How to make an enema to a newborn baby

While the newborn or baby is being fed
breast, the work of the intestine can not particularly worry.  If a
the child is calm, good weight gain, then with the breast
вскармливании опорожнение кишечника может быть от 1 до 10 раз
per day (See how many times a newborn poops). But if the child
a long time can not go to the toilet, then you need to take
some measures, and all moms should know how to do it right
enema to your infant to not

клизму новорожденному ребенку

For what and when do an enema

как правильно сделать клизму ребенку

груша для клизмы

С началом добавления в питание малыша адаптированных молочных
mixtures, you need some time to monitor the work of the intestine. And although
mixtures are as close as possible to breast milk, the body
the child must still adapt them for himself. In the case of
разовых запоров (если ребенок не какает к примеру сутки),
родители должны уметь и без страха и проблем сделать
small newborn baby enema. НО, если запоры
happen all the time, you need to consult a specialist, in this
the case is not worth self-medicating.

At home, enema infants do with

  • drug administration;
  • bowel cleansing for constipation;
  • with food poisoning.

The purpose of these procedures: in the first case – to speed up the action
the drug by its rapid introduction, in the second – to strengthen
intestinal peristalsis for excretion of feces by
mechanical irritation of the intestinal mucosa

Возможно заинтересует: Как правильно
give medicine to a baby in the form of a pill or syrup – instruction
for parents

Types of enemas

Enemas can be 4 types:

  1. Cleansing. Делают обычной кипяченой
    water at room temperature. Cold water will cause cramps.
    too warm is absorbed by the body and there will be no effect.
  2. Drug. Make after 30
    минут после очистительной. Temperature of medicinal solution
    must be at least 35 degrees, i.e. drug enema should
    precisely absorbed by the child’s body in order to
  3. Oily. Do with constipation
    новорожденного вазелиновым, конопляным или подсолнечным
    oil heated to 37 degrees. Oil envelops the walls
    intestinal and has a mild laxative effect.
  4. Siphon It is done only in cases of strong
    poisoning and only a specialist.

Technique correct statement enemas

Перед тем как ставить клизму, ознакомьтесь какой
the volume of fluid can be injected into the intestines of a newborn baby in
depending on his age. 

  • Ребенку 1 месяц — вводим не более 25 мл жидкости;
  • Till 6 months – 30-60 ml;
  • От 6 до 1 года – 120-130 мл;
  • От года до двух – 200 мл;
Как правильно сделать клизму грудному ребенку

правильное введение клизмы

Для того чтобы избавить ребенка от неприятных ощущений,
We present step-by-step instructions for setting the cleaning

  1. Rinse the rubber bulb well with boiling water, typing a few
    once inside the tank.  Before starting the enema
    ALWAYS verify that there are no hot water residues inside by
    pressure on a rubber bulb to avoid direct mucous burn
  2.  Lay the baby on your back and lift the legs
  3.  Put in an enema 100-150 ml of warm boiled water (not
    above 28-30 ° C).
  4. Remove excess air from the pear (squeeze the pear until
  5.  Lubricate the rubber pear tip and anal with Vaseline
    child’s passage and, carefully, effortlessly, enter into the anus
    3-5 cm baby
  6.  Begin slowly compressing the enema. When emptying
    Capacity, without unclamping, gently pull the enema.
  7.  Squeeze the child’s buttocks and hold them for some
    time so that the water does not flow out immediately.
  8.  Через несколько минут у малыша обязательно появится
    urge to defecate.

These are general rules.

For an infant, do an enema very carefully! Often do
клизмы не рекомендуется! It is better to consult
a doctor.


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Video instructions

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