How to plan and conceive a girl: allknown methods

The appearance of the baby is always a happy event
in the life of any family. It is believed that the sex of the child is determined
nature, but if you want to challenge a higher power,
use the methods that will help conceive a girl 100

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  • 1 Why it is important to plan the sex of the child
  • 2 Methods and methods for conceiving a girl
    • 2.1 By ovulation
      • 2.1.1 How to determine the day of ovulation
    • 2.2 For blood
    • 2.3 Lunar calendar
    • 2.4 Китайский календарь
    • 2.5 Japanese baby sex chart
    • 2.6 Conception girls using diet
    • 2.7 Douching
    • 2.8 100% guarantee method
    • 2.9 Intimate questions. Poses for conceiving girls
    • 2.10 Visualization
    • 2.11 And what gynecologists say
    • 2.12 Let’s listen to popular wisdom
  • 3 Video Tips

Как зачать девочку

Why is it important to plan the sex of the child?

In some situations, doctors strongly recommend the future.
parents carefully plan the floor of the baby. This applies to pathologies
related to heredity. Today is known for certain
hereditary diseases
сыну: гемофилия, шизофрения, предрасположенность к
облысению, патологии в развитии половых органов,
которые приводят в зрелом возрасте к
бесплодию, алкоголизм и др.

All hereditary pathologies identified in boys are more difficult.
treatable in comparison with girls.

Примечание: в случае с наследственным
factor is only a predisposition to disease. Health
and the harmonious development of the baby is determined by a complex of factors:
immunity, hormonal background and, above all, the way
of life.


The body of the man through the hormone testosterone synthesizes
two types of sperm – X and Y. The female body is capable
produce only eggs of the species X. Thus, the sex of the child
directly depends on dad. If more active will
Y-type sperm, a boy will be conceived, if to the female
X-egg cell will join the male X-sperm, the desired goal
will be achieved – you will have a girl!

Methods and methods for conceiving a girl

Experts do not give an absolute guarantee in the matter of influence on
gender of the future baby, but the probability of conceiving a girl can
significantly increase if you observe certain

By ovulation

The technique is based on certain features of two types.
sperm. The life span of X-sperm is longer
than group Y. If by the time of fertilization the egg in
In a woman’s body, the sperm of species Y will die and remain
Necessary – type X, the probability that the couple will be born daughter, very
is great.

To maintain the necessary sperm, sexual intercourse should
occur four to five days before the egg enters the vagina,
that is, before ovulation. This time is enough for death.
sperm group Y.

Примечание: методика эффективна, если
a woman watches the cycle for a long time and knows the day

How to determine the day of ovulation

Method one – carefully consider:

If you know the exact duration of your menstrual period.
cycle, then divide it in half – the result will mean the day
ovulation. For example, for a cycle of 28 days, ovulation occurs
about 14 days.

Method two – measure rectal

To get reliable results, you must conduct
measurements several cycles in a row, it will help to eliminate the probability
mistakes. Two phases of the cycle should be clearly visible on the graph – up to
ovulation and after. The temperature of the first phase varies within
36.3-36.8 degrees. The day when the temperature rises to 37.0-37.5
means ovulation. At this level, rectal temperature remains
until menstruation, then decreases again.

Примечание: если график на протяжении
several months it turns out blurry – without a sharp increase and
lowering the temperature is a reason to visit a gynecologist;
problems with ovulation.

Method three – buy tests:

In any pharmacy in the range of special tests are presented,
позволяющие определить день ovulation. The principle of operation of such tests
similar to using pregnancy tests.

Примечание: когда точно установлен день
ovulation, sexual intercourse must be carried out four to five days before
desired dates, it will help eliminate unnecessary

Y-сперматозоиды. For two days and for three days
after ovulation from unprotected sex acts it is better to abstain
This period is most favorable for conceiving a boy.

By blood

Method one – we define “young” blood:

Human blood has the properties of being renewed, in men and women
This process occurs with different cycles. Male blood
updated less frequently – every four years, women more often – through
every three years. It is enough to calculate – whose blood is at the moment of conception.
turned out to be younger and more active. For this age of the future dad
divided by four, and the future mother’s age – by three.

Пример: возраст мужчины 29 лет, если 29
divided by 4, you get 7.25. Multiply 7 by 4, it turns out that
Daddy last time blood was updated in 28 years – a year ago.

Mom’s age is 27 years old, if 27 divided by 3, it will turn out exactly
9, therefore, her blood is updated in the year of conception. AT
This situation needs to focus on the month of birth. For example,
The month of birth of the woman is May, in this case the renewal process
blood will begin in the first half of April and end by the second
half of june. Planning to conceive a girl is best next
a year after the blood update in a woman.

You can carry out calculations by year. Add to the year of birth
fathers of four, and by the year of birth of the mother – three. For example, год
the birth of the future dad of 1989, his blood will be renewed every
four years – 1993, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013, 2017, 2021. If
the future mother was born in 1990, her blood is renewed in 1993,
1996, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2020.
The optimal period for conceiving a girl next year after
updates blood at the future mother.


Расчет достаточно прост: (ATозраст папы ребенка во время зачатия
+ mom’s age) * 4/3 = …

If you get a number with a remainder of 2 or no remainder, then this

А если в остатке 1 – то это girl.

To produce division in a column, but not with the help of a calculator.

Calculation example:

(24 + 21) * 4/3 = 60 – this is my boy

(32 + 29) * 4/3 = 81 and 1 in the remainder is a girl

Примечание: специалисты не рекомендуют
plan the conception of the child in the year of the mother’s blood renewal, since
chances of giving birth to a girl in this case are significantly reduced.

Method two – blood group and rhesus:

Determining the sex of an unborn child by blood type родителей

Determining the sex of an unborn child by blood type

Существуют специальные таблицы, где указана зависимость пола
baby from the group and rhesus blood of two parents.

  • if rhesus blood mom and dad are the same – most likely
    get a daughter to conceive;
  • if the rhesus of the couple does not match – most likely
    a son will be conceived;
  • if future parents have blood of the first or second group, –
    Chances are high conceive girl.

планирование мальчика по резус фактору

Moon calendar

According to the lunar calendar, the duration of a month is 29 or 30
days Considering that the menstrual cycle, as a rule, has
similar length, the female body is more susceptible
influence of the moon than the sun. ATсе знаки зодиакального круга делятся на
two groups – male and female. AT этой ситуации именно знак зодиака
подскажет, когда зачать, чтобы родилась girl. If conception
child happened in a sign – Taurus, Cancer, Virgin, Fish or Scorpio,
it is likely that a daughter will be born. AT остальных случаях звезды
will give you a son.

Примечание: также известно, что организм
women are most active a few days before mom’s birth
lunar calendar. Today find out your own lunar date
birth is not difficult.

Китайский календарь

The ancient sages dominated most of their knowledge
drew from the science of numerology. AT Китае выявили зависимость между
age of mother and gender of the future baby. According to the conclusion of the wise,
a woman at a certain age and in a particular month is capable
to reproduce into the world either a boy or a girl. For example, если
woman full 25 years old, to conceive a girl she can in January, April,
May and July.

Chinese floor planning calendar ребенка

Chinese floor planning calendar

Такая удобная таблица состоит только из двух параметров –
age and month of conception, at the intersection of which is indicated
estimated gender of the child. According to statistics, in 90% of cases, the Chinese
the method is reliable.

Japanese baby sex chart

The technique is rather complicated, but also has the right to
Existence. ATычисления нужно проводить по двум таблицам. AT
first, future mom and dad calculate the total for them using
months of birth. ATо второй таблице пол ребенка определяется по
received figure and the month of conception.

1. AT первой графе надо определить ту цифру, которая
is the center of intersection of the month of birth of a man (future
of the father) and the month of birth of the woman (future mother):

AT первой графе таблицы находим цифру, которая совпадает with the month of birth of the man, and in the second - the number coinciding with месяцем рождения женщины.

AT первой графе таблицы находим цифру, которая совпадает
with the month of birth of the man, and in the second – the number coinciding with
месяцем рождения женщины.

2. The number you find when crossing is necessary
find in the second Japanese table in the topmost row,
horizontally. This number will denote the column in
which are written the name of the months of conception of the baby. Opposite each
of the month, there is a definite
number of crosses. So, the more signs (crosses) are
in one or another graph, the greater the likelihood of the birth of a child
or other sex:

Japanese baby sex chart

Japanese baby sex chart

Например: Будущий отец был рождён в
September, and the future mom – and May. The child was conceived in December.
It is necessary to determine the sex of the child.

So, in the first table you need to find the number that stands
at the intersection of the vertical – September and horizontally – May.
The resulting figure is 9.

Next, figure 9 must be found horizontally at the top most
the first row. This column is the desired, but we are looking for a month in it.
Conception of the child, in our example – this is December. AT столбце
�”Boy” is worth the most crosses (look opposite December),
so according to the Japanese table, designed to determine gender,
must be born a boy.

These Japanese tables are best used for planning.
gender of the future baby, and not to determine the sex, although none of this
does not prohibit. According to this Japanese calendar, for each pair
parents there is only 1 month (2 maximum) in the year in which
probability of conceiving a child of a certain sex
is great.

Conception girls using diet

It should be noted that this technique does not belong to
priority, but only increases the effectiveness of other methods. The bottom line
The method is based on the fact that Y-chromosomes die in an acidic environment.
To conceive a girl, it is necessary with the help of certain products.
nutrition to create in the body of the future mother an acidic environment.

Two to three months before the desired date of conception need to be adjusted

Product Category Useful Exclude
The drinks Tea, cocoa, chocolate drinks, calcium mineral water
Juice with preservatives, drinks with gas.
Meat Veal, beef. Sausages, roasts, smoked meats and meatballs.
A fish Any fresh or frozen. Salted, smoked fish species, canned food.
Milk products Cottage cheese, milk. All types of cheeses and ice cream.
Flour products Any baked goods without salt. Bread and biscuits industrial production with salt.
Groats Figure semolina. Corn grits.
Vegetables Eggplant, asparagus, beets, carrots, cucumbers, legumes, peppers,
boiled tomatoes, herbs, potatoes (in limited
Vegetables во фритюре, шпинат, консервированные и сушеные овощи,
zucchini, all varieties of cabbage, fresh tomatoes, white beans
Dried fruits and nuts Peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds. All nuts should be eaten without salt. Raisins, dates, dried apricots, prunes.
Fruits Pears, apples, strawberries, cherries, grapefruits, peaches, lemons,
pineapple, quince, watermelon.
Banana, orange, melon, apricot, currant.
Additionally Honey, jam and jams, sour cream, herbs, eggs. Salt, soda, ketchup, olives and gherkins, margarine and yeast.


To create in the female body a favorable environment for the
sperm of species X, immediately before intercourse should
make douching using a weak solution of vinegar. For his
cooking needs to be dissolved in a few liters of pure water
tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice. Pear-syringe
pre-sterilize. Then use the syringe to enter
250-300 ml of the solution obtained in the vagina. Washing creates
acidic environment in the female body, necessary for the death

Примечание: данная методика требует особой
caution because the use of a solution of high concentration
provokes a vaginal burn and kills all sperm.

100% guarantee method

If all of the above methods do not guarantee conception
girls, the effectiveness of this technique is confirmed by one hundred percent
statistics. It’s about preimplantation genetic
diagnostics. This is a laboratory study whose purpose is
selection of healthy embryos that meet certain criteria.

The study is conducted on the third day of embryo development.
fertilization of eggs with sperm. As a result of the biopsy
each embryo specialist receives complete information about
chromosomes, including their appearance – X or Y.

The advantage of the technique is the ability to identify
pathology in the early stages of embryo development and choose to
transfer to the uterus only healthy and with the right XX chromosomes.

Примечание: сегодня такая диагностика
carried out as part of IVF only for couples in history
diseases which are present chromosomal or genetic

Intimate questions. Poses for conceiving girls

It turns out that compliance with certain recommendations in the intimate
Sphere will also help conceive a girl.

  • The woman is in position from above;
  • Missionary position;
  • �”Spoons” (both partners are on their side, the man is behind);
  • The man is on top and the partner is on the bottom, lying on his stomach (i.e.
    back to him).

При любых позициях проникновение во влагалище должно быть
shallow The optimal time for intercourse – the second
half a day It is believed that full moon sex contributes
Conception girls.

Лучшие позы для зачатия девочки

The best poses for conceiving girls. In order to conceive
girl, the posture should not be deep, so you
increase the path of sperm to the egg and give a chance more
медленным и долгоживущим «девочкам».

ATеками складывались и народные наблюдения, согласно которым
spouses are better off having sexual intercourse only on even days,
It is desirable that the initiative comes from a woman.
Также женщине лучше не испытывать оргазм, который помогает

Примечание: наши предки верили, что зачать
a girl can be, if you put a mirror in the matrimonial bed and
comb, beautiful handkerchiefs.

This must be done to conceive a child from the first


Try to order a girl from nature. For this you need
use a method such as psychological visualization.
Both future parents on stage pregnancy planning should
details to imagine what their daughter should be – looks, traits
character, habits, up to growth and eye color. After all, they say that
our dreams are material, it is likely that your cherished desire
come true and transformed into a happy reality.

And what gynecologists say

Most professionals tend not to trust the methods.
baby planning. After all, in matters of conception and birth of a baby
many mysterious and not subject to human desires. If
parents certainly decided that they wanted a daughter, the best
use a technique based on ovulation, all the rest
methods can be considered as auxiliary,

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the most favorable days for conceiving a child

Let’s listen to popular wisdom

Many couples, when planning the sex of a child, use
reasoned, traditional methods, however, popular wisdom,
having absorbed the knowledge and observations of many generations, it turns out
no less effective and efficient. Our mothers, grandmothers and
great-grandmothers knew about the conception of the child a lot of interesting facts
which women enjoy today, dreaming of a daughter.

  • Tie the right pinky on the arm before intimate intimacy.
  • A few days before the expected date of conception, drink more
    apple and plum juice, especially in the evening.
  • The best days for conceiving girls are read Wednesday, Friday and
  • If intimacy occurred in the cold of winter during
    blizzards, the probability of conceiving a daughter increases.
  • You can use the reader – if at the time of conception
    the number of years at the age of the woman is even, then to conceive a girl she
    will be able in even months of this year, if the number of years is odd,
    to embody ideas into reality need to odd
    months of the year.
  • У женщин старше 30 лет чаще рождаются дочки, особенно,
    if it is the firstborn.
  • If you sleep head north – it is likely to conceive
    boy, head south – girl.
  • Hang the wedding ring on a string over the belly. If it
    swinging like a pendulum back and forth – a boy, in a circle –
  • Another method is to add up the age of the future mother and
    the number of the month in which conception is planned. Even result
    promises a girl, with the odd – should expect a boy.


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    are working

There are moments in life that do not depend on decisions.
and human plans, but try to realize your dreams in
reality forbid no one has the right. Suddenly it is you who will become
happy couple who could become the creator of their
small, long-awaited happiness. Imagine how loving you are
you will watch your daughter and remember that efforts
were not in vain.

Video Tips

What needs to be done so that the selected gender
corresponded to the desired? Tells the highest gynecologist
categories, Fatima Yakubovna Bogatyreva:

Conception calendar, baby gender planning,
boy or girl?

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