How to persuade a kid to eat vegetables: 7 tipsto parents

Masking vegetables in baby’s favorite dishes, beautifully them
serve, put cartoons during meals – parents go to
all sorts of tricks to make the crumbs eat useful
broccoli. How to help your child love the taste of vegetables? Read our

ребенок ест овощи

Statistics show that only 40% of Russian children every day
eat vegetables, and in an amount that is considered normal. In that
difficult to blame the parents, because to persuade the baby to try the mashed potatoes
cauliflower or boiled beet salad is a real challenge.
Fortunately, the problem can be solved.

1. Use the rule 10 times

Parents often complain about the child’s total rejection of vegetables.
three year old children. Their problem is that they have missed time and not
introduced the baby with a variety of tastes at the introduction stage
complementary foods or surrendered too early, faced with the reluctance of the crumbs
have any product. It’s necessary to offer new tastes
меньше 10 раз:
если первые 9 раз ребенок будет
frowning and spitting out broccoli will increase the chances that
in the end, he would still be happy to eat it.

2. Экспериментируйте с консистенцией пищи, цветом и
dish depth

There is another common reason why children do not want
eat vegetables – they are just not familiar with the consistency of the new for them
the dishes. Perhaps favorite crumb biscuits, and pumpkin porridge –
not. To solve the problem, in this case, you need to gradually
offer the child food of different textures – jelly, mashed potatoes, pieces
vegetables, soft, firm, oily food.

By the way, scientists have proven that subconsciously eating red and
Orange seems more attractive to people, and green
food is the opposite. Therefore, first give the baby vegetables
�”Attractive” shades: carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes. Then smoothly
add to his diet the rest.

In addition, children are more likely to eat from small deep plates than
from large and wide. Color is important and better to have a baby plate
was yellow, orange or red.

3. Offer vegetables without coercion.

In no case do not give the child an ultimatum (“until you eat
all – you will not leave the table “) and do not resort to blackmail (” you cannot eat
mashed potatoes – you will not get candy ”). The rule is much more effective.
�”One bite”: agree with the baby to try everything
One piece of broccoli and described its taste, even if it does not swallow,
if you do not want. Taste can be changed with the help of seasonings and various
additives. So, vegetables become more appetizing when they are added.
animal fats – cheese, butter, sour cream.


Control portion size. Let the baby asks for a supplement,
than immediately lose his appetite, seeing a huge portion for him, which he
can not overpower.

4. Start each meal with vegetables.

Remember yourself: when you are hungry, even the least favorite dishes begin
seem to you more delicious. After quenching keen hunger
This amazing effect no longer works. Therefore always
Start a meal with vegetable stew, soup, salad or casserole.
For a start, it is enough if the crumb eats at least a couple of spoons – this is
already better than nothing.

5. Refuse candies, cookies, nuts.

This is a banal, but quite effective measure. When there is a choice
between a donut in a sweet glaze and an apple, it’s difficult before a donut
resist. If on the plate is a cucumber, tomato and carrot, the chances are that
the child still tries the vegetables, increase dramatically. So better
give up sweets, baking, salty nuts, chips.

By the way, you can make tasty and healthy chips from vegetables,
who will definitely like the baby. They are easy to make at home –
just put the zucchini pieces, carrots, pumpkins or beets on
baking sheet, sprinkle with olive oil, add a little seasoning and
bake at low temperature until crispy
consistency. Store in an opaque sealed jar.

6. Set an example

Eat with baby, show what you get
enjoy the taste of vegetables, say how you like them.
Give not only your personal example, but also an example from the outside.
So, in the United States in the period of the popularity of the cartoon about the sailor
have become more willing to eat spinach. All because canned spinach
gave this character superpower.

Watch movies with children and cartoons about food, read fairy tales. Their
The choice is huge: “Ratatouille”, “Cloudy with a chance of precipitation in the form
фрикаделек», эпизоды «Смешариков», «Маши и Медведя». Everything
depends on the age and interests of your child.

7. Cook vegetables with chicken or meat

If the vegetable side dish is cooked with meat or chicken, it becomes
more delicious, soaked with the aroma of herbs and spices, as well as meat
juice There is a high probability that the baby will not just eat such a dish.
no whims, but even ask for a supplement.

Try also experimenting with serving. Via
vegetables you can turn a chicken leg into an amusing cancer, mashed potatoes –
in hedgehogs, and the salad will become more attractive to the child if
serve it in a “glass” of Bulgarian pepper.

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