How to massage the tummy of a newbornchild with strong colic. Video

Quite often, babies in the first months of life suffer from
intestinal colic (here is a detailed article). As a rule, from this
trouble babies who are not yet three months old, often
colic begins to bother them, starting from the second week of life.
To cope with the problem, recommend different ways
and means, including drugs, placing the child in acute
period of colic in a warm bath. One of the most effective ways
помощи новорожденному малышу при коликах – это массаж.

массаж животика при коликах

Tummy massage for colic

If the baby suffers from colic, it is recommended to massage the tummy
before each feeding. The duration of such a massage
is 5-7 minutes. Before the massage is recommended
a few minutes to warm the belly. To do this, warm the diaper
(you can iron it with a hot iron or hold it on a warm
battery), then you need to put a folded diaper on the baby’s belly,
cover it with your hands so that your arms are wrapped around the tummy area and
hold the diaper on your stomach for a while. Over time
You can remove the diaper, warming belly.

Массаж при коликах рекомендуется выполнять, не смазывая
hands with butter or baby cream. The reason for this is that
the use of cream or oil enhances the grip of the skin of the palms with
baby’s tummy skin, and may cause too much effort
during the massage. If mom’s hands are a little wet, they can be slightly
powder with talcum powder or baby powder.

After этого можно начинать массаж

массаж при коликах у новорожденных

1. Сперва нужно аккуратно гладить живот,
gradually increasing pressure, moving on to light pressure. For
this you need to fold the palm “house” so that the convex part
�”House” was located in the navel of the baby, and gently perform
pressing movements of the edges of the palms on the edge of the abdomen. Wherein
special attention needs to be paid to bypass the area of ​​the right
hypochondria – there is a liver, which is little in babies
juts out from under the bottom edge. Then you need to produce some
pressing movements from right to left (so in the baby’s body goes
colon). After each movement you need to perform slow
soothing stroking movements. 

2. Следующее движение часто называют
�”water Mill”. Palms need to easily stroke the tummy on top.
down its central part, from the ribs to the groin area. After
several such movements one hand is placed on the tummy, and the other
stroking the obliques of the abdomen with one, then the other.

3. Дальше выполняется встречное поглаживание.
For того, чтобы его выполнить, нужно проводить руками по животу
thus: the left hand goes up, the right hand goes down, towards
large intestine. After этого выполняется круговое поглаживание
on the stomach, with one hand, then with two hands. 

4. Эффективно также П-образное
поглаживание tummy It can be carried out in three stages: first
right palm need to stroke the baby’s tummy from top to bottom,
then a “corner” movement is performed, from the right hypochondrium to the left,
then top down. After этого выполняется поглаживание животика в
the shape of the letter P: the hand goes up the right side of the tummy, then
from right to left, after that – on the left side of the tummy from above
way down.

как делать массаж при коликах

Такие поглаживающие движения при выполнении массажа
новорожденным при коликах помогают выгнать
газы из large intestine. After выполнения массажа рекомендуется
help the baby to release gases, for this you need to squeeze the baby’s legs
to his tummy and hold them like that for 20-40 seconds. Can also
perform the movement “bike”, alternately holding the legs
belly. The baby starts to push. You need to complete the massage
circular stroking movements.


Во время массажа при коликах очень важно выполнять
moving in the right direction, clockwise. it
corresponds to the position of the intestines in the body and the movement of the arms along
tummy in this direction contributes to the fact that gases, the main
cause colic, move through the intestines, and discomfort,
caused by colic, weakened.

Знание основных приемов массажа и понимание, как
do massage for colic will help parents gain confidence in
that they will be able to help the baby more easily cope with this difficult
a problem.

Here are some more ways to save your baby from strong
— как помочь ребенку от колик

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Masseur of the children’s medical center

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