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Every mom wants her baby to be healthy, and not the last nutrition plays a role in the development of the child. There comes a time when only breast milk is not enough for the baby.

It grows, requires new nutrients and vitamins, to fully develop. From the moment when the baby in the diet introduce meat, many mothers think about recipes, because you need to cook for children in a special way. In this article Tips for making mashed beef for babies to be healthy, tasty and consumed by a child with appetite.

To make a good beef dish for a child, you must choose the right meat. It should not be old and tough. Better cook with veal. Young meat is cooked faster, contains more nutrients and vitamins.


You can cook mashed beef for babies as follows. Put the meat in a pan, pour cold water.

It is important to have time to descale before boiling – it accumulates in it harmful substances in beef and digested from her.

If you do not have time, it is necessary to drain the first water and pour fresh cold. Cook the beef until cooked. After time remove the meat from the broth (do not pour it out, leave for mashed potatoes), cool a little, cut into smaller pieces.

Dilute the beef broth with boiled water in a ratio of 1: 1. Make a slurry of beef with a blender, adding a little broth diluted with water in it (strong not, harmful to tender the digestive system of the child) to a semi-liquid state gruel.

The standard recipe for beef puree for babies is diversify by adding to it a mixture of boiled vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, peas, carrots, zucchini. This will add flavor, enrich the dish with vitamins and nutrients and allow meat to digest much better.


How to make mashed beef for babiesFeedstock may be fresh or frozen. The vegetable dish is done for sure as well as beef: the ingredients are well cleaned, washed (frozen immediately put in boiling water, it is already ready for cooking product), boil until tender, grind with a blender. Then mixed with mashed beef.


You can prepare the mixture immediately by combining meat and vegetables. In such In case of diluting mashed potatoes, it is better to use vegetable broth for two reasons:

  • It is lighter than meat, better absorbed;
  • When cooking, some of the vitamins from vegetables pass into it, must be kept to the maximum.

Another recipe for making mashed beef for babies: in meat is added mashed from boiled buckwheat and any of the above vegetables. Get a balanced, high-nutritional lunch value: proteins, complex carbohydrates, simple carbohydrates and vitamins.

Low-fat beef contains a lot of protein, high in buckwheat iron content. A combination of both plus vitamins and nutrients from vegetables positively affect growth and development of the child’s body, including to increase the level hemoglobin of blood.

Instead of buckwheat, you can add mashed rice, preferably brown (in it has more vitamins than purified white). Salt is better not add or put in very minimal quantities to the natural taste of the products was felt.

Serving option for lunch with an appetite: can be laid out on one a plate next to beef, vegetable and buckwheat puree. Vegetable mass it is better to cook separately from carrots and broccoli or colored cabbage, for color.

Such a picture in a plate will interest the child, he will eat with appetite. You can give it a separate spoon and let it mix the contents of the dish while mom feeds with her spoon baby. Be sure to read how many months babies can give a banana.

Take note of how to make the mixture and feed her baby.

Read our publication and understand when necessary gluten free diet.


If the child has enough teeth, on a plate with beef puree cut slices of carrots or small inflorescences broccoli. It is important that the vegetables are well cooked so that the baby could, if necessary, grind their tongue and not choke on mashed potatoes beef for babies.

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