How to make a mixture and feed it baby


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The most desirable for infants is breast milk. But for some reason, sometimes you have to translate it into complementary foods, or add it due to the lack of volume in his mother milk. Young moms need to know how to introduce a new mixture babies, as well as the right choice.

The choice

Milk substitutes are dry or finished products. The first is required to be diluted with water before feeding, ready-made can be immediately give baby.

Each lure can be fresh or sour-milk. Which mixture is better to feed the newborn? First couple of weeks of life you need a fresh product, after which you can combine it equally with fermented milk product.

When a fermented milk diet prevails, it contributes strengthening the process of regurgitation, imbalance in alkalis and acids. With a lack of acid, functional disorders occur inside the digestive tract. When deciding how to feed a mixture of a newborn, when purchasing it, the following must be considered:

  • The age of the baby;
  • How the mixture is adapted for him – the child should take only an adapted product and is strictly forbidden up to six months consume kefir, cow’s milk, products intended only for the next half year of children’s life;
  • Be sure to think about the personality of the body, as well as health of the baby (when the child has any violations – frequent spitting up, constant constipation, specialists advised to buy only medicinal mixtures).


When starting feeding, you always need to know how to feed frequently. newborn mix. Also keep in mind that every new product it is necessary to enter gradually, adding it little by little to throughout the week. Every mom will be interested to know why the goat milk is more beneficial for cow’s infant.

It’s not always necessary to buy dry mixes – we do it ourselves cottage cheese for the baby.

Be sure to read the material on when to comply. gluten-free diet. The first day is enough feed the baby with a small amount of milk product, maximum third recommended volume. Then gradually when mixtures for small newborns are well tolerated by the child, whose confidence rating is high, no constipation, bloating abdomen, diarrhea, skin changes and good excretion gases, you can increase the amount of new complementary foods, bringing it to volume of full feeding. Choosing a mixture for newborns, not you always need to find out from your friends which one is better – this question individual. When feeding, follow certain rules:

  • Always prepare complementary foods before feeding by heat treatment dishes (sterilizer is extremely convenient);
  • When diluting the product, carefully follow the attached instructions;
  • In the process of breeding, be sure to use special water – it contains no harmful substances;
  • Check the temperature immediately before starting power. product – it must comply with the norm;
  • To prevent your baby from swallowing, so that there are no air bubbles in the nipple, the baby should lips tightly clasp it;
  • Never offer a newborn repeatedly unfinished liquid;
  • Be careful about post-feeding treatment. utensils.


Do not forget that the composition and the need for therapeutic mixtures are determined only by the attending pediatrician.

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