How to look stylish during pregnancy: 5main fashion rules

Previously, pregnant women tried to hide their interesting
position from others – whether because of fear of the evil eye, then
ли просто стыдясь. Fortunately, in the 21st century it all became
remnants of the past. Now, fashion for pregnant women is a separate
direction. On the podiums future mothers proudly stride, women with
participate in photo sessions with pleasure, emphasizing the rounded
tummies. Now stylish pregnancy is a trend, follow it and
enjoy the wonderful period of your life.

стильная беременная

1. Do not mask pregnancy

If you hope to hide from the authorities under the table right up to
term of 30 weeks and sneak into the toilet, wear overalls. If a
you are not planning to make a great secret from your position,
notified the management, colleagues and not encrypted from
acquaintances, then why wear shapeless clothes? Yes,
Indeed, in a free bag with a hole for the head and hands, no one
will take you for a pregnant – just as a result you will look
not pregnant, but just … fat. With a dozen extra pounds
such clothes you just add, and even more.

For a period of 10 to 18 weeks (all in different ways), when the stomach
just starting to round, there is a reason to slightly veil your
interesting position. Not everyone wants to tell the whole world about their
pregnancy at such an early stage. Yes, and the stomach has not yet acquired
characteristic roundness, so a woman might look like
she ate at dinner. Therefore, in early pregnancy is not
It is worth wearing tight-fitting outfits, but it’s better to opt for
free-cut blouses, dresses and shirts with slightly high

2. Do not bare belly

Rush to the other extreme is also not necessary. Grown belly
crawling out from under the frankly small T-shirt, perhaps, and
looks touching for loved ones. Hardly the same charming
he will be considered by those around you who are far from your pregnancy. So
that choose outfits in size, if you want to dress stylishly and with
by taste.


3. Do not limit yourself to maternity stores.

Of course, only in special departments for pregnant women the future
Mom will find a suitable skirt and blouse for the office, and also jeans and
брюки с эластичным поясом или трикотажными вставками. TO
Unfortunately, in such stores there is usually a poor range, and
The presented models can not be called original. Even in such
conditions, you can create a fashionable image: buy in the department for pregnant women
comfortable basic items of clothing, and then dilute the outfit
stylish things from your favorite boutique.


4. Add interesting details and accessories.

In itself fitting dress looks pretty ordinary, but with
accessories it will sparkle with new colors. Tie a beautiful neck.
wear a bright bracelet on your hand, pick up your shoes by
soul – boots, sneakers, moccasins or ballet flats.

Change images as your mood requires. You want to
today be soft and gentle, illuminate the surrounding with inner light,
What kind of future motherhood has sparked in you? Choose items from
кружева, струящегося шелка, воздушного шифона и крупной вязки.
Or do you feel elegant and confident lady? Then
the wardrobe should include dresses of straight cut or in the Empire style,
cropped jackets, low and elegant heels – cloth
choose monophonic or with small unobtrusive patterns.
Going for a walk or meeting with girlfriends? Wear jeans
and a loose shirt over a T-shirt, leggings and a volley jumper or
jumpsuit (cotton in summer, denim in winter), add bright
accents with accessories.

одеваться стильно во время беременности

5. Create layered outfits.

Essential items to create a stylish wardrobe for pregnant women –
jackets and cardigans. They can be absolutely anything: knitted and
knitted, denim and cotton, short and long …
Dozens of options. Obvious advantages of jackets and cardigans for the future
mothers in that they leave freedom of movement, emphasize
Tummy in a favorable light and make the image whole. Soие вещи
blends well with loose and fitted dresses, and
with shirts, turtlenecks, blouses, tunics. Not only
overload the image: for example, a combination of three-dimensional scarf and
a rounded belly will make the top too massive.

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What to wear and how to stay stylish during pregnancy

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