How to make your own coronavirus mask hands

To prevent coronavirus, you need to wash your hands often, use antiseptics and wear medical a mask. Due to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus, masks in pharmacies quickly end and some people do not even have time to buy. In this case, you can make your mask hands.

How to sew a mask from a coronavirus?

Face masks are disposable and reusable.

  • Disposable – medical masks, sold in pharmacies and paper towel masks made do it yourself.
  • Reusable are masks from gauze and hand-sewn fabrics.

Let’s look at some examples of sewing masks from coronavirus do it yourself. 1) To create a reusable protective masks are necessary:

  • Take a piece of fabric size 20 on 36 cm .;
  • Fold in half so that the front the side was inside;
  • Bend one side of the future mask 1 cm and iron;
  • Repeat the same with the second party;
  • Fold accordion and iron hot iron; How to make a mask with your own hands
  • Take two pieces of elastic, length 17cm .;
  • Opening the accordion, arrange the elastic inside the mask as shown in the picture below;
  • Next, you need to flash the side fabrics with elastic, straight even seam;
  • We do the same with the second party; Reusable do-it-yourself coronavirus mask
  • After that, you need to twist finished sample and carefully adjust all edges and rubber bands.

Coronavirus gauze maskReady mask can be washed in hot water and iron, after drying. In the same way you can sew a mask from gauze from a coronavirus with your own hands. 2) The fastest and budget option – a mask of paper towels. For its manufacture it is necessary:

  1. Folded paper towel accordion;
  2. Place gum around the edges, which will hold the mask on the face;
  3. Bend the edges 1 cm and fasten stapler. During bonding, make sure that the elastic bands do not tore up.

Disposable mask from coronavirusSo we got a one-time a mask in a few minutes. You can make a mask from plastic bottles that will definitely prevent the virus from getting into the human body. Some people protect themselves from other coronaviruses. способом – при помощи больших полиэтиленовых пакетов.DIY bottle maskНа первый взгляд данные методыself-defense may seem ridiculous, but actually these people really worried about their health and health loved ones.

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