How to play with the baby?

In the course of the game, the children develop various
abilities and skills. While playing, the child studies the world around him and
is learning something new. Start playing with your baby never
early, it can be done from birth.

Как играть с маленькими детьми

With a baby you can sway to the beat of the music or just
run your fingers over his tummy. Attract his attention
easy with hanging toys, rattles, musical
mobile – so the kid will develop visual coordination. Yes
And there are many other ways to play!

How to please the child?

The most important thing for every parent to remember is
rapid fatigability of small children. Take breaks in any
the game, otherwise the baby will simply not be focused on it. Also
try not to play with the child in those moments when he is hungry or
wants to sleep.

So what might your please

  • Music. What baby doesn’t love her? Surely
    your baby at the first sounds of music begins to smile and shake
    ass Sing along with your child or just listen to your favorites.
    composition to him, it will give the baby an emotional pleasure.
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    ребенка и 10 фактов о пользе музыки и звуков природы для мам и
  • Peekaboo. Mother’s “Koo-ku” always
    will cause a smile at the most gloomy crumbs. In addition, such a game
    helps baby begin to navigate in space.
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  • Items with different textures. Bed baby
    unnecessary towel, cover and rug made of various materials
    add some soft toys. Let the pussy crawl and study everything.
    these items while developing their touch. See how
    he is interested! He will probably start to run his finger on each
    little thing, “trying” her to the touch. Just follow all measures.
    precautions – no small items or loosely sewn
  • Toys They are also interesting for the child to study.
    Try to pick up toys according to age, and they
    should be multi-colored, from different materials and desirable
    various sizes. Рубрика: игрушки;
  • Walks in the open air. New furnishing –
    These are always new emotions. Go with the baby to the nearest park, and
    let him know how soft the grass can be, what a touch
    petal from the tree and how great the wind weaves hairs.
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  • Communication Be sure to talk to
    a child, especially while walking. Voice what is called
    items, comment on your actions, so you fill up vocabulary
    stock baby. And the best communication is the birth of the second baby in

Playing, the child learns. But you also need to learn to play. AND,
above all, us adults. How to learn to play with a child? About
This will tell the psychologist Galina Zabarchuk.

Any event in everyday life can be turned into
the game. Try to involve the child in the game process more often and
Do not replace live games and chat in any way.
front of the TV.

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