How to make a newborn baby stronger: 4basic exercises for the development of the kid’s strength and endurance

From birth, your child begins the struggle for existence.
On the path of evolution the strongest wins. Nature helps in the development
your baby from a tiny creature to a full and strong in
all respects a member of human society. You may seem
что ваш кроха проводит массу времени зря – просто лежит и
doing nothing. But in reality it is not so – at this time it is
growth and development of the body at a rapid pace. And when the baby moves
handles, jerks legs, he trains and develops his body. Him
muscles and bones get used to getting the load and the child develops and
getting stronger. Muscle strength will help him hold his head, sit and
hold back, crawl, hold the handles of objects heavier. BUT
grown up and trained by such movements and stirring
vertebral muscles and legs, in the future will help him to make
the first steps. Caring parents are interested in
harmoniously and gradually make the child stronger by helping him in this
with the help of a useful and recommended complex for pediatricians
exercises described below. Become your personal trainer.
baby – help him become strong from the first months
of life. These 4 simple exercises will help
ребенку малышу стать большим и сильным.


1. Time on tummy

Usually the child spends most of the day on the back. And his muscles
in such a position are loaded and train mediocre. BUT вот
when the baby is turned on the tummy, then immediately work
muscle groups that were not previously loaded, and the tone and load
for the muscles of the body – back, abdomen, neck and shoulders increases many times.
Already in the first days after birth, you can apply such exercises.
по утверждению BUTссоциации Педиатров BUTмерики. Start with a few
3-5 minutes time. Exercises are best done in a playful way,
put the baby on the tummy on a blanket or rug. Лягте рядом
with him, and in an atmosphere of cheerful communication engage in training.
Make a face, show your baby a toy, attract attention
another way for the child to move and work with different
muscles. BUT так нужная ему для развития силы тренировка, станет для
him joyful play and entertainment.

Distracting the crumb here and there, you force it
make more movements, therefore strain different groups


The first time with such activities, the child can perceive
exercise without enthusiasm. But after a few lessons the atmosphere
training with dad or mom will be happy and familiar to him,
and the strengthened muscles will allow you to enjoy the exercises
and from the movement. After a while the baby will be able to carry out everything.
more time on the tummy (up to 20 minutes a day). Over time he
begin to roll over, grab items and it will be enough
strong to sit or crawl. Experts recommend not
stop such exercises even after baby
independently will roll from back to tummy.

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baby on tummy

2. Pulling up

Another important and beneficial exercise for the development of muscles in
babies, this is pulling up in a sitting position. This exercise helps
Strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, abdomen, arms and back. Even if you do
all the work for the kid, pulling him up, abdominal muscles
ребенка сокращаются. BUT попытки выравнять головку помогают
baby gain a sense of balance.



To properly perform this exercise, you need to put the child
на спинку и надежно взять его за ручки, аккуратно и плавно
lift up. This exercise should be done no earlier than through
one and a half months after the birth of the baby. Если кроха еще плохо
holding the head, instead of pulling it by the handles, support
putting it one hand behind the back and the other under the back of the head.

You need to start the exercise, raising the baby a few
centimeters from the surface. Exercise will be more fun if your
face will be close enough to baby face, or will be more fun for
крохи, если будете целовать малыша каждый раз когда он

3. Exercise “Bicycle”

You’ve probably already heard about one of the relief methods.
страданий новорожденных во время колик – подтягивание ног к
tummy This exercise has other bonuses – muscle strengthening.
legs, knees, hip joints and abdominal muscles, increases

упражнение велосипед для новорожденных

Position the baby on the back and make it circular legs
cycling motions. Joke smile
voice everything in a fun and joyful form of communication – a child
should enjoy the lessons. Повторяйте движение
3-5 times – pause. Continue your workout until
while it will be interesting and joyful for the child.

4. Weight lifting exercises

У малыша от природы, должны быть развиты хватательные
movement. Grabbing items is a great way to develop skill.
grasping, coordination of movements, and also helps develop
мышцы в области плеча, рук, кистей рук. After baby
self begins to miss objects with hands, pick up for him
and use at such training safe for him and in moderation
heavy objects like weighting. Motivate the baby to take items
in hand, raise them and lower.

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