How to instill in a child a love of books andreading

Reading does not always imply a love of literature
и reading. Modern children get acquainted with books even earlier than their
peers in the twentieth century, but for some reason they read them much less.
And at school they often do it only under the lash. And useless
tell them that reading develops imagination, speech, memory and
many other necessary qualities. How, then, to generate interest in
reading у baby?

чтение дети

Are books good?

Why do young children need children’s books, what are the benefits
Do they carry a tiny listener? Competently selected book is
the first step to the development of intelligence and expanding horizons.
The baby does not yet know very much, his knowledge base is still too small.
Listening to the magic stories and fairy tales in my mother’s performance, children will learn
something new, experiencing a variety of situations in which
turn out to be fabulous characters.

We also read about how fairy tales affect development.


Также у baby стремительно развивается речь, он легко
remembers new words, understands their meaning. And he learns this
important feelings like compassion, pitying the unfortunate abandoned
hare, and courage, becoming bolder with Gray Neck.

If reading in your family becomes an important evening ritual, then
This will bring a certain stability to children’s life. Affectionate
beloved mother’s voice, comfort feeling form the baby
trust in the vast world. That is why in more adult age
the book becomes a good friend of a reading person.

Forcing and rushing are major parental mistakes

Иногда родители, стремясь любой ценой вызвать любовь к reading,
make many mistakes.

  1. The older generation often try to instill a love of books
    forcing children to read. However, in such situations, violence
    produces the opposite effect. Excessive obsession and
    perseverance, after all, can generally discourage children from
  2. Раннее развитие и обучение reading сегодня становится очень
    fashionable. Some particularly advanced mothers begin to teach kids.
    reading, когда они даже не умеют ходить и просто хотят играть.
    True, one more extreme should be avoided – show books
    just before school.
  3. Another common mistake is buying children books that
    they are not suitable for age. A three year old child will not receive
    pleasures of Alice in Wonderland, and a 12-year-old
    unable to understand the meaning of classical works.

Как приобщить baby к reading?

If a вы расстроены, что у baby не горят глаза, когда он
глядит на очередной томик, придется пробуждать интерес к reading с
using proven methods.

  • Show a good example

Show your own positive example a lot and
reading regularly. Kids love to copy and copy
parenting habits. And if you say to the child, “Read immediately
a book! ”, but you yourself prefer to sit at a computer or watch
endless series, you just shake the air. He is looking at
you, go for a walk or also uknetsya in the monitor.

  • Get acquainted with books from the earliest years

Already a baby can be presented with books, though not quite yet.
real: from fabric or with the laminated pages. These books
the baby can break, crumple, gnaw, because until he perceives them
as a source of knowledge. Forget about being careful – all
it will come later. Play along with the child, showing pictures and
telling who is depicted on them.

  • Pick a book by age and interest

Для годовалого baby лучшей литературой будет большая книга с
bright believable illustrations and a minimum of text.
Preschoolers fit books with large print. Do not worry,
if the student chooses comics, not world classics. Let better
he reads what interests him and does not throw your gift in
a bunch of the same not interesting to him publications.

  • Read by roles

Choose a fable, a fairy tale or a short poem with
dialogs that can be read by roles. Speak your words
emotionally, showing a genuine reaction: humor, fear, interest
and so on. Better yet – make out of paper or old gloves
fairytale characters, from the old sheets build a screen. Your
home theater is ready, it remains only to invite to the presentation
приятелей baby или родственников.

  • Repeat stories

Children of any age love to re-read their favorite books. If a
the three-year-old peanut again drags you a pretty battered book,
which already knows by heart, do not be annoyed. Surely your
the offer to read something else today you will not get
just a failure, but tears. Satisfy his request, just do
�”Random” errors. The child will surely correct you, showing
wonderful memory.

  • Take a break at the most interesting place

Extend the pleasure of the book for several evenings.
An impatient child will definitely want to hear what
going on with his favorite hero next. But take your time
satisfy his curiosity. Unobtrusively let you know that if
he wants to quickly learn the twists and turns of the plot, let him learn
to read.

  • Maintain children’s interest in

For example, after reading a folk tale about Masha and the bear
Go to the zoo – let the child look at the clubfoot. AT
home library is “Cinderella”? Buy tickets for the eponymous
play in a puppet or drama theater. Conversely, after
Thumbelina cartoon to invite children to read a fairy tale
Andersen. Also carry fabulous characters with whom
paper pages met a child in the game: draw, sculpt out
clay, play performances, write them short letters.

  • ATозьмите на вооружение аудиокниги и интерактивные
    fairy tales

Does a child look away from traditional paper books? ATам на
help will come “high technology”. The best samples of domestic and
Foreign literature is now available in audiobooks. AT
Recently, so-called interactive
fairy tales, где ваш малыш может стать главным героем произведения.
Such colorful stories will surely cause sincere interest in
paper texts. We wrote about interactive fairy tales in this

  • Do not rush to extremes

Don’t get hung up on books, considering them the best way to
child development. AT жизни маленького baby должны присутствовать
not only literary works, but also ordinary children’s activities:
scuffling with friends, romps on the street, trips to nature and
cottage, trips to the zoo, circus, theater.

Yes, today all kinds of gadgets are increasingly overshadowing the “static”
literature, but to completely oust it from our list of addictions
they will not work. Reading is a special ritual with its own unique
an atmosphere that creates imagination and flight of fancy.
Read books every day, be kind to them, and in this
case, your child himself, without prodding, will take in his hands the covenant
volume with a fairy tale or poems.

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