How to make your day perfect – 6ways

Who among us does not indulge in dreams and does not wish that everyone
The day brought only joyful moments and was perfect ?!
It’s great when there is a lot of positive around you and only
nice people, everything works out and succeeds! Is such a miracle possible?
Of course, every day of the year can not run smoothly and without
problems, but each of us can change our life in order to
there were many more such days. There are 6 rules that
will help create a positive. So, let’s begin!

идеальный день

Method number 1. Decide what the words mean for you
�”perfect day”?

When we begin to respond to ourselves on this seemingly
a simple question, it turns out that we don’t really understand what
I mean by the word “perfect day.” So start with
simple understanding of yourself and your desires. Think: what brings
you joy, and what upsets? What affects raising your
self-esteem, and what – on the contrary? When inspiration comes that
affect it? If you clearly know what you want to achieve in
life, then planning your perfect day will be much easier.

Method number 2. Without planning – nowhere!

Planning will help you figure out what needs to be done in
first and foremost and highlight the main areas in their ideal
bottom. The main ones are 3: the first is time for yourself. those. personal
time (rest, doing what you love, self-care); second time
for loved ones (attention to children, doing lessons with them,
joint games, visits to family and friends); third –
time for peace (work, social and domestic duties).
Naturally, each area can and should be expanded, painted on it.
more individually for yourself. If you add any more
area will be wonderful.

Method number 3. Self-love is good, narcissism is

If we do not love ourselves (not to be confused with narcissism!), Then
then who will love us? That is why every woman, while painting
your day, must make a point: “Do something pleasant for
myself. ” And no matter what it will be, the main thing that such amenities in
day should be at least three: a cup of your favorite coffee in the morning,
выпитого в тишине у открытого окна а, может, пирожное, которым
I have not indulged myself for a long time (figure!), walk to my favorite places
(walk in a quiet park), or evening run through the stadium.
There are many options, the main thing is that such small surprises help
improve mood and restore spent energy.



Method number 4. Say to expectations: “No!”

There is such a bad habit of waiting for other people to
raised our spirits, created a comfortable environment. Not worth it
because we ourselves should take care of our happiness and
хорошем настроении, и об идеальном bottom. We are our own blacksmiths
happiness And good mood too! Why all this shift
on other people’s shoulders? When you plan your day, do not need
«опираться» на какого-либо человека, those. from someone should not
Depend on your schedule. After all, if a person has unforeseen
circumstances, he will not be able to accomplish what you are from him
expect. What then? Reproaches, disappointment, painful waiting …
It can thwart your plans and all this will not create for you.
Have a good mood.

Method number 5. Remember: do not alter a hundred cases in a day!

When you are planning your perfect day, approach this.
really and remember that it is impossible to remake a bunch of cases that
you have accumulated already quite a while – the perfect day is not rubber, and you are not
Iron .. Plan as much as you are able to without the “race”
to execute. Otherwise, overwork and
disappointment, because a certain number of cases will not be
done. An adequate number of planned cases will save you from
excessive fatigue and feelings of incompleteness. And even if all
can be altered by what efforts? Is this a perfect day?
You go slower – you will continue: the famous proverb here is relevant,
more than ever.


Tip number 6. Remember about your own people!

Of course, we all want perfect days, weeks, years. However not
it should be forgotten that close people live near us who
also have their plans. Seeking to create the perfect one for you.
life, you can get so carried away that forget about the native people. But after all
they are the ones who are sharing your imperfect life with you right now.
Therefore, they just need to devote their plans, because without
support of relatives is unlikely to succeed, their support will help
you reach your goal. And do not be annoyed at them, if suddenly
your plans for the day do not coincide with their desires. After all, we are all alive
people with their problems, dreams, and life often brings their
cool adjustments. Love of loved ones can not be planned. Think:
that we are without people close to us? And is a perfect day possible without

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My perfect day

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