How to pass the analysis of love? Non invasive methoddetermination of dopamine in the brain

Update: February 2019

By 2028, according to Fred Nour (the leading neurologist of the planet),
a medical test will be available to determine the current

The scientist claims that scanning with an MRI will help
detect the presence of “love” chemicals in the brain
human (see chemistry of love – what happens in the body). it
a unique opportunity to find out before you get married
men / women are selfless. That is, is it really the chosen one
in love and has no hidden motives?


When a person is in love, the chemicals are nonapeptides,
produced in significant quantities, and it is them that will be
define a test. If there are few substances, then a person is not in love. AT
Unlike lie detectors and other checks, this scanner cannot
cheat because the accuracy factor is 97 – 99%. However, by
For obvious reasons, the object of love will remain unknown and even with
a positive result, not the fact that the object of love is the chosen one (and
not a lover / ca).

Now we can not determine the levels in the brain of a living person
nonapeptides without invasive procedures, so the experiments are carried out
only on laboratory animals. But, there is already a non-invasive
DaT scan test that detects dopamine in a living human
the brain. It is painless, harmless and to get results you need
about 2 hours.

Such a medical analysis for love will work.
by injection of a radioactive dye, which after binding to
nonapeptide receptors in the brain will appear when it
MRI scan.

Every day, medical scan technology is improving, and
for a decade a similar test to determine the amount
chemicals of love in the living brain of a person can be
available to everyone.

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