How to lower cholesterol in the blood – drugs,products

Update: November 201eight

High cholesterol is considered an important risk factor.
atherosclerosis, but far from the only one. Believed that the more
the blood cholesterol standards in humans, the higher the risk of his development
various cardiovascular diseases.

However, the fight against atherosclerosis should not be a fierce war with
cholesterol because only one that is dangerous is
vascular walls, creating plaques. And without cholesterol, the body is not
may exist, it is part of the scar tissue and in fact
is the building blocks of cells. Risk of atherosclerosis
increases only if common disorders of lipid metabolism occur
– elevated triglycerides and low HDL content –
carriers of cholesterol. It is these metabolic problems and
provokes the development of atherosclerosis.

Of course, try to maintain a normal level and
cholesterol, and triglycerides still need. The safest thing of all
achieve a diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle,
since the intake of any drugs is not without
effects and not always justified.

  • Cholesterol less than 5, 1eight and less than 200 mg percent is considered
    the norm, above these figures – is already moderately elevated.
  • Many Russians dream of such an indicator, since the average
    the value of cholesterol in people over 50 in Russia is 240
    mg / dl., which of course is higher than normal.

Causes of high blood cholesterol

Likelihood of increasing cholesterol levels and acquisitions
man atherosclerosis is reduced to zero if among the following
provoking factors there are a minimum number
positive responses: Как понизить холестерин в крови

  • Obesity, overeating, overweight
  • Smoking, alcohol abuse
  • Lack of physical activity, sedentary work, minimal
    exercise stress
  • AT ежедневном рационе преобладают products с высоким содержанием
    animal fats – fatty meat, lard, eggs, liver, cream, whole
    milk, fatty cheeses, butter, sauces, peanut, palm
    and coconut oil, easily digestible carbohydrates – confectionery,
    baking, chocolates, cheap milk chocolate (for
    except for bitter natural chocolate)
  • The restriction in the diet of vitamins, trace elements, fiber,
    polyunsaturated fatty acids, pectins.
  • Concomitant chronic diseases of the kidneys, liver, some
    endocrine disorders such as thyroid disease,
    diabetes, lack of sex hormones.
  • Inheritance – if relatives
    determined by elevated levels of bad cholesterol, the probability
    its occurrence in the rest of the family is also high.

Doctors strongly recommend every person after 20 years
annually check your cholesterol level, regularly donate
blood test.


If already at a young age there is an excess of normal
values, you need as soon as possible to make changes in nutrition, in
lifestyle because high cholesterol leads to
severe cardiovascular diseases, to early
atherosclerosis, low life expectancy. Next we look at
options for lowering cholesterol in the blood.

How to lower blood cholesterol

Diet lowering cholesterol in the blood. One of
recommendations for reducing cholesterol – this diet,
то есть исключение  или значительное сокращение в ежедневном
diet foods containing high amounts of cholesterol.
Daily intake of cholesterol should not exceed thirty0 mg. However, with
consistently high cholesterol only limit in foods
nutrition may be inadequate. The table shows the approximate
cholesterol values ​​in some foods.

Food product


Cholesterol mg / 100 g

Brain 700-2thirty0
Kidney thirty0-eight00
Caviar – red, black thirty0
Egg yolk 270-thirty0
Butter 160-1eight0
Smoked sausage 100 -110
Mayonnaise 100
Pork, lamb 100
Beef, rabbit meat, duck, chicken, cheese 90
Veal eight0
Boiled sausage 20-60
Fat cottage cheese 60
Cottage cheese up to 10% fat thirty
Low fat cottage cheese eight
Milk 10-thirty
Kefir 1% 3

In order to reduce blood cholesterol levels
употреблять следующие products, понижающие холестерин в крови:

    • Natural vegetable and fruit juices, mineral water. AT
      борьбе с плохим  холестерином особенно полезны морковный,
      grapefruit and pomegranate juices.
    • Olive, corn, sunflower oil instead of butter
      oils. Olive oil, nuts, avocados, contain in their composition
      monounsaturated oils that have a reducing effect on
      level of bad cholesterol in the blood.
    • Only lean meat, veal, beef, poultry without
    • Whole grains, not refined rice, buckwheat, etc.
  • Fruits should be in the diet every day, better if it is
    2 servings daily, especially helpful with high cholesterol
    citrus. For example, grapefruit pectin, which is in the pulp and
    peel of fruit reduces cholesterol by 7% in two months.
  • Бобовые — очень питательные, недорогие products, содержащие в
    large quantities of pectin – water soluble fiber, it
    able to remove cholesterol from the body. Same effect
    have both oat and corn bran.
  • Drink lots of skimmed milk and dairy products – cottage cheese,
    yogurt, kefir.
  • All kinds of nuts also have a beneficial effect on the condition.
    of cardio-vascular system.
  • Fish containing omega 3, salmon and other fatty fish. Omega 3
    – polyunsaturated fatty acids is a substance that reduces
    blood viscosity and prevents blood clots.
  • Garlic is a very useful cholesterol lowering product.
    blood naturally but because during heat treatment
    the beneficial properties of garlic are greatly reduced, eat garlic
    appropriate fresh. However, an unpleasant smell reduces
    the possibility of its daily use. To date
    the Japanese produce “Kio-lik” garlic extract, it’s a liquid
    which is completely devoid of this unpleasant smell, but retains
    useful properties of garlic.
  •  Give up bad habits such as smoking (see
    video of what make cigarettes), alcohol abuse.
    Smokers have a low percentage of good cholesterol and high
    level of harmful cholesterol in the blood.
  • If you really like coffee, reduce the use of “boiling
    coffee”. Scientific studies show that coffee made
    the filtering method does not increase the level of cholesterol in the blood,
    Unlike other methods of making this drink.

Medicines lowering cholesterol in the blood

Drug Cholesterol Reduction: For Pharmacological
cholesterol-lowering drugs include the following groups
drugs: statins, fibric acids.

  • Статины — это лекарства, блокирующие
    production of cholesterol in the body. To this group of drugs
    should be taken very carefully since their use
    stops in the body the process of production of mevalonate – a substance
    which is preceded by the formation of cholesterol, therefore at lower
    this substance, respectively, decreases the level of cholesterol in
    крови (см. чем опасен прием статинов). But not everything is so simple
    artificially reducing blood cholesterol violation occurs
    other vital processes. Mevalonat performs in the body
    important biological functions, blocking the production of this substance
    leads to dysfunction of the adrenal glands, which in turn
    leads to edema, various inflammatory processes, infertility,
    allergies, asthma, increased blood glucose, even damage
    the brain. Therefore, drugs that lower cholesterol in the blood should
    use with caution, only as directed by the physician.
  • Фиброевые кислоты — это препараты, ускоряющие
    processes in the liver for the oxidation of fatty acids, when this happens
    reducing cholesterol and triglycerides. Among these
    medicines can distinguish such lipid-lowering
    agents like fenofibrates Traykor, Lipantil, and 
    Gemfibrozil. Any drugs have a number of side
    action, therefore, the expediency of reception, dosage and treatment
    determined only by a qualified technician.

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