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Update: November 2018

People with constantly low pressure suffer no less.
hypertensive patients, call the quality of life of such patients
Satisfactory difficult. Sometimes these people are forced to refuse
from precise work, driving a car constantly due
weakness, drowsiness and other signs of hypotension.
Of course, it is impossible to ignore such symptoms,
more, which is often behind the low numbers on the tonometer
serious pathology.

Hypotension is diagnosed with persistent or
regular lowering of blood pressure: systolic
(top) below 100 mm. Hg Art., and diastolic (lower) –
менее 60 мм.Hgст.

Lowering only one blood pressure indicator below
These values ​​do not apply to hypotension!

Risk groups

  • Women 30-40 years old
  • Young women of 20-30 years engaged in mental work
  • Teenagers asthenic body type
  • Elderly people with atherosclerosis (cerebral vessels)

Risk factors

  • Alcohol abuse and smoking
  • Spring-Autumn Period
  • The recovery period after the disease
  • Stress

Classification of arterial hypotension



  • Individual rate
  • Compensatory
  • Hypotension of fitness

  • Idiopathic
  • Non-circulatory
Secondary symptomatic – is a symptom of the main
Acute – Accompanying Acute Conditions

Causes of low blood pressure


Observed in completely healthy people with hereditary
due to predisposition to hypotension that is
individual norm. Hypotension of fitness наблюдается у
trained athletes whose body works in “mode
economy “, protecting from surges and pressure rise.
Compensatory гипотония возникает:

  • with a sharp change of weather conditions, atmospheric pressure;
  • in conditions of high humidity (among residents of the tropics,
    subtropics, highlands);
  • due to exposure to radiation and electromagnetic radiation.


  • Primary hypotension

About 80% of cases of pathology are associated with neurocirculatory
dystonia. Against the backdrop of traumatic situations, stress,
chronic fatigue, depression and lack of sleep develops so
called neurosis of the cerebral vasomotor centers, a particular
the form of which is arterial hypotension. Simply put,
there is a violation of the regulation of vascular tone by the brain.
The remaining 20% ​​is idiopathic hypotension, when the cause
can not install.

  • Secondary hypotension

Appears against other diseases: stomach ulcers, anemia,
hypothyroidism, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, heart failure,
arrhythmias, dumping syndrome, osteochondrosis SHOP, oncology, infections,
tuberculosis, adrenal insufficiency, cirrhosis of the liver,
allergies, pleurisy, ascites, etc. Other causes: vitamin B deficiency,
E, C, a diet with significant nutrient restriction.

  • Acute hypotension

It develops within a few minutes or hours. It’s dangerous
condition arises from life-threatening conditions:

  • massive blood loss, injury
  • acute heart dysfunction (heart attack)
  • anaphylactic shock
  • dehydration, poisoning
  • overdose of certain drugs (lowering pressure)

There are four mechanisms for the development of hypotension.

  • Heart dysfunction, incl. myocardial infarction, overdose
    гипертензивных препаратов – происходит уменьшение объема of blood
    (percussion and minute)
  • Acute blood loss (external or internal bleeding),
    обезвоживание – сокращение объема циркулирующей of blood
  • Decreased peripheral vascular tone – anaphylactic shock,
    poisonings, infections, vegetative disturbances (see vegeto-vascular
  • Evacuation of exudate with ascites or pleurisy – reduction
    притока венозной of blood к сердцу

Symptoms of arterial hypotension

Physiological гипотония протекает бессимптомно, см. симптомы и
low pressure treatment.

Acute hypotension

Primary hypotension

Secondary hypotension

proceeds with symptoms of oxygen starvation of the brain:

  • dizziness
  • staggering gait
  • short-term visual impairment
  • pale skin
  • fainting
 proceeds with vegetative crises of vaginal insulin

  • hypothermia
  • adynamia
  • bradycardia
  • abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting
  • profuse sweating
  • difficulty breathing
  • pressure drop that often ends in fainting
  • finger numbness
помимо симптомов основного diseases, проявляется:

  • weakness and sleepiness
  • apathy, emotional lability and increased
  • memory impairment
  • violation of thermoregulation processes
  • headaches
  • tachycardia
  • sweaty feet and palms
  • violation of potency and menstrual cycle during prolonged

Also characterized by the following symptoms at low pressure:

  • restless sleep
  • weakness and weakness even after prolonged sleep
  • depression, fear, internal stress
  • feeling short of breath
  • fatigue during habitual activities
  • loss of appetite
  • frequent constipation
  • pale skin
  • long, dull and aching pains in the heart, not stopped
  • headache in the temples and forehead after sleeping, working, with
    weather change

Diagnosis of arterial hypotension

The diagnosis of hypotension is based on the assessment of arterial levels
pressure. For the correct interpretation of blood pressure indices it is necessary
carry out a threefold measurement with an interval of 3-5 minutes.
To determine fluctuations in the magnitude of pressure indicators allows
daily blood pressure monitoring.

In addition, to eliminate secondary hypotension
complex examination of the cardiovascular system, the endocrine and nervous systems, for
what is being consulted by narrow specialists and appointed a number

  • биохимический анализ of blood
  • Echocardiography
  • Encephalography
  • ECG
  • orthostatic test, etc.

Low pressure treatment

  • Physiological гипотония – не требует лечебных мероприятий,
    because it does not violate the quality of life and does not lead to pathological
    changes in the body.
  • Primary hypotension – все терапевтические мероприятия
    aimed at correcting vegetative imbalance.
  • Secondary hypotension – как симптом основного diseases требует
    treatment of nosological pathology.
  • Acute hypotension – в зависимости от причин, ее вызвавших,
    urgently, in the conditions of resuscitation it is corrected by introducing
    vasoconstrictors and cardiotonics (mezaton, dopamine),
    glucocorticoids, saline and colloidal solutions.

If you have symptoms of acute hypotension, you should immediately
call an ambulance brigade.

Drug treatment, the main groups of drugs

  • Tincture of lemongrass, ginseng, aralia, hawthorn, eleutherococcus
    – adaptogens of plant origin, toning vessels and
    gently stimulating central nervous system. Eliminate fatigue, as a physical,
    and mental, as well as failures of the processes of inhibition and excitation in
  • Piracetam, Glycine, Noofen, Nootropil, Pantogam – nootropics,
    increase the resistance of the central nervous system to various aggressive influences,
    eliminating inhibition, depression and improving memory:
  • Belloid, Bellaspon, Ballataminal – anticholinergics that eliminate
    pronounced vagotonia.
  • Vinpocetine, Zinnarizin, Actovegin, Gingko-biloba –
    cerebroprotectors that improve cerebral hemodynamics, providing
    neurometabolic effect.
  • Succinic and citric acid, Ubiquinone – antioxidants,
    increase cell energy supply:
  • Vitamins A, E, B, providing neurotrophic, metabolic
    action and positively affecting vascular homeostasis (see vitamins
    in pills – good and harm).
  • Grandaksin, Trioxazin – activating tranquilizers
    actions that eliminate anxiety, fear, relieve emotional
    tension (see antidepressants and tranquilizers).
  • Caffeine, caffeine-based pressure enhancers:
    Adolorin, Asko-fen-P, Algon, Acapar, Pentalgin, Sedal-M, Saridon,
    Trimol, Citramon II, Citrapar, Caffeine sodium benzoate, Eksedri.
  • Midodrin, Gutron – CNS stimulants that increase vascular tone,
    eliminating venous congestion and increasing peripheral
    vascular resistance.
  • Paracetamol, Ibuprofen – nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory
    drugs that relieve headaches.

Therapeutic drug regimen is always selected.
individually, taking into account the status of the patient and comorbidity
(see drugs with low pressure). The goal of therapy is to adapt
the organism to a normal existence under conditions of hypotension,
eliminate the dysfunction of the vegetative system, but never doom
a person for life-long medication in an increasing dose.

Non-drug treatment

  • Exercise therapy with individual selection of exercises that do not require large
    physical activity – Bodyflex, gymnastics, brisk walking, running
    jogging and others
  • Aeroionotherapy – inhalation of ozone-enriched air.
    Stabilizes blood pressure, improves microcirculation.
  • Electrosleep with individual selection of the pulse frequency –
    raises vascular tone.
  • Electrophoresis on the neck-collar zone with caffeine solutions,
    мезатона – устраняет dizziness и обмороки (подробнее о
    indications and contraindications of electrophoresis).
  • Acupuncture, leading to normalization
    neurovegetative interactions and improves microcirculation
    of blood.
  • Aromatherapy massage with toning and
    Stimulating oils: anise, orange, basil, cloves.
  • Hydrotherapy, which has a tonic effect on the vascular
    the tone, the prescription apparatus of the skin and positively affecting
    immunity: Vichy shower, Scottish, fan, circular shower,
    mineral, radon, iodide-bromine baths, hydromassage,
    use of contrasting temperatures.
  • Massage of the gastrocnemius muscles, hands, neck and collar area,
    eliminating headaches, heartaches, emotional
  • Autogenic training, meditation, etc. Psychotherapeutic
    techniques allow you to change attitudes towards psycho-emotional factors
    traumatic action and increase tolerance to them.
  • Мягкое закаливание – cold and hot shower, прохладные ножные
  • Refusal of bad habits: smoking and alcohol
  • Elimination of stress and psychotrauma

Normalization of power

Включает частый прием of food с достаточным amount of protein, salt
and spices. Sodium in the salt binds water, thereby
increasing total circulating blood. Spices stimulate
works of endocrine glands and constrict blood vessels. Natural
ground coffee or strong tea (see harm to tea bags)
It is recommended to drink in the morning, but do not abuse it,
since the development of the pathological reaction of the vessels in the form of
expansion instead of narrowing, which means – even greater fall of blood pressure.
Pressure Products:

  • spicy and spicy dishes
  • spices (cloves, pepper, horseradish, mustard)
  • cheese, fatty meats and fish
  • sweets, chocolate

Normalization of the daily routine and lifestyle

Especially important point for sedentary occupations
which includes:

  • 9-11 hrs nighttime synchronization
    biorhythms of the body
  • smooth raising from bed without sudden movements
  • morning exercises
  • cold and hot shower
  • swimming, gymnastics
  • walks in the open air
  • breaks during the working day for 5-10 minute rest

Traditional methods of treatment

How to increase the pressure in the home? Can be used
various herbal infusions, but remember that medicinal
plants as well as medications have side
actions and have a number of contraindications, can cause
allergic reactions.

Infusion immortelle

  • Tones blood vessels, has a tonic effect.
    Eliminates insomnia
  • 10 grams of flowers plants pour 200 ml of boiling water and
  • 20-30 drops twice a day 30 minutes before meals

Tincture of pink radiola

  • Stimulates the work of the central nervous system, has an adaptogenic effect,
    increases blood pressure
  • 10 grams of crushed root plants pour 100 grams of vodka and
    insist полторы недели
  • 5-10 drops three times a day for 15-20 minutes before meals for 20
лист татарника

 Infusion of thistle

  • Increases blood pressure
  • 1 tsp травы заливают 200 мл кипятка и insist
  • 80 ml three times a day before meals

 Herbal mixture decoction

  • Complex tonic effect on blood vessels. Soothing
    action on the central nervous system
  • 10 gr. Of vegetable raw materials: grass series, fluffy panacea,
    buckwheat, licorice root and valerian – pour 1 l of cold water,
    bring to a boil and place the mixture in a thermos for 10 hours.
  • 100 ml at bedtime for 1 month.

 Coffee-honey mix

  • Tones blood vessels, strengthens the immune system
  • 50 g ground coffee mix with 0.5 l of honey and juice of one
    lemon. Keep refrigerated
  • По 1 tsp 2 hours after meals

 Black tea based tea fungus infusion

  • Strengthens the nervous system, tones blood vessels
  • In 1 liter of boiling water brew 3 tsp. leaf black tea
    dissolve in a drink a third of a glass of sugar, cool and
    filter. The resulting tea is poured into a jar of mushroom and closed
    марлей, дают настояться 7-10 days
  • On 50 ml in an hour to food or in 2 hours after acceptance
    of food

 Celery Leaves and Roots

  • Eliminate chronic fatigue
  • Take fresh
  • 50-100 gr. сельдерея на прием of food. Enough one time
    admission per day

 Raw beet juice

  • Eliminates fatigue, fatigue, improves memory, cleansing
    of blood
  • Take fresh, через 3 часа после выжимки (хранить в
    the refrigerator) so that harmful compounds evaporate
  • 100 ml 2 times a day for 7 days.

 Non-specific techniques

It so happens that the pressure drops quite sharply, feeling
approaching syncope to avoid injury should:

  • Sit on the floor or lie on the bed
  • The legs should be raised and the head slightly lowered.
  • This is followed by intensive rubbing the earlobes to the red.
  • When improving condition, you can lie down so that the head a little
    hung down
  • After the attack should eat or drink sweet tea

Every person suffering from hypotension should understand that
only complex, consistent, individually composed
approach to the treatment of the disease with its multiple organ symptoms
allows you to control the course of hypotension, stop it
progression and improve the quality of life!

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