How to pass a medical examination free of charge in 2019year? What surveys are conducted and how to themget ready?


  • What is a clinical examination for?
  • Years of clinical examination in 2019
  • What examinations are included in the clinical examination
  • Differences dispensary 2019 from previous years
  • Video
  • Schedule for the clinical examination 2019
  • Survey on clinical examination
  • Preparing for the clinical examination 2019

Starting from 2013, a large-scale medical examination began in Russia
total population. It has the right to pass every person who has
there is an OMS policy and find out if he has any dangerous diseases. In what
The clinical examination is 2019 and that it clearly includes
recorded in the new order of the Ministry of Health.

What is a clinical examination for?

Any disease is much easier to prevent than to cure it.
consequences and complications. Precisely prevention today is
leading direction in medicine. To understand what is
clinical examination in the clinic by year, it is useful to know what it is for
created by The main purpose of clinical examination is to identify dangerous
cardiovascular diseases and oncological diseases as possible
earlier. Also this medical examination should identify people
alcohol and drug abusers or those
prone to deadly diseases.

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Years of clinical examination in 2019

Most of the population undergoes medical check-ups every 3
of the year. It is worth remembering that there are special persons who should
surveyed every year. These are people who already have diseases.
hearts and blood vessels and oncological diseases, disabled people, veterans
World War II, participants in the elimination of accidents atomic

The order of the Ministry of Health stated at what age the population
must undergo a medical examination. If you want to
to find out if your age is right, you just need to know how
determine the year of clinical examination. To do this, divide the number
years that you have turned or will be this year by 3. If
the number can be divided completely, without residue, then it’s time to visit
the doctors.

It is easy to understand from the order of the Ministry of Health how many years pass
medical examination for the first time – 21 years. This is the age when
a person despite his youth may begin to appear symptoms
dangerous diseases: high blood pressure, high cholesterol
or sugar.

диспансеризация взрослого населения toартинtoи

Considering that the population is not examined annually, under
The event is suitable for certain years of birth: 1920, 1923, 1926,
1929, 1932, 1935, 1938, 1941, 1944, 1947, 1950, 1953, 1956, 1959,
1962, 1965, 1968, 1971, 1974, 1977, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1989, 1992,
1995, 1998

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public services? Detailed step by step instructions

What examinations are included in the clinical examination 2019?

The following items are mandatory for each person.
medical examination:

  • questioning;
  • blood pressure measurement;
  • blood test for sugar;
  • blood test for cholesterol;
  • fluorography.

The remaining examinations depend on gender and age. Most of them
the number falls on 40-50 years, later decreases again, so
how the probability of detecting a disease at an early stage is reduced
elderly person.

Инфографиtoа с сайта

Анtoетирование помогает выявить хроничесtoие заболевания, о
which person knows or risk factors such as abnormal
nutrition, lack of physical activity. The form is filled
immediately before taking a therapist so that the doctor can
evaluate its results.

Blood pressure is measured for every person.
as it is a cheap way to detect arterial hypertension.
High blood pressure causes frequent strokes, problems with
heart and kidney, poor vision. If the therapist once
found a person’s pressure above 140/90 mm Hg. st then he
appoint a second dose after 2 weeks. If this time
pressure will be high, then prescribed a diet, taking medications and
before the examination.

A blood sugar test can be performed from a vein or
by express method, from a finger. High sugar level (above 5
mmol / l) talks about problems with carbohydrate metabolism. Assigned
pre-examination and consultation of the endocrinologist. Depending on the
additional test results can be diagnosed
diabetes or impaired carbohydrate tolerance. In the last
If necessary, follow a strict diet in order to
avoid the development of diabetes.

A blood test for total cholesterol is performed for everyone.
detect atherosclerosis. High cholesterol numbers lead to
plaque formation in the blood – vessels become narrow, appear
heart and brain problems. When detecting elevated
total blood lipids definitely need additional tests, so
as it does not always mean atherosclerosis.

диспансеризация, виды обследований


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Differences dispensary 2019 from previous years

Today’s clinical examination includes a smaller amount
surveys than in earlier years. Ministry of Health has excluded from it
the following items:

  • general blood tests and urine;
  • detailed biochemical blood test;
  • Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis.

Article in topic: Increased basophil level – what does it say?
Symptoms and causes.

The same measurement of intraocular pressure is now only
from the age of 60, while earlier it was carried out to all citizens, starting
since 39 years old. The elimination of general blood and urine tests is the most controversial.

On the one hand, these surveys are expensive and
costly for healthcare. The number of identified
pathologies with their help is small. On the other hand, these studies
helped to identify other diseases that do not belong to the group
cardiovascular and oncological: anemia, chronic infections,
problems with the urinary system.

Ultrasound examinations are also excluded due to high
price and low diagnostic value. They identified many
asymptomatic, non-dangerous pathologies. Therefore, now OMC pays
they are held only once in 6 years, unless there are special

At the same time, the Ministry of Health increased the number of the following species

  • mammography;
  • fecal occult blood test.

These events are now held for the entire adult population.
toаждые два of the year. Mammography helps to identify in time.
oncological diseases of the mammary gland. Breast cancer that
found at an early stage, very well treatable. Even
complete mastectomy – removal of the breast is not always necessary,
sometimes it is only the removal of the site.

Detection of hidden blood in the feces of a person without symptoms
side of the gastrointestinal tract can talk about changes.
With a positive analysis, a colonoscopy is recommended, which
in such cases, it often detects small bleeding polyps.
This education can become malignant. Therefore it is important
detect colon cancer early on, especially if
remember that today it is one of the most frequent oncological

что входит в диспансеризацию населения

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Schedule for the clinical examination 2019

Age Study Каtoое заболевание предотвращает
For men from 36 years, for women from 45 years ECG Гипертоничесtoая болезнь, патологии сердца
from 21 years old Анализ toрови на сахар Diabetes
from 21 years old Анализ toрови на холестерин Атеросtoлероз сосудов
from 21 years old Pressure measurement Гипертоничесtoая болезнь
Women over 39 Mammography Онtoологичесtoие заболевания молочной железы
Men 45 and 51 years old Анализ toрови на содержание ПСА Онtoология простаты
From 69 years old Анализ toала на сtoрытую toровь Онtoологичесtoие заболевания toишечниtoа

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Survey on clinical examination

Are you undergoing medical examination?

View results

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