How to make frozen color puree cabbage baby


  1. A wealth of useful properties
  2. Homemade mashed potatoes
  3. Delicious multicomponent supplements

We are already 4 months old! The baby grows quietly, his body requires variety in food and breast milk or ready-made mixtures already not enough.

Lure suggests itself. This article will focus on so rich in mashed potatoes with various vitamins and minerals, perfectly affecting the work of the digestive tract and bringing the crumb continuous favor.

Our tips are for mothers who don’t know how to make mashed cauliflower baby.

A specific product is more comfortably absorbed by the baby in that if regularly included in the diet of a nursing mother. When the child is on artificial feeding, proceed to cooking a new dish is necessary only after consultation with pediatrician.

Before 4-5 months, frayed or mashed into a single mass cauliflower should not be categorically entered, otherwise negative reactions to unfamiliar food will occur and complex disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

A wealth of useful properties

Cauliflower is:

  • A great addition to the main meal;
  • The safest variety than broccoli and white cabbage;
  • Pleasant taste.

Excellent dietary product rich in easily digestible proteins and vitamins C, A, D, B, E, PP, K, biotin, amino acids and a large number of minerals, beneficial for growing the body and increases resistance to viral infections.

The healing properties of vegetables are enhanced not only due to the complex biochemical composition and nutrients, but also the presence of fiber, starch and raw protein.


Homemade mashed potatoes

50 grams of fresh and high-quality white cauliflower inflorescences colors without blackening and other defects are thoroughly washed, boil for 15-20 minutes in boiling water until become soft, and shift into a colander.

The vegetable should cool slightly. Prepare baby puree from color baby cabbage is very simple with a blender, sieve or forks.

The boiled parts of the vegetable should be carefully chopped immediately before feeding, add vegetable broth, or which boiled cabbage, or some breast milk (you can replace with the finished mixture) to increase nutritional value. Should get the most familiar food for the newborn – homogeneous puree of liquid consistency without sugar and salt. Start off follows with 0.5 teaspoon of slightly warm mashed soup.

Check if the mixture is suitable for the baby – if the crumbs do not appear negative reaction to complementary foods (rashes or stool disorders), then serving size can be slowly increased (by a quarter or half). On the day of the baby you can eat 25 – 40 grams of mashed potatoes. Already after a year the baby is allowed to pamper one hundred grams of delicious delicacy, gradually adapting it to an adult table.

Ready mashed potatoes to avoid loss of beneficial properties and changes in taste cannot be stored for a long time.

Young mothers often appear next questions:

  • Should I cook it myself for crumbs or buy ready-made mashed potatoes? Home food is preferable since you not only know the exact ingredients from which complementary foods are prepared, but do not use any coloring, flavoring or other preservatives for preservation of taste and increase the shelf life of food.
  • Is it worth making mashed frozen cauliflower for baby? It seems you can eat, but dumb: when freezing vegetables a healthy balance of nutrients is disturbed. To avoid Dummy feeding is better to use only fresh products.

Delicious multicomponent supplements

A little time – and you get delicious food, which bring only benefits to the baby. Cauliflower puree for baby – recipe number 1 – consists of a one-part mass. What mixture better to breastfeed – find out from our publication.

Only here young mothers will learn how to enter babies on the menu yolk. You need to start only with her! As you get used to the little a gourmet to a new dish the children’s menu should be diversified and cook more complex vegetable mixes, adding to the main dish – mashed cauliflower for babies, carrots, broccoli, zucchini or beets.

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