How to make a shot intramuscularly, himself, inbuttocks, correct consequences

Update: October 2018

Before you do the injection intramuscularly in the buttock,
make sure that the call to the nursing home clinic or near
a living health worker is impossible. In case of acute
needing to do the injection yourself is possible, but with
certain rules.

Preparatory stage

Before the first injection should be purchased all the necessary

  • syringes – specifically designed for intramuscular
    introduction, with a long needle and a volume of from 2 to 5 cubes (cm3);
  • medicine prescribed by the doctor – in solution or powder
    (requiring additional dilution);
  • cotton pads, balls or sterile medical cotton;
  • antiseptic solution – “Miramistin”, “Chlorhexidine”,
    special napkins or solutions for injection, in the worst case –
    Suitable vodka, alcohol cologne.

Medical alcohol is harder to purchase – it is sold in
minimum vials and requires a doctor’s prescription.

Training stage

As an object of training, any children’s soft
a toy. The main thing is that she had a clearly marked covenant zone –
gluteal region. Putting it face down, mentally divide one of
buttocks in four parts – quadrants. Center top right (on
right buttock) or upper left (on the left) and will be the zone in
which need to enter the needle.

You should take a syringe with a needle in your right hand and try with one
lightly push (cotton) to insert the needle. The syringe over the buttock is in
upright. The problem is precisely the moment of puncture –
further the needle enters unhindered.

Exactly the same sensation arises when pricking into the muscles of a person –
obstruction in the form of skin and facilitated passage of muscle

Introduction Rules

Selection of the injection site within the outer-upper quadrant
buttocks implies:

  • avoidance of repeated shots into previously compacted and previously stabbed
  • in moles, hemangiomas,
  • clearly translucent capillaries.

In order to properly make an injection intramuscularly in the buttock,
need to:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap. If the nails with a manicure
    (long, with helium overlays), then the area below them follows
    rinse with a special brush. The space under the nails – a place
    mass accumulation of all pathogenic bacteria.
  2. Take three balls (cotton discs).
  3. Moisten the first ball in an antiseptic solution, carefully
    rub your hands (not forgetting the nails).
  4. Open the packaging with a syringe. Without touching the needle cannula,
    carefully assemble. Put on the table (in the package).
  5. If the drug is contained in an ampoule, then
    the second ball is wetted in an antiseptic. Gently superimposed on
    the top of the ampoule (subject to a factory cut, indicated by
    point), cracked. If necessary, you can file a head
    ampoules with a special nail file (comes with medication).
  6. The syringe is removed, the cap is removed from it. The needle is injected into
    vial (without touching its walls and bottom), take medicine.
    Get rid of excess air – gently squeezing it out when
    piston assistance.
  7. The third ball wipe the area of ​​the future injection. Little
    take your hand back – three to five centimeters and a soft cotton
    conduct an injection. The injection site is chosen in advance – it is possible on it
    iodine draw a point to facilitate the task.
  8. After the introduction of the drug is pressed with a cotton ball area where
    The needle came in, then it was removed. A cotton pad is kept around
  9. The injection site must be constantly changed – to prevent
    formation of solid areas. Doctors recommend the first injection
    draw on the skin iodine grid – as a warming and
    additional disinfection.
  10. If the drug is in powder form,
    then the procedure is increased by one step. Ampoule with a solution
    opened in the same manner, the protective cap is removed from the cap of the bottle
    foil, rubberized cap is disinfected with an antiseptic.
    The liquid collected in the ampoule is introduced into the vial, the contents
    mix thoroughly (separate the syringe from the needle at this moment
    strictly prohibited). After obtaining a homogeneous fluid content
    the vial is typed in the syringe, the further introduction goes through the usual

After the injection, all used balls, syringes
must be recycled.

Major mistakes

  1. Incorrectly selected angle of administration – intramuscular injections
    always held at an angle of 90 degrees. When changing parameters
    the drug will fall into the subcutaneous fat and will not
    required exposure.
  2. Slow, slow needle insertion causes agonizing
    pain and subsequent hysterical fear
    by injections.
  3. Pulling the needle from a different angle – changing the direction threatens
    broken needle tip and follow-up visit
    trauma point for its extraction.
  4. Violation of the rules of asepsis and antiseptics. Poorly washed hands,
    an insufficiently cleaned injection site will cause local
    inflammatory reaction with the formation of pus, necrosis and
    the need for long-term antibiotic treatment (also in the form
    injections). The worst option is surgical excision of dead tissue
    buttocks, scars and scars in their place (see abscess after injection).
  5. Incorrectly performed procedure – “successful” hit in
    sciatic nerve tells the victim how to feel
    wheelchair users. The sensitivity of the affected limb may
    recover from 4 to 48 hours. All this time the foot will not be
    to obey is to stand on it, it is impossible to bend it.
  6. Permanent injections in one point – will cause spontaneous
    scarring that will require prolonged physiotherapy
    procedures for recovery. The worst outcome is surgical removal.
    problem area.

The above errors are the most common, in
Actually the list is endless. The one who
incorrectly made injection intramuscularly, quickly realizes that
Injection instructions are not written by chance.

Where can I make an injection other than the buttocks?

In medical practice it is allowed to perform manipulations.
in the hip and arm area. In both cases, a free hand is created.
extensive fold in which the injection is carried out.

In reality, this type of intramuscular procedures is more painful.
and requires increased caution – with the wrong technique you can
damage blood vessels and nerve endings. Before
using the above options, you need to learn basic

How to do it does not hurt

People feel the main fear of injections because of pain or her

  • To reduce it, should be recommended to the patient.
    maximally relax the gluteal muscles (therefore, intramuscularly
    It is desirable to inject solutions lying flat on the stomach
    human surface).
  • Drugs that cause soreness when administered (for example,
    vitamin B12) should be administered slowly.
  • Part of the dry matter (for example, the antibiotic Ceftriaxone) is diluted
    local anesthetics (Novocainum, Lidocaine) to reduce
    pain sensations.
  • Oil solutions (Progesterone, Testosterone) before
    application should be heated to 30-40 degrees Celsius with
    using a water bath or heating apparatus

If a seal forms at the injection site or is desirable,
so that the bruise resulting from
damage to the capillary, then:

  • use iodine net,
  • heparin or troxevazine ointment (the latter are applied to
    a thin layer twice a day for no longer than a week),
  • well dissolve infiltrates and hematomas alcohol

Inaccuracies and subtleties of injection

  • If the syringe has been removed in preparation for the manipulation
    not all the air, then getting into the muscle is usually not interesting
    is ending. Risks for air embolism exist only for
    intravenous and intraarterial manipulations.
  • In the case when the vessels are too close to
    surface of the buttock or needle entered the capillary, after its extraction
    you can see blood droplets. It is rather an annoying misunderstanding,
    than the accuracy of the injection. Attached before removing the needle in place
    antiseptic wipe injections should be held with a finger
    longer: with normal coagulation system such bleeding
    stops in a couple of minutes.
  • If the buttock is too strong, and the needle is suddenly a miracle
    bent during the introduction – it is not necessary to chop. On completion
    Injections slightly crooked needle extracted by a standard technique.
  • If the needle was successfully injected, but the syringe jumped off of it, this too
    does not threaten ukalyvimogo. Some nurses from
    professional bravado injected first only with a needle, after
    attaching to it a syringe with a solution.
  • It is not recommended to give an injection to the thigh by household forces.
    shoulder, patients with diabetes, debilitated patients and
    patients with bedsores on the buttocks.
  • The top of virtuosity is to prick intramuscular injections to himself.
    There are clear benefits for people with good physical fitness and
    thin waist. They can easily turn the top
    body so that you prick yourself in the upper-outer part of the buttocks.
    It is possible for the same purposes to use a large mirror,
    reflection in which it is convenient to map out a place for the injection. But people with
    solid injections are less safe injections in front
    thigh surface.

The video perfectly demonstrates the injection technique in

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