How to make tightening face masks inhome conditions

Update: October 2018 Saggy, flabby, toned skin
faces do not give beauty to anyone, and everyone’s natural desire
a person with such problems – to return the old outlines of the face and
tighten the dermis.

The modern level of development of cosmetology allows us to solve this
проблему в home conditions. Different compositions and masks for
regular application help to cope with aesthetic
disadvantage, but it should be understood that this will take time and does not
happen in one day. Of course, only masked to eliminate
the problem will not work – then an integrated approach is required, which

  • proper home care;
  • self-massage;
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • change in diet;
  • weight normalization.

The choice of various means is huge – from purchased to self-made.
The main thing is to observe the time and frequency of procedures and not to forget about something else.
care, such as washing with contrasting water, using
suitable cream, lotion, etc.

Causes of skin laxity

Age-related aging is the main cause of loss of tone,
which occurs during the natural processes of tissue wear.
The severity of age-related changes is individual and
depends on hereditary characteristics, living conditions,
daily care, nutrition, the presence or absence of bad habits

In addition to natural age changes, such a problem can
be the result of dramatic weight loss, during which disappears
subcutaneous fat layer and an ugly excess tissue is formed.
You should not radically approach the normalization of body weight and quickly
lose weight. Not only is it very unhealthy, but
also has a bad effect on the exterior. It is by the reaction of the skin
(significant excess, dull color) we can conclude how
stressful and wrong was losing weight.

This side effect is also possible with weight gain. Among others
reasons should be noted smoking, alcohol abuse,
prolonged stress, overwork, lack of sleep.

Home masks for microlifting

Домашняя подтягивающая mask для лица – это идеальный вариант
for those who do not trust or are disappointed in the effectiveness
�”Magic jars” from the store or pharmacy.

It is possible to achieve the effect of skin microlifting at home, without spending on
expensive tools and with the help of tools and components that
There are in every home.


One of the most popular types of pull-up masks. Gelatin
pour hot water and stir until the lumps dissolve, add
a couple of drops of glycerin. Apply the mixture on the face without rubbing. Second
option – soak the cotton fabric with this mixture and apply
on the face. In both cases, keep the mask for half an hour, remove and
ополоснуть лицо прохладной water


Вторая по популярности mask, подтягивающая овал лица. Dining room
a spoonful of starch mixed with the same volume of yogurt and add one
whipped protein. Apply to skin for 20 minutes, rinse. Такая mask
provides a tightening effect from the first application and improves
the appearance of the skin.

Cottage cheese

Suitable for dry and oily skin and can
used after 35 years: in the first case, take the cottage cheese 5-9
%, and in the second – fat. Cottage cheese should grind blender
until a thick, uniform mass. Before applying the mask skin
should be steamed, then spread the curd on the face and leave for 20
min As the mask dries the skin will begin to tighten. Mask remains
смывают и ополаскивают лицо прохладной water

Such a procedure is recommended in several hours with the publication:
In addition to lifting and moistening, there are such positive
effects like a decrease in puffiness under the eyes, narrowing of pores, fresh


This implies the use of a hot compress and subsequent
applying ice cubes. Cotton towel dip in
hot water with a few drops of rose oil and lay on
cleansed face for 3 minutes. Then process the face
ice cubes that can be made from parsley juice, green
tea, mineral water.

Especially such procedures are indicated for dry type of dermis with
signs of decay after 50 years.


Masks with protein can be carried out 2-3 times a week. Protein from
beat one chicken egg and apply on cleansed skin: with dry
its type can be introduced into the protein spoon of honey, with fat – a spoonful of kefir.
Apply the mixture on the face, rinse with warm water when the composition is completely
will dry (there will be a noticeable tightness).

Helps to visibly improve facial contours, as well as get rid of


Pharmacies sell various types of clay. Virtually all of her
species are very dry – this should also be taken into account and not made
procedures more often 1 time in 7 days. Therefore, with a dry type of dermis more
suitable pink clay with the addition of rose essential oil, and with
bold – green and blue. For a creamy texture
глину разбавляют обычной или минеральной water For one mask
1 tsp is enough dry clay. Mass apply to the face with a thin layer and
leave on 15 min (except for the lips, the area near the eyes). During this
time can not talk. Remove the mask should be wet cotton
disc, and wash off the remnants of cool water.

Honey citric

The optimal composition for the fat type of the dermis, especially if there is
acne and acne. The basis of taking liquid honey, which is added 1 tsp.
lemon juice and 0.5 tsp. white clay. All ingredients mix and
apply on face for half an hour. Rinse with lukewarm water.

In addition to lifting, this mixture will significantly improve the complexion and
provide tissues with essential nutrients.

from persimmon

A piece of fruit is ground into porridge and a little starch is added.
for density. Apply the mixture to the skin for 20 minutes and wash warm.
some water.

Astringents and vitamins improve skin turgor and
saturate the tissue with vitamins.

Tightening face masks after 40 years

An age span of 40 years is important for each
women. It is after 40 years that intensive processes begin.
aging, age-related tissue ptosis, there is a shortage of collagen and
loss of skin elasticity. Therefore, in order to be 50 years old, look 40,
It is important to pay attention to your appearance and use it regularly.
masks that help fight age.

with aloe

Aloe leaves, kept in the refrigerator, chop and squeeze out
them juice. Mix 1 tbsp. juice with yolk eggs, put for 15 minutes and
rinse with cold water. Noticeable lifting effect from the first


To get it, take unrefined sunflower oil,
rowan juice and yolk. Mix all in equal proportions and add
one piece of liquid honey. Apply on face for 20 minutes, rinse with water
contrasting temperatures. This procedure significantly enhances the turgor.
skin, improves color and smoothes fine lines.


A small amount of fresh baker’s yeast diluted in
warm water to the consistency of thick cream and add there 10
drops of lemon juice. Apply on face for 15 minutes, rinse with warm
water Yeast is a storehouse of B vitamins, and lemon juice
lighten age pigmentation that already takes place in
most women after 40 years.

Industrial masks with a tightening effect

A number of women prefer comfort and time saving.
use industrial masks. Indeed it
convenient because the formulations are ready for use and many of them
very effective. A huge variety of assortment and prices
makes you think long over the choice. Here are a few really
effective masks for tight skin that will not burden
your wallet, because they fall into the budget category:

for face, neck and decollete, saturating and tightening from Belita

Гелевая mask, обладающая рядом полезных эффектов: очищает,
tightens and smoothes the skin. Provides instant and
long lifting effect due to high concentration of moisture and
aloe juice Price 150 rubles.

tightening and preserving youth Recipes grandmother Agafi

Activates the renewal of skin cells, enriches them with irreplaceable
vitamins and fatty acids, restores elasticity,
tones and moisturizes. Price 140 rubles.

for face “Strength 5 herbs” lifting and rejuvenation Clean line

Tightens, smoothes wrinkles and improves skin elasticity,
visibly strengthens the shape of the face. Gives a healthy shine and improves
complexion. Price 80 rub.

mask Чудо Лукошко

Differs in the richest active composition (complex of vitamins,
collagen, panthenol, elastin, plant extracts, allantoin, etc.).
Quickly smoothes wrinkles, corrects and strengthens facial contour,
slows down age-related skin changes. Price 170 rubles.

Hydrogel Masks Patches

They have a nourishing, moisturizing and tightening effect:
эффект от маски заметен уже после первого application. Available in
a kind of gel that is firmly bonded with a thin material and such
overlap the face. Most often contain extracts
algae, collagen, vitamins, essential oils, proteins and
hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the hydrogel, the active components
masks penetrate the skin more intensively and more deeply and care more effectively
for her. The cost of masks varies depending on the manufacturer, but
is generally available. The only thing to consider is –
одна такая mask рассчитана на одно применение, т.е является

  • Восстанавливающая гидрогелевая mask SKINLITE (около 170
  • Mask с экстрактом слизи улитки «SNAIL HYDROGEL MASK» CIRACLE
    (около 270 rub);
  • Увлажняющая гидрогелевая mask от MIZON (около 250 руб).
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As is clear from the article, options for raising skin turgor and
getting a lifting effect a lot. Cosmetic manufacturers
funds constantly replenish their range of newer,
perfect products, and traditional healers and herbalists are not
stop learning the beneficial properties of the usual foods and plants,
offering women effective anti-aging and firming
formulations. We will be glad to hear verified reviews in the article.
recipes that you use and are satisfied with the result.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, epidemiologist

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