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Update: December 2018

Hair loss is a clear aesthetic problem, especially for
beautiful half. The causes of this state are different, sometimes –
pathological, basically concealing a disease (see the reasons
hair loss).

In this article we will share the recipes of effective masks for
strengthen hair and acquaint with proven recipes folk

Masks with oils

This is a fairly effective mask against hair loss.
Various oils (natural plant and essential) awesome
way to affect hair. In addition to nutrition and stimulation themselves
follicles, oils expand the blood vessels of the scalp, enhancing
blood supply to the hair roots. Scalp recovery
has a positive effect on the hair itself: it becomes healthier
and grow rapidly (see treatment of hair loss in women).

An important rule to remind everyone is not to keep
mask with esters (not to be confused with ordinary vegetable oil) is very
not to get irritation and peeling of the skin for a long time
head, the optimal time is 20-30 minutes.

Olive oil mask

Most effective at the very first signs of loss
hair or as a preventative measure (see how to choose olive
butter). Preparation: About 50 ml of high-quality olive oil
(extra) gently heat and massage gently into the
skin Oil application time should take about 10-15 minutes: besides
the main action, the scalp will receive an excellent, stimulating
blood circulation massage. On the head they wear cellophane or a hat for
shower, wrap a towel, warmed up on the battery. How to do:
The mask is kept for 1.5-2 hours, then the hair is washed with shampoo.
The multiplicity of application depends on the goal: as a prevention mask
repeat 1 time in 7 days, hair treatment is performed daily on
throughout 20 days.

 Mask with cedar and rosemary oils

Effectively strengthens hair and prevents their further
dropping out. For the mask take: 2 tsp. liquid honey and olive oil, 1
yolk and strictly 3 drops of these essential oils. Oils
dissolved in honey, and then injected the remaining components. Applied
after washing on hair, scalp, wrap cellophane and on top
cover with a towel. The mixture is kept for half an hour and washed thoroughly.
shampoo The procedure is repeated after 3 days for 14 days.

 Lavender oil mask

In a container with 50 ml of warm olive oil injected 10 drops
lavender oil, mixed and carefully applied to hair with

Soak under cellophane and a towel for about 30 minutes.
Repeat twice a week.

Burdock mask

Репейник  бесспорный лидер средств для роста,
strengthening and natural regeneration of hair. Cooking: Two
yolk whipped with 1 tbsp. Honey and 1 tbsp. burdock oil.
The resulting mixture is distributed on the hair and skin, covering the top
cellophane and a towel. How to do: Время работы репейной маски
is 40 minutes. Your hair will be healthy if you do this.
super procedure 1 time in 7 days. For treatment must be repeated.
procedure 3 times a week.

Mask with black pepper and basil oils

These oils have an irritating effect, activating local
blood circulation and at the same time improving hair nutrition. Cooking:
In two egg yolks dissolve 1 drop of oil and carefully
stirred. Spread the mixture on the hair and skin, cover over the top.
nothing is needed. How to make a mask: Withstand a mask for half an hour and very
тщательно смывают shampoo Repeat twice a week about
of the month.

Bay oil mask

Stimulates the metabolism of the germ zone of cells and regeneration,
strengthens and thickens hair. Cooking: In 2 tsp. burdock oil
dissolve 3 drops of butter, add a tablespoon to the mixture
warm olive oil. How to make a mask: Neat movements
rub oil into hair roots, carefully cover with polyethylene.
Смывают через 30 минут с shampoo Recommended for double
use during the week course 2 months.

If there is no perfect time for masks, you can add no more
10 drops of any essential oil listed in recipes in
shampoo and shake well. Of course, the same effect as from
a complete procedure is not achieved, but to improve the condition of the hair
can. When applying shampoo, you should massage as long as possible.
heads to enhance the healing effect.

Vegetable masks

Vegetable based masks are the most affordable – the right one
the product is always in the fridge.


Onion-garlic mask

Onions and garlic are replete with phytoncides and vitamins that nourish
hair and activating blood circulation. For the preparation of healing
the composition is mixed with 30 ml of freshly prepared mush from vegetables and
gently applied only to the hair, the skin can not be applied.
Выдерживают в течение 60 мин и вымывают голову с shampoo
Apply onion-garlic mask twice in 7 days. strengthen hair and
will give them shine.

Carrot mask

In carrots there is an effective growth activator – provitamin A. How
to cook: finely grated carrots hurry in equal proportions and
low-fat sour cream and evenly distribute. Withstand the mask 40
минут и смывают водой с shampoo Recommend to apply

Combined Home Masks

Mask of yolks and vodka

Cooking: Two желтка взбивают с 40 мл водки и наносят на
skin, actively rubbing the mixture into the hair roots. Wrap a towel.
Stand for half an hour, wash off the remnants of the hair without shampoo – this
the mixture will not only strengthen the hair, but also clean the dirt.

Mask of their bread

Bread helps to get rid of basal fat, dandruff and
at the same time to moisten the dried ends of hair. Vitamins of group B
strengthen hair. How to do: Кусок черного хлеба заливают горячей
water (70-80 C) to obtain a slurry, insist 60 minutes and put on
hair. Bread slurry washed off in an hour without shampoo.

Egg and gelatin mask

Gelatin contains substances similar in structure to the hair
person The mask nourishes and strengthens the hair, gives shine.
Cooking: Одно яйцо соединяют с пачкой быстродействующего
желатина, настаивают 5 минут и наносят только на hair. Above
wrapped with cellophane. Mask thoroughly washed off in half an hour.

Kefir onion mask

Fills hair with vitality, heals the scalp and
adjusts the nutrition of hair follicles. How to cook: Gruel of
лука смешивают с таким же объемом кефира How to do: наносят на
кожу и hair. Cover with a towel. The mask lasts 60 minutes and
смывается shampoo Советуют делать weekly.

Mustard mask

Mustard mask effectively improves blood circulation, which
leads to an increase in nutrient flow directly
to hair follicles, as well as activation of “dormant” follicles and growth
new hair. For the preparation of a therapeutic composition of mixed 2
tablespoons of mustard powder, vegetable oil, granulated sugar and 1 yolk,
then enter 2 tbsp. hot water. How to do: Everything это наносят на
skin and hair roots, put a cellophane cap on top and cover
head towel. After 1 hour, the rest of the mixture is washed off with shampoo in
warm water. Be sure to apply for 3 months, 1 time per
a week

Folk masks to strengthen hair

A nicotinic acid

Can be found in the pharmacy in capsules, ampoules. Vitamin PP (second
name) provides extra hair nourishment, moisturizes and
improves blood circulation. The required amount of liquid from the capsules
or vials gently rubbed into the hair roots. Stand for 1 hour
смывают shampoo Recommended 3 treatments per week for 1

Natural Iranian henna

Colorless henna does not color the hair a fiery color, but
perfectly strengthens hair roots, activates growth and warns
hair loss Cooking: 25-100 гр хны заливают горячей водой,
Stir and cool. How to do: затем наносят на волосы,
necessarily distributing to the tips. Stand 20 minutes, wash off
warm water. Recommend to use instead of the usual hygienic
procedures for 2 weeks.


Phytolysin – это комплексный природный препарат растительного происхождения
(11 plant extracts and 4 essential oils). Multicomponent
the composition has an amazing effect – the hair will not fall out,
will become thick and silky. Application: Paste is applied on
scalp, wrap the head in cellophane and warmed with a towel.
Выдерживают не менее 3 часов и смывают без шампуня в warm water.
Recommend to repeat once a week, and for treatment – 2 times in
7 days


An oil solution of two vitamins (A and E) strengthens the hair,
accelerates cellular metabolism and fills hair with inner shine.
Application: 4-5 capsules pierced with a needle and gently rubbed
oil solution in the root of the hair. Wear a shower cap and
at night leave the mask. Утром волосы моют обычным shampoo
Повторяют 2 р в a week


Agave stimulates hair growth, strengthening them and saturating
vitamins. Application: Fresh cut aloe leaves soak in
Refrigerate for 12 hours, after which the juice survived. On 1 sl.l. juice
Aloe and honey are mixed, slightly warmed, then injected into the mixture 1
whipped yolk and 0.5 tbsp. свежего чесночного juice. Everything
mix and spread on the hair and the scalp,
wrapped with cellophane on top. After half an hour, wash your hair in warm
воде с shampoo Repeat after 4 days for 21 days.

As you can see, there are many recipes for firming hair masks. The best
The mask is the one that will suit and help you. The main thing is not
be lazy and make masks with the required frequency, and also forget
At the time of treatment about hair dryer, curling and hair dyes!

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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