How to maintain order in the house with the appearancebaby?

It is said that of the three aspects is a small child, mental
parental balance and order in the house – at the same time possible
only two. And, if there are children in the house, you can not try to make your own
the apartment is perfectly decorated.


And yet we will tell you some simple rules that will help
maintain at least partial order in the house.

Every thing has its place

According to experienced moms, with a baby that crawls, scatters
toys and in every way impedes cleaning, you need to have a special approach to
keeping order. The main rules are:

  1. Things that lie on the floor should not block the passage from
    one room to another.
  2. Scattered toys and other objects must not be obstructed.
  3. Even if things are lying on the floor, you need to know exactly where they are.
    are located.

Simply put, when every object in the house has its place,
maintain order becomes easier. If the doll is always put on
one and the same place, the baby probably will not take her far, and throw
nearby. Let it all end up on the floor
keep putting children’s toys always in one place, the remote from
TV – in another, and their cream – in the third.

Get rid of excess

If you want less to get out, just do not bring anything extra
home. Look at the scattered things – it is possible that half
of them you do not need at all. You will probably find a comb that
have not used for a long time, a tube of cream, which has already expired
shelf life. By the way, do you need a baby so many dolls or machines?

These recommendations will help you conduct an audit.
of things:

  • Collect and discard whatever you think is unnecessary.
  • Go through your belongings and distribute what you do not use to your friends.
    more than half a year.
  • Do not give in to nostalgia and stuff. Yes with that teddy
    your baby slept in the first weeks of his life, but does he play
    with him now or do you just cherish your memories? Here is the dress
    in which you celebrated graduation – it is dear to you as a memory? Urgent
    get rid of the attributes of the past, otherwise you will get bogged down in your
    memories and mess as in a swamp! If you want to keep things
    as a keepsake, just take a picture of them.
  • Feel free to get rid of half of all toys: one piece
    leave it in its place, another – put it in bags or
    boxes and send to the balcony. A month later, give the baby what
    lay on the balcony, and what was in the house – take it to the balcony.
    Baby will play with the returned toys, as with new, and yes
    you will need to clean up less.

Neutralize hot spots

Hostesses call “hot spots” places in an apartment in which
accumulate different things. The child also has a lot of such “hot
points “, and all because of two reasons: things do not have their places or a crumb
likes to play here, but the place for the game is not organized.

To solve this problem, you need to organize the chad space.
for games. Take away extra things – find a place for them, and all
Throw away unnecessary things or turn them into toys.
For example,
empty unbreakable jars can be made rattles, if poured into
them rump.

Several boxes of toys and objects that are safe for crumbs
Arrange in different angles – better in hot spots. Walking on
home, the kid will notice these boxes, take out items
and play with them, paying less attention to other things. it
make it easier for mom to clean, because scattered cars are put in boxes
not at all difficult.

Connect modern assistants

So that each item is in its place or at least nearby
with him, use modern means to maintain order
and purity. There are a lot of them now. In the apartment with the child will be useful
plastic containers in which you can remove various small things like
details from the designers. It is convenient to store in plastic dressers
bullets for toy guns, and in a drawer under the bed
You can arrange an “apartment” for dolls with their clothes and furniture. Small
it is better to lock the objects and not to leave them on the open shelves, where they
available for toddler.

The farm is also comfortable hanging shelves: there can be hidden
any toys, and also rugs-bags that spread out on the floor
for the game, and then in one motion they pull into a bag – and all that
was on them, instantly inside.

Make a cleaning schedule

Do not strive to ensure that there is always perfect order in the house.
– so you just waste your nerves. Even if you
arrange several play zones for your child, you will remove things
in their place, get rid of excess cleanliness around the clock
will achieve. You will be easier to maintain order, but do not
to focus on this, all the while pulling out the household, spoiling everything
mood. Try to let go of the situation, let
baby play quietly, and make your own cleaning schedule and
hold it on a schedule – for example, during the daytime sleep crumbs
and late in the evening.

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