How to keep romance in a relationship

Update: February 2019

This question has no definite answer. At the same time, everything is very
want to know him. Finally, psychiatrists were able to give some
recommendations that can help in maintaining a romantic mood
in pairs. The newspaper “The Daily Mail” published the text of the conversation with
American psychologist Scott Carroll.


According to the doctor, lovers should not spend time with each other.
with a friend more often than twice a week. And this despite the natural
desire to be with a partner as often as possible. Such a “rhythm” of meetings
will help a couple earlier to highlight the main problems of their

Regular, especially daily meetings increase the risk
excessive gain of feelings. A couple can experience bright
positive emotions earlier than necessary. Earlier arises and
physical intimacy to which perhaps lovers are not yet ready
morally. There is an illusory perception of the most “close”
relationships that people actually achieve after months
and even years of communication. This is able to some degree to influence relations in
the future.

With the opinion of Carroll, psychologist Seth Myers agrees. Both of them
urge not to rush: rare meetings will only strengthen and protect
love. Myers does believe that meetings should not go beyond
framework once a week. Further, the number of dates, of course,
can be increased.

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