How to keep up with everything on maternity leave: TOP 10 rulesyoung mother

How to become a mother, to be a good housewife, a wife and not to forget
about yourself and your hobbies. 10 tips for young mummies who
help make life easier on maternity leave. Share your tips
молодые мамы “Я ATашей Крохе”.

Young parents with the birth of a child face a problem
combining baby care, household duties and time for
yourself General time planning recommendations can be found in
advice of experts and psychologists, but it is best to use
experience of the same pairs. ATот одна из историй современной девушки,
which faced certain difficulties.

The content of the article

  • 1 How I changed my life
    • 1.1 1. Daily routine
    • 1.2 2. Business planning
    • 1.3 3. Fragmentation of cases
    • 1.4 4. Timing
    • 1.5 5. Attracting helpers
    • 1.6 6. Distribute duties
    • 1.7 7. Do not postpone
    • 1.8 8. Take time for yourself
    • 1.9 9. Упрощайте
    • 1.10 10. Do not forget about your hobbies and friends.
  • 2 Conclusion
  • 3 ATот что пишут мамочки с форумов
  • 4 ATидео советы: Как всё успевать делать с ребенком? Tips
  • 5 Tips молодой мамочке: 10 правил: как все успеть с
    a small child


My decree began 8 months ago. I have 2 higher education
and more than 7 years of experience in journalism and PR companies. But at
By this I was completely unprepared for the daily chores of the house.
I guess I could be attributed to the typical urban girls,
who are used to spending all the time with friends in cafes, clubs,
cinema and other entertainment venues.

How I changed my life

The first two months of my decree were also the last days.
my pregnancy. I was surrounded by attention and tried to cope
with his own laziness, not to lie for days on the couch.

With the birth of a child, my difficulties began. On me alone
turned out to care for him and household chores. The kid was always naughty
and, reassuring him, I did not have time to do anything, even take a shower
or cook your husband a meal. We have become frequent visitors to restaurants.
(or ordered food from restaurants), and it hit our
family budget. Yes, and I myself was not ready for this,
so gradually became like a grumpy housewife from
popular jokes.

But the moment came when I was tired of such a routine of life, and
I decided to change something. Has got a diary in which to start
to write down the new foundations of your life. Immediately make a reservation that not
going to discover America. On the topic of how to do everything
written a bunch of articles and even books. I will try to share my
experience and in the shortest possible manner to state small
ATедь I know that у молодых мам очень мало времени.
I want to talk about my experiences of motherhood and give young mothers
Some tips that once helped me a lot.

1. Daily routine

Это самое важное условие для полноценной жизни young mother.
Most women on maternity leave go to bed late, and when
this early in the morning, and with great difficulty. And if
учитывать ночные кормления ребенка… AT общем постоянный недосып
can lead to chronic fatigue, rapid exhaustion and
burnout. AT дальнейшем вам будет сложно успевать делать все свои
house duties of mom and wife.

I know a lot of women who have children. At the same time they are all
have time both at home and at work. The secret is that they try
observe the correct sleep pattern – they get up early and early
lie down.

Try as detailed as possible to schedule your day, and
then stick to it. Thanks to this you can plan
you will have time to do your business, and you will still have
время на семью и yourself

Многие молодые мамы недоумевают, «какой может быть режим
дня, если в доме есть маленький ребенок…»
AT чем-то они правы.
Поэтому распорядок дня должен быть составлен с учетом
natural biorhythms and the needs of the child. Obligatory
daily walks with
baby, bathing, massage, and then add everything else.

2. Business planning

Trips to the doctor, grocery shopping must be planned. Every week
With Evernote, I compose a menu for the whole week, i.e. I know that
On Thursday I will cook baked sea bass. AT интернете есть куча
applications with recipes, with which you can also make
grocery list. Например, рецепты Юлии ATысоцкой или Bon Apetite.
Such planning allows me not to waste time on daily
shopping, if suddenly I want to make lasagna, and at home
No nutmeg. ATсе продукты закупаются один раз на всю
a week

3. Fission of cases

Cooking is an activity that everyone has to do.
day. However, I choose simple recipes. Fromличными помощниками в
In this case, I have become an oven and a slow cooker. But even with them to me
It takes about an hour to cook dinner. Many do you know
small children who will sit so much time?

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free her mother’s hands

Since my business was planned out in advance, the family ration on
tomorrow is already known. Cooking itself I try to divide into several
parts in time to do as much as possible. I know that
will be for dinner tomorrow, so I can divide the process into parts for
its acceleration. For example, in the evening, chop vegetables or pickle

Likewise, you can split up all household duties, including
cleaning, assignments for projects (for freelancers). For example, I did
it is this: today I wash the floor, and tomorrow I wipe the dust.

4. Timing

Determine for yourself how much time you need to perform
those or other chores, and try to always stick to it.
If you need to go somewhere at 11 am, then try to make
it is at this time, and not later.

You can set the clock in each room. This will always be
aware of “what time is it”, and at the same time perform all
scheduled tasks for the day.

5. Attracting helpers

Ask family members to look after the child sometimes so that
you had the opportunity to rest. For me, these helpers have become
husband, grandparents. While grandparents are walking with a child,
you can rest. My assistant is most often the husband, well
and, of course, save toys, swings, highchair, and more
dishwasher, food processor and washing machine.

6. Distribute duties

Household responsibilities should be shared among all members.
families. It is not right when all matters fall on the shoulders of one.
man, so feel free to ask for help. Path one of you
will cook and the other will wash the dishes and take out



Most women make the same mistake – they charge
all by yourself At the same time begin to do all the duties of the house, and
then they also tell the husband that they have done something for them. AT
Further, these matters are gradually transferred to a woman, since the husband
gets used to what everyone does for him.

The mistake of many women is that they are taken
for the duties of others, if they see that they are not done, and begin
потом высказывать, что я мол за тебя вынесла garbage.

Do not bring up to this! Better remind your husband of unfulfilled
affairs But do not go too far, otherwise you will become the most grumpy
wife Distribute all household chores to everyone so that each member
The family was in charge of something. And the only way mom will turn into
driven by life woman.

7. Do not postpone

Do not leave things for later if you can do them.
right away ATернулись с магазина с покупками? Разложите их right away
Cooked food? Clean the stove. Had lunch ATымойте за собой
dishes, because washing one cup will take less time than later
for a whole bunch of that will accumulate in a day. And all the same
the spirit of …

8. Take time for yourself

Adhere to the regime and perform their household duties
best when you are in a good mood. And what is needed for this,
besides the calmness of the child? Every young mother still remains.
a girl who needs to feel attractive. And for
this already requires personal care. Take a shower in the morning, make
easy hairstyle and apply light makeup. ATот самые простые
tips for every woman to feel all day long

I often walk with the child on the street and see that many moms
completely forget about yourself. They stop caring with themselves, and from
beautiful dresses pererezyat in tracksuits. I doubt their
husbands are satisfied with such changes in wives.

When the husband comes home, take the baby and meet him in
doorway. Trifle, but nice. I think, from such trifles and built

9. Упрощайте

Try to simplify your business. ATыбирая рецепты, не берите особо
complex dishes. For myself, I set a goal to tastyly feed my family and
guests, and do not hit them overseas delights. Sophisticated dishes I
I cook, but not more than once a week. I also always give myself
Sundays rest from cooking.

10. Do not forget about your hobbies and friends.

For this, I began to use Time management. Some husbands
they themselves constantly communicate with friends, but at the same time prohibit the same
most do wives. Or against her hobbies. They forget that
a woman is happy when a man accepts her not only as
free housekeeper. If a person does not have the opportunity to engage
favorite thing, he is unhappy.


AT конце своего рассказа хочу поблагодарить всех, кто его
read. My advice is simple, but people often talk about it.
forget. I decided to share my experience to support
other girls and help them get comfortable with this new for them
role as “mom”.

ATот что пишут мамочки с форумов

Svetlanashen: Моя тема))Помощников нет
in general, from the word at all! One child, I’ll never go after the second
for what! The decree turned me into a falling apart grumpy
old woman, I am 28 in total … My husband thinks that I do not work, I rest, never
it doesn’t clean up after itself, it spreads everything – I’ll take enough time away! From
that all health itself has deteriorated, I abruptly
aged, I feel unhappy (Child 2.5, for this period from
the constant awakening from crying, from the alarm does not
I get enough sleep, insomnia and headaches appear. In short, the period
terrible, but children grow up. ..ATыйду на работу хоть не буду больше
see these saucepans-pans all pisses.

Елена: Нормально все успеваю. ATстаю в 7.00
till 7.30 am my time is drinking coffee, going to the shower, doing exercises. AT 7.30
I raise children (there are three of them: 7 years, 6 years and 9 months) Senior dress,
wash, make beds, I collect small. Farther behind
30 minutes spread by schools / gardens. Like all distributed I stop in
shop / go to the clinic, pay bills. I come home, fine
I feed, I go with her, I play, I do exercises. Then she is tired to sleep,
I watch a movie, do yoga, read a book (if it’s suddenly bad
I slept at night, then I sleep, then wake up, she is in the playpen — play, I
-prepare, then for senior to school, on the way from school to the site
-walk. Then home for dinner, do homework, get out. Then for
average in kindergarten. And here is 18.00 and I have everything at home, the food is ready,
apartment cleaned, lessons learned. ATсе по своим делам. Older children
they clean the toys themselves, the bed, sweep the floor, vacuum the carpet,
disassemble your closet, wash the dishes behind you. Eldest son can
fry eggs, make tea / coffee and take out the garbage (but for now
does only if he wants). With a little problem at all, all
you do, just with her and everything. Before the birth of the third, I worked. It was
even easier. WHAT do you manage not to keep up? If suddenly someone from
grandmothers take children (rarely, but it happens) then my husband and I have time for
two, go to the cinema / cafe / theaters and so on.

Юля: Макияж ношу легкий. I paint nails
Rarely, there is no time for the salon. Therefore, I prefer accuracy.
I cook simple dishes, rarely do time consuming. I am ironing only things on
the street, for baby shilopop, I’m afraid for an iron grab. Fromвлекаюсь
when he goes to bed in the evening at 21. In the morning he gets up at 6, sometimes at 5.
Therefore, the energy is not enough, I go with him in the afternoon, about 2 hours. From
entertainment: reading books, chatting, making bracelets from
natural stones and crochet knitting toys (very rarely).

Дарья: Мне кажется главный секрет в том,
that everything is impossible to be in time. «Скажите, как ATы все успеваете » — «ATсё
просто, я не успеваю» (С) :) Расставляйте приоритеты, радуйтесь своим достижениям,
if you managed to make something from the scheduled list (plan
day, divide matters into important, urgent, unimportant, not urgent),
praise yourself, do not self-destruct with the thought “I am nothing
I have time.

Светлана: я ничего не успеваю… стирает
machine, preparing a slow cooker (at least it does not burn and does not
run away) sleep where I fell there and sleep (sometimes in the evening I sleep, put
cartoons watching) my sex 1-2 times a day, only on myself
asleep, but I do not paint practically, otherwise it will be the same or
hysterical all day !!! he needs everything as a mom ((((and I walk every day
3-4 hours, I try to fall asleep on the street, then you can in a cafe, you can
shopping, you can buy yourself some kind of taboo to buy))))

Garol­d-99: Расставляйте приоритеты,
make a task list for the day, count the time it takes, and
then sift out, more important matters first, secondary ones
second, do not run after all at once, you will not have time to do anything, but rather
In general, plan things for the week ahead, make a schedule,
at first it will be difficult, but then you will start to get used to it.

Lheim: ATсе успеть никак не получится. ATсе
still have to sacrifice something. Well, if there are helpers who
you can entrust cleaning / cooking, etc. But if they are not, keep up
difficult, if only to the detriment of sleep, and so long not to stretch. the main thing
in this case – his own quickness and ability to adapt to
the situation. AT любом случае придется совмещать уход за ребенком с
in some way: either cleaning or part-time work. Very important not
strive to do everything perfectly, because best the enemy of the good. If a
baby is very tiny, help sling or ergorkuzkaz: ditenka to
imagine that he is well and his hands are free. If a малыш постарше, то манеж —
this is what you need.


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Tips молодой мамочке: 10 правил: как все успеть с
a small child

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