How to pass the crisis periods of childhood andadolescence and foster confidence and independence in a child. Tipsto parents

In human life, psychologists distinguish eight main
crisis periods, three of which pass in childhood and adolescence. TO
they include the period of “strengthening the roots”, the transition from childhood to
adulthood and finding yourself and your place. For each parent
it is important to understand what happens to their child in times of crisis.
The support of loved ones will help more calmly and without negative
consequences to survive these difficult stages in the lives of children and

кризисные периоды у детей

TOризисный период у детей от трех до семи лет – это «укрепление

This difficult period in the life of a child is so named not by chance. After all
on what will be the “roots” depends on further growth
�”Tree of life” and the formation of the child’s personality.

The period is characterized by the formation of a global attitude towards
around the world. The kid begins to understand that the environment
can be either benevolent or hostile. The main
the task of parents is to form in children
feeling of complete safety and security in the family.
the positive situation will turn further into trust
child’s attitude to others, sympathy for himself,
curiosity and thirst for the development of their abilities. Such children
grow up self-confident, feeling the importance of their own forces. They
optimists, initiative and independent. Parents at this stage
should lay in the mind of a child’s basic life slogan:
�”If you make an effort, you can always achieve the desired
goals. “

With the wrong behavior of parents, the child may become
mistrustful This can turn into persistent doubts in
the correctness of actions. Such children становятся безынициативными и
apathetic. They испытывают к себе жалость, а не симпатию. They
feel defective. With age, the sense of guilt grows,
the fear of punishment for mistakes is also increasing. Negative
sense of self is often manifested in aggression towards
to others.

For parents, the main thing is for their child to feel
that he is loved and understood. This will be the key to normal development and
personality formation.

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TOризисный период в возрасте от десяти до шестнадцати лет – это
stage of understanding and assessing yourself

This most acute period of adolescence is associated with
the transition from childhood to adolescence to responsible adult
of life.


The teenager begins to assess their strength in comparison with
the merits of other people. This period is characteristic
concern and constant comparison. Teenagers torture themselves
вопросами: «TOто я?», «TOакой?», «В чем мое основное отличие от
the rest? ”,“ Am I better or worse than the others? ”,“ Do I look good? ”,
«TOакую оценку дают мне окружающие?», «Есть ли во мне

The main задача, стоящая перед подростком, заключается в
the need to determine their psychological status, their
independence and your own self. Growing up children start
understand that there is an adult world. It is huge and has its own laws,
rules and regulations that must be followed.

At this difficult moment, experience becomes important for teens.
which they get outside. They are annoyed by the recommendations
parents. They считают эти советы лишними. Teenagers are sure that
the main experience necessary for adulthood, they can get
only among peers.

The positive passage of this crisis period is even greater
strengthens the self-esteem of growing children and their faith in their own
strength In case the crisis is not resolved correctly, replace
depending on parents comes dependence on peers,
who are stronger and more confident. These teens believe that not
worth trying or pushing for anything. They уверены, что все
nothing will come of it. They безвольны, сомневаются в себе,
envy others successes, depend on the opinions and assessments of others
people. Эти качества сопровождают их во всей будущей of life.

TOризисный период в возрасте от восемнадцати до двадцати двух
years is the time of searching and accepting oneself, one’s shortcomings and

The third crisis period is associated with finding your place in a difficult
environment. The young man begins to realize that
the world around is much more multifaceted than it seemed to him before. TO
he returns to dissatisfaction with himself and fear for his own
inconsistency and powerlessness. He’s afraid he won’t be able to find it.
себя и свое место в of life.

You can unsuccessfully go through this crisis period. Painful
the consequences may be different. In the future, the young man never
by finding and not accepting oneself, one can choose an authoritative object for
imitation. Some do not recognize any authority, choosing the path
denial and constant protests. There are also such young people
who begin to humiliate others and thereby increase
own self-esteem.

Correct going through this period will help you take yourself from
свои недостатками и meritsами.


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