 10-30 times. AT
each approach must be counted to thirty, then relax

Чего делать нельзя

  • Rub the chest with a rough cloth, a towel,
    подкладывать грубую ткань в бюстгальтер (чтобы соски стали
    less sensitive) as a few decades ago
    советовали врачи, нельзя. From this skin around
    the nipple is rubbed and cracked. Nature originally
    made the female breast ready to feed the baby, you only need
    slightly adjust if necessary some points for
    personal comfort and convenience of feeding your baby;
  • It is impossible to force, massage the nipples, as well as expose them
    late manipulations that are too strong, otherwise you can call
    increased uterine tone and provoke premature labor;
  • It is also impossible to smear nipples with cream. Natural Breast Lubrication
    it is produced independently – that is enough. Do not trust
    beautiful jars in stores and pharmacies with the inscription “cream for
    nipple softening ”is a skillful marketing move. Exception – cream
    It may be necessary if cracks appear on the nipples, but under the condition
    prior consultation with the doctor. Also do not use
    alcohol lotions.

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Video consultation

Do I need to prepare the breast for feeding the baby? What are the myths
surround preparation for breastfeeding? Need to rub
nipples fabric during pregnancy so they are hardened? From what
are there nipple cracks? What you need to know and what to be ready for
How to start breastfeeding? Do I need to smear chest to
prepare it for feeding? Why breastfeeding happens


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