How to increase testosterone levels in men:in a natural way, products and preparations

The classic look of a real man suggests
powerful torso, beautiful muscle relief, stable potency,
high ability to conceive and stormy temperament. All these
gender characteristics are largely determined by the level of the main
male sex hormone, which is called testosterone.

What is testosterone

Normally, baseline testosterone is present in all periods.
human development, including intrauterine. Testosterone itself is
steroid derived from cholesterol. He is little active in his
original form and is slightly associated with androgenic
receptors, as associated protein, which travels in the blood.
In order for the hormone to acquire a working form (turned into
dihydrotestosterone) need an enzyme five-alpha reductase.

Testosterone plays a leading role in the development of male genital
glands (testicles and prostate), the formation of secondary sexual characteristics,
sexual desire, spermatogenesis. Also он важен для обмена
substances (first of all, muscle building, regulation
weight), regulates mood and determines higher brain functions
(memory, thinking, learning ability). Testosterone protects
organism from osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and
some types of malignant tumors.

  • In men, testosterone is produced in the testicles and cortex.
    adrenal glands under the influence of luteinizing and
    follicle-stimulating hormone pituitary.
  • In women, testosterone is also produced by the adrenal glands and
    ovaries, but its significantly less than in the male body.
    A certain amount of the hormone is released during pregnancy due to
    placenta. In women, he is responsible for the reverse development of follicles in
    ovary and regulates the level of pituitary hormones.

The norms of laboratory indicators of testosterone:

  • for men – 11-33 nanomoles per liter
  • for women – 0. 24-2.7five nanomoles per liter.

Testosterone in the body of a man

Testosterone in the fetus

The fetus after 4 weeks of gestation under the influence of testosterone
develop seminal vesicles and prostate and also occurs
masculinization of the embryo, i.e. laid the sex of the child.

In puberty

  • In transitional age, there is a jerk in the growth of the bone skeleton
    with the expansion of the chest cage and an increase in shoulders, jaw growth,
    chin and forehead.
  • Muscle mass increases with a simultaneous increase in strength.
  • Adam’s growing and coarsening voice due to thickening voice
  • Subcutaneous fat on the face decreases, but expands and begins
    the sebaceous glands work harder, which can lead to conditions for
    the occurrence of acne.
  • Hair pubes and underarms appear, hair on top
  • As they grow older, hair distribution spreads to the bottom.
    face, belly, chest and legs.
  • The external genitals increase, and the genital rises.
  • At the same time, spermatogenesis increases and the ability to

With a high level of testosterone loss can occur
hair on the head. Testosterone levels the effects of stress
hormones (cortisol) and causes a sense of contentment of life and
joy The higher the level of the hormone, the more aggressive, passionate and
more cheerful man.

Testosterone in Mature Men

  • As we approach old age, the level of testosterone in the blood and
    receptor sensitivity to it gradually decreases (approximately
    by 1.five% per year after 3five years), causing physiological or
    pathological (menopause) extinction of sexual function.
  • At the same time, problems arise in heart health and
    vessels, osteoporosis may occur, the vegetative nervous system suffers
    system, mood imbalance increases and
  • Also увеличивается вероятность болезни Альцгеймера.

Causes of Testosterone Reduction

Significantly lower testosterone levels (below 11 nmol / l)
called hypogonadism. He might be:

  • primary – with lesions of the testicles
  • secondary – with the defeat of the hypothalamic-pituitary system.

The main causes of the pathological decline of testosterone in

  • hypogonadism
  • hyperprolactinemia
  • adrenal insufficiency
  • obesity
  • chronic prostatitis
  • taking glucocorticoids that reduce sensitivity
    tissues to testosterone
  • treatment with Danazol, Zimetidine, Carbamazepine, cytostatics,
    Magnesium sulfate, spironrolactone (Veroshpiron), tetracycline,
  • alcoholism
  • chronic starvation
  • vegetarianism.

How does testosterone levels in men show up?

  • decrease in vitality
  • decrease in sexual desire and potency (see drugs for
    increase potency: whom and when you can take)
  • decreased concentration, memory, mental
  • decrease in muscle mass
  • decrease in metabolic rate, as a result – excess weight
  • irritability
  • depression

Increasing testosterone levels in men in natural ways


When a drop in testosterone is not associated with a serious illness,
and due to irrational lifestyle, change of habits and regime
power is quite capable of correcting the situation. For this

  • Do not starve and do not suffer gluttony
  • Avoid soy products, because soy protein contains
  • Do not neglect protein foods (meat in the diet is necessary), do not
    click on the sweet (pastries, cookies, white bread, buns,
    confectionery, chocolate, etc.)
  • Do not get involved in alcohol, beer (under the influence of alcohol
    testosterone molecules are converted to estrogen). Note beer –
    It is a plant estrogen, that is, it contains analogues of the female genital
    hormones, so men do not use it is desirable. Only
    natural wine, no more than 2 glasses a week will not harm health and
    hormonal background.
  • Eliminate carbonated, fizzy drinks (unhealthy,
    contain a lot of sugar).
  • Eat vegetable and animal fats.
  • Include zinc-rich and boosting foods
    testosterone – leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, sunflower
    seeds, nuts (peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, almonds), cheese, broccoli
    and cauliflower, seafood (anchovies, squid), fish (saury,
    trout, salmon).
  • Inclusion in the diet of foods rich in indispensable
    amino acid arginine – simple folk way to increase
    testosterone. For this надо есть говядину, свинину, курятину, яйца,
    almonds, sesame, peas, cottage cheese, tuna, snails, peanuts, color
    cabbage, walnuts and drink milk.
  • Eastern medicine recommends the use of such plants
    as a mountaineer many-flowered, forget-me-not flowered smilax.
  • Drink plain water of at least 2 liters per day (clean water, to it
    juices, sugary drinks, carbonated do not apply), see what kind of water
    better to drink.

Bisphenol Contact Restriction

Bisfnol is a weak estrogen, it is in plastic
utensils, deodorants, cleaning and tidying facilities, soap,
body lotions, reducing the use of these products in everyday life
тоже могут помочь повысить testosterone.

Normalization of sleep

Most sex hormones are produced in the deep phase.
sleep, so chronic lack of sleep reduces testosterone levels and
measures taken to increase it are reduced to zero. Should sleep in
total darkness and silence for at least 8 hours (see how to deal with
insomnia and normalize sleep).

For bodybuilding fans

The problem of increasing testosterone is often very concerned about lovers
bodybuilding and other bodybuilders who dream of fast
increase in muscle mass due to this hormone. Also тестостерон
is doping, increasing strength and endurance. Here you want
remind common sense. Ways to increase testosterone by
physical exertion and sports diet are very simple.

  • For example, high intensity workouts increase testosterone
    for sure. At the same time it is important that physical activity was
    maximum but short (five-30 minutes) with a short rest between
  • The use of easily digestible proteins (protein gainers)
    also helps. It is desirable to use milk proteins.
    directly after exercise, in the so-called “protein

But the introduction of testosterone in the form of drugs (patches,
injections or tablets) is not recommended for athletes because of
рисков вторичного hypogonadismа (чем больше гормона извне, тем
less its own production). Also введение препаратов может
be complicated by accelerated aging and the development of prostate adenoma
prostate gland or cancer.

Other facts

  • Another interesting observation is the growth of testosterone in the background.
    contact with the sun. With natural tanning level rises
    витамина Д, который увеличивает и testosterone.
  • Watching movies with frank content can increase
    the level of the male sex hormone after an hour.
  • Adulterers and lighthearted novels also stimulate
    testosterone production, in contrast to strong perennial marriages.
    Therefore, men with high levels of testosterone are prone to extramarital
    ties and divorce.

Drugs that increase testosterone

Testosterone therapy begins when
hormone levels fall below 10 nanomoles per liter.

  • Andriol – tablets to be taken along with
    fatty foods to increase bioavailability. 80-160 mg of the drug
    after 4 hours, give a testosterone concentration of 40 nmol per
  • Omnadren (Sustanon) – injections that increase the hormone right up to 70
    nmol per liter that translates it into a category enough
    indelicate and potentially harmful drugs.
  • Nebido is a milder injectable form with better
    portability, giving a week later testosterone levels at 17, and
    через 2 недели в 4five нмоль на liter.
  • Androgel is a cutaneous variant without supraphysiological peaks. five
    mg gives testosterone growth at a physiological level. After cancellation
    medication testosterone begins to decline one day after
    last application, returning to baseline at 3-4

Common risks with long-term testosterone treatment in high

  • this is the oppression of making your own hormone
  • development of mammary gland swelling (gynecomastia)
  • increase the likelihood of occurrence and progression
    cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer,
    hepatocellular failure
  • to reduce risks by Gynecomastia testosterone combined with

In general, I would like to note that the time of uncontrolled
Testosterone use without direct medical indications has passed.
It is completely unjustified to use drugs
hormones in athletes and bodybuilders.

As an indicative effect of building muscle with
using anabolic steroids I want to mention death
from steroids by bodybuilder Andreas Munzer (in 1996, he died from
bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, while using steroids, diuretics and
psychostimulants) and liver transplantation in Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In 2014, the US Food and Drug Administration
medication obliged drug manufacturers be sure to indicate in
instructions for testosterone drugs warning of the risks
strokes and heart attacks when using these drugs. Also
highly recommended to limit the use of drugs
testosterone clinical situations when without replacement
hormone therapy can not do, dramatically reducing the use of
gels and hormone patches for men 40-6five years old, for which
reduced testosterone is a natural physiological

So the question of how to increase testosterone in men,
and how expedient this increase should be addressed first
queue endocrinologist with the participation of the urologist-andrologist, and not
sports nutrition vendor or fitness trainer.

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