How to live in quarantine with coronavirus

Now, around the world, a coronavirus infection is raging, from which many countries closed their borders, limited air flights. IN First of all, the pandemic hit the economy of states: import and export, mutually beneficial trade ceased, tourist agencies suffer big losses, online stores from china lost confidence due to fear of COVID-19 infection through parcels. Quarantine in the country due to an outbreak of coronavirus. What to do?IN stores, the influx of new imported products has subsided, from which the shelves are empty. Long-term food is being bought like hot cakes: pasta, cereals, canned food and dried fruit sold out already in the first days of quarantine, and new products are not exhibited in connection with the closure of trade routes. Medical masks, antiseptics and other protective equipment has also run out.


How to live in quarantine during a coronavirus epidemic

  • In cases of emergency in the country, always follows comply with safety rules that will keep you health;
  • The main thing is not to panic. First of all, stock up on provisions for the next month until everything returns to normal state;
  • It is necessary to acquire supplies of drinking water so as not to feel the need for it;
  • Buy first aid medications to others cases of illness do not go to public hospitals;
  • It’s better not to leave home and not let other family members on the street;
  • If you live alone, we recommend self-isolation;

In quarantine, creative activities are best for fun hanging out. Drawing, reading books, watching TV shows and Board games will definitely not let you get bored.

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