How to make the body burn unnecessaryfat?

Update: February 2019

Canadian scientists from one popular university (Canadian
McGill University) conducted research and found interesting
data. If a certain type of protein does not enter the body, then this
will lead to the absence of obesity so this protein is responsible for the stock
body fat.

This is quite a serious discovery, thanks to which, if all
and it will happen, it will be possible to get rid of so many
diseases among which the most popular is sugar
diabetes. The university posted these data on its website on May 16.

Until some time, the fat was of two types: white (this kind of fat
helps to store energy for a long time) and brown (thanks to this fat
the body received heat during processing). It turns out there is still
beige fat is a kind of hybrid of two fats. He basically
manifests itself as white, but under the influence of certain factors
(lowering the temperature) becomes brown.

At the same time, an interesting pattern is observed – the more
fat of the latter type goes into heat energy, the less it
goes to the stock, respectively, decreases the possibility of
overweight. Since then, scientists have tried by all means to achieve
processing white fat to brown.

As the experimental samples, as always, made the mouse.
Scientists have turned off a special gene that regulates the process.
storing white fat, thus they launched an internal process
fat burning. rfr c;bufnm ;bhs ,scnhtt

Mice were divided into two groups and fed quite high-calorie food.
in two weeks:

  • обычные мыши — классические мышата стремительно набрали
    excess fat and the results were very poor;
  • мыши с выключенным геном  — остались на том же уровне, при
    This sugar indicators and other similar analyzes were acceptable.
    the limits. �”Improved” mice tolerated cold easily, and their cells
    white fat decreased markedly in volume.

These studies open up quite great prospects for
future. After all, if scientists manage to get similar results and
on a person, it will greatly advance medicine, saving many
people from serious illnesses.

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