How to make an enema for constipation and doIs it at all?

Update: December 2018

For those suffering from periodic constipation, today
There is a mass of various medicinal and folk remedies for
борьбе с застойными явлениями в intestines. This and laxatives
remedies for constipation, and prebiotics, and herbal preparations with
laxative effect, as well as diet and regular intake of bulk

But there are situations when neither pills nor candles from constipation
give a significant effect and many resort to the latter method
bowel movements – medical procedure – enema. But, при
performing this famous and popular manipulation follows
stick to some rules. A person with no problems
regular stools, should know how to do an enema when

The harm and benefits of cleansing enemas

The classification of all types of enemas today looks as follows
in the way: medicinal, siphon washing, emptying
cleansing enemas and subaqueous. In turn, the enema should
subdivide into – cleansing, hypertensive and oil. Worth
note that there are 2 opposing opinions about the benefits
and harm from such manipulation. Some believe that regular
This procedure has a very negative effect on
condition of the intestines and is indicated only when poisoning poisonous
substances, before medical examinations and surgical

  • Cleansing enema too often provokes
    the development of intestinal dysbacteriosis, since the natural
  • Normal pH level in the colon is disrupted
  • Stretching the walls of the rectum with regular cleansing enema
    lead ultimately to weakness of muscles, to lazy intestines,
    which aggravates the situation with chronic constipation.
  • Moreover, it is this procedure that can cause prolonged constipation.
    after enema

If a не злоупотреблять такой медицинской процедурой, а
use it only as a last resort then significant harm from
enemas, many doctors do not see. Moreover, with paralytic
postoperative intestinal conditions, with infectious
diseases, poisoning, myocardial infarction, when taking
laxatives are contraindicated, then the use of this procedure
justified and necessary. There are even a few techniques.
intensive cleansing of the body with cleansing enemas, and
many conduct such procedures for a long time that
According to many experts it is very harmful.

When is an enema for constipation contraindicated?

Cleansing enema is an exceptional measure for constipation,
which should be avoided is emergency assistance that should not
get in the habit because what you have to struggle with
abuse of enema, only aggravated. Absolute
contraindications for this procedure are the following
conditions and diseases:

  • first postoperative days, with surgical interventions
    on the abdominal organs
  • acute diseases of the abdominal organs – peritonitis, attack
  • erosive, ulcerative and inflammatory diseases of the rectum –
    proctitis, sigmoiditis, colitis, ulcers, fissures, mucosal erosions
  • constipation caused by hemorrhoids, hemorrhoidal bleeding
  • uterine bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding
  • severe heart failure
  • опухоли любого отдела intestines (рак прямой кишки)
  • prolapse of the rectum
  • in case of pain in case of constipation and suspicion of acute
    surgical pathology

how правильно сделать клизму при запоре

Since a person is often not always aware of his
the diagnosis of the true cause of his constipation, especially
if constipation is chronic, even knowing
contraindications for an enema, do not engage
self-treatment, especially so urgent. Should apply for
consult a coloproctologist and undergo a full examination for
finding out the possible true cause of constipation.

What an enema to put in case of constipation?

Any enemas by volume of the solution or water to be injected are divided into
микроклизмы, средние и  большие. Microclysters are called
потому что объем жидкости не превышает 100 ml., и чаще всего это
medicinal enemas, with medium enemas, they do not infuse the rectum
more than half a liter of liquid, and with a large 1.5 -2 liters. When
human constipation, enema at home can be made in
several options:

Cleansing enema

In the fight against constipation most often use cleansing enema,
она не оказывает влияние ни на тонус мышц intestines, ни на его
receptors, and trite displays fecal masses with water. how
to make an enema in an adult in the usual way? For
the cleaning procedure requires no more than 2 liters
pure water, better boiled and Esmarkh mug, which can
purchased at any pharmacy.

Esmarkh’s mug is a rubber heating pad with a long
thin hose and plastic tip at the end, tip
it is supplied with a clip, a peculiar tap. This heating pad should
fill with liquid when the hose is closed and suspend 1 meter from
the beds. WITH using the height of the circle can be controlled
fluid flow rate, the higher, the stronger the flow. Perfect,
if the procedure is performed not by the patient himself, but by the assistant,
since it is difficult for one person to control the process
water intake, and control your own body.

After the circle is empty, the person must lie down at least
10-15 minutes to let the water penetrate deeper into the intestine, distributed
and softened fecal masses. Unable to withstand this time, the effect may not
because when water leaves, feces can remain in
intestines. По желанию в воду  можно добавить отвар ромашки или
1 tbsp. spoon 6% of homemade apple cider vinegar, chamomile has
anti-inflammatory effect, and vinegar improves peristalsis

Hypertensive Enema

Hypertensive Enema — это микроклизма, которая предназначена
in order to provoke intestinal receptors for
self cleaning. To make it you need to do
strong salt solution, which is suitable as a common salt, and
special pharmaceutical preparations such as heptahydrate sulfate
magnesium (magnesia, bitter salt, epsom salt, english salt) –
the effect of them will be identical.

What happens with this procedure? Laxative effect
arises in two directions – from saline in the lumen
intestinal osmotic pressure increase occurs, concentrated
the solution as it collects fluid from nearby tissues, softens
excrement, as well as salt, irritates the mucous membrane, its receptors,
stimulating peristalsis. 20 minutes after the hypertensive mini
enema intestines empty. However, you cannot do hypertensive
enema for constipation in children. Some experts believe that such
concentrated solutions and for adults is not the best option
because they are very irritating.

To prepare the solution for enema at home should
1 tablespoon (or 2 teaspoons) of plain table salt to dissolve
in 100 ml. boiled water. If there is a dry powder of magnesia, then
100 ml. water dissolve 20-30 g of powder. For the procedure
used rubber pear with 50 ml. such a salt solution.

Oil enema

This is also considered a microclysus, since 50-100 is enough.
ml. solution, only it should be oily. For
oily enema for constipation using olive, or sunflower,
or pharmacy petroleum jelly, it is added in an amount of 2-3
столовых ложек на 100 ml. water. Using a rubber pear 50-100
ml. The oil solution is injected into the rectum. To butter
had a relaxing effect on the walls and muscles of the intestines, it should
be warm To do this, it is heated in a water bath to
body temperature 37-38C, then it will relieve spasms, enveloping
will affect the fecal masses, and facilitate emptying. But,
the effect of an oily enema may not be fast, sometimes it is required
8-12 hours, so usually such an enema is done at night.

Microclysters – Microlax

Microlax is a viscous solution for rectal administration, in
The composition of such microclysters includes sodium citrate, sodium
lauryl sulfoacetate and sorbitol solution. Its main advantages
is a quick onset of action (after 15 minutes) and a small volume
the injected solution – just 5 ml is enough to achieve the effect
(one tube). It is important that these drugs do not have systemic
action and do not wag the work of the intestine as a whole, not allowing
develop addictive.

Enema with constipation child

As well as adults, before making children enema
запоре, следует выяснить причину возникновения застоя в intestines.
Perhaps the cause of frequent constipation is intestinal dysbiosis
(treatment) caused by taking antibiotics or other causes. With
taking prebiotics or probiotics prescribed by a doctor can
the intestinal microflora will improve and the problem with constipation will disappear (see
Linex analogues – a list of probiotic drugs).

You can also try to change the situation more correct.
ways – to change the nutrition of the child, let him eat more
cabbage, beet, carrot, apricot and prune, as well as coarse
fiber, bran, vegetable and fresh fruit juice, increase
daily fluid intake. According to the doctor’s recommendation
use herbal herbal concoctions contributing
intestinal laxation or a prebiotic very popular today –
Lactulose, which is a higher priority than an enema.

If a child cries, is naughty from discomfort due to
impossible to empty, as an emergency measure you can
use and enema. The amount of fluid for this
manipulation depends on the age of the child. Enema newborn,
in case of constipation, the baby should not exceed 30-50
ml, it is enough for children of preschool age 100 – 300 ml, children
старше 10 лет можно доводить до 500 ml. Water is better to enter with
using a small soft tip syringe, temperature
water should not be cold, and about 25-27C, room

Enema is not advisable for the child to do with concentrated
solutions – whether it is table salt, soda, or soap solution,
it is best to use plain water or a mixture of vegetable oil
with glycerin, if the child is not allergic to herbal herbs, then
You can make an enema of chamomile decoction. Usually in children the effect of
such a procedure occurs in 5-10 minutes.

How to put an enema?

Now that you know which enema is best done,
you should also know how to properly do an enema so that
maximum effect. In order not to stain the place where there will be
manipulation, it should be covered with oilcloth. Solution
for enema should be prepared in advance if it is an oil, it should
heat up a little warmer until final preparation happens,
it may cool down.

The patient should lie on his left side, bend his knees and draw them
a little to the stomach. If it is a cleansing enema, then first
release air from the hose until fluid appears, then
overlap faucet. Tip douche or esmarkh mugs
should be oiled and neat rotational movements
enter it into the anus. If this is a mini enema with oil, then
the solution is slowly injected into the intestine, if the circle, then open
clamp If severe pain occurs, the hose should be blocked.
clamp and wait until the pain subsides and the fluid will advance

WITHуществует очень важное правило — чтобы
to make an enema correctly in the case when it is cleansing with 1.5-2
liters – you must first enter 500 ml and then emptied from
traffic jams, corked the rectum, only then to enter
the remaining 1.5 liters.

After the introduction of fluid during cleansing enema, the patient
should lie another 15-20 minutes and only then go to the toilet. If a
there are no strong urges, then you can massage the abdomen with smooth
move up, or just lie on your right side so that the liquid
further penetrated the colon.

Someone uses soda and soap as solutions, but
most experts believe that soap and soda solution
достаточно вредны для слизистой intestine. These substances, especially
with strong concentration, they have a significant irritation
action on the rectum, which can cause ulcers, tenesmus, therefore
better not to use them.

If a клизма не помогает при запоре, среди аптечных препаратов
for microclysters, you can choose Microlax – this is a viscous solution for
rectal administration, sodium is a part of such microclysters
цитрат, натрия lauryl sulfoacetate and sorbitol solution.

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