How to increase serotonin levels? Drugs andfolk remedies.


  • What is serotonin?
  • Serotonin functions in the body
  • Normalization of serotonin levels by nutrition
  • Physical activity and environmental factors
  • Drugs that increase the level
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  • Народные средства повышения уровня serotonin

Few have currently heard about serotonin and how
raise its level in the body. Public awareness
have a hand in the Internet, the media, someone heard about the “hormone of happiness”
(so called serotonin) from friends. So where do you get it? let’s
let us see if this is possible, and most importantly, how much

What is serotonin?

Serotonin is a hormone, i.e. unlike vitamins he
is synthesized in the body, and does not come from food (food can only
supply the substances necessary for the synthesis of the hormone, in particular
the same vitamins). Like any hormone, serotonin directly affects
our behavior, and it is synthesized more in moments of pleasure and

Серотонин – один из важнейших нейромедиаторов,
under his influence our mood may change, appear either
divide appetite, interest in the opposite sex.

Что такое серотонин

Повышение уровня serotonin в кровяном русле (анализ делается на
the content in the serum, the normal level of 50-220 ng / ml,
you can check in the direction of the doctor) will provide us with a surge of strength and
raising the mood, and lowering, on the contrary, will plunge into despondency and
depression. Регулирует синтез serotonin придаток мозга эпифиз.
80-90% необходимого нам serotonin вырабатывается в
the gastrointestinal tract, and the rest in the brain,
therefore, an important condition for producing a sufficient amount of this
гормона является правильное питание.

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Serotonin functions in the body

Серотонин – посредник при обмене информацией
between the cells of the nervous system. The correctness of the data exchange between
клетками возможна лишь при оптимальном уровне serotonin в крови.
Both the deficiency of this hormone and its excess are detrimental.

For a good sleep and a healthy sleep, we need
мелатонин, для производства которого, в свою
очередь, необходим серотонин, и при сбоях в уровне serotonin
melatonin starts to be produced irregularly, which leads to
rhythm disturbances. Баланс serotonin и меланина обеспечивает
healthy sleep and a full rhythm of life. Should not be awake
night hours or sleep in the light – it violates the production

When stressful conditions (and at the modern pace of life they
inevitable), adrenal glands secrete the neurotransmitter hormone adrenaline, and
A healthy person reacts adequately (in ancient times, a person entered into
бой или спасался бегством), при нехватке же serotonin,
regulating the reaction to adrenaline, the modern man remains in
inaction, as they say, “goes into itself,” and develops
anxious and panicky condition, not always appropriate
mostly imaginary “threat”. Participates in serotonin and generic

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hormone level

Симптомы пониженного уровня serotonin

  • Headache, frequent migraines;
  • Fatigue, confusion and lack of
  • Impulsiveness, excessive irritability;
  • Depression, suicidal thoughts;
  • Insomnia;
  • Change in appetite (either way!), Obesity is possible;
  • Unreasonable propensity to eat sweets and alcoholic
  • Memory impairment, reduced ability to concentrate
  • Lowering the threshold of susceptibility and pain
  • Psycho-emotional breakdowns, a tendency to hysteria and neurosis;
  • Muscle pain, cramps in the lower jaw;
  • Intestinal disorders.

дефицит serotonin

TO причинам недостатка serotonin можно

  • Unbalanced in protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and
    minerals food;
  • Disorders of cerebral circulation;
  • Prolonged stress;
  • Toxic effects;
  • Lack of sunlight.

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Normalization of serotonin levels by nutrition

Если поднять пониженный уровень serotonin до нормы, человек
becomes more independent, psychological complexes disappear,
behavior becomes more confident. So how to raise the level
serotonin, если он понижен? The surest way is to start right.
eat and enter into the diet foods that increase this level.

Unfortunately, these include, first of all, products with
fast carbohydrate content and high glycemic index
(above 50-60), providing a sharp rise in blood glucose levels.
You have not forgotten that serotonin is produced in minutes
pleasure, and one of the sources of pleasure for us is
пища, что повышает и уровень serotonin? Man comes in
great mood, alarms disappear, but it does not last long,
the release of insulin in the blood lowers glucose levels below normal, man
again seeking to return to the former state, and the hand reaches for
candy or cake.

продукты серотонин


Such a pursuit of elusive “happiness” is akin to drug
dependencies, which ultimately only leads to dissatisfaction and
deterioration. But complex carbohydrates (with a glycemic index
ниже 50-60) тоже восполняют уровень serotonin, при этом не так
dramatically and for a longer period. This is exactly what we
necessary! These products include:

  • Groats (buckwheat, pshenka, brown rice, whole grain flakes)
  • Whole grain bread and wholemeal flour;
  • Vegetables (paprika, tomatoes, baked in uniform
    potato, parsnip), pumpkin, melon;
  • Fruits (ripe bananas, oranges, plums, pears, peaches),
    dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots, dates, figs);
  • Muesli.

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But, in addition to complex carbohydrates, it is necessary to ensure that
the body is also irreplaceable (i.e. not synthesized in the body)
amino acids tryptophan, since it is formed from serotonin
tryptophan. Of course, it’s better to get tryptophan not in the form
pharmacy drug, and with food. Listed below
foods contain high tryptophan proteins:

  • Cheese (hard and melted), cottage cheese;
  • Legumes (beans, lentils, peas, soybeans);
  • Eggs (chicken, quail);
  • Meat (non-fat);
  • Chocolate (black bitter);
  • Oyster mushroom mushrooms.

Из минералов при пониженном уровне serotonin наиболее
magnesium is useful. Its sources include:

  • Wild rice, oatmeal and millet groats;
  • Fish, seafood, sea kale;
  • Bran;
  • Dried fruits, nuts.

It should not be forgotten that strong tea or coffee can be washed out.
magnesium is excreted and even help reduce the level
serotonin. At the same time, they are natural
antidepressants and this example confirms once again that
rationing should be approached creatively, respecting everything
measure One or two cups of aromatic coffee will definitely not hurt you if
morning coffee ritual gives you pleasure.

Из витаминов увеличивают выработку serotonin фолиевая кислота
или витамин B9 (богаты этим витамином дрожжи, печень,
бобовые, крупы, шпинат, творог и сыры
) и прочие витамины
group B.

Восстанавливают и стабилизируют уровень serotonin незаменимые
omega-3 fatty acids whose sources include
fish cold seas, seafood, sea kale, some
vegetable oils (camelina, mustard and linseed), nuts, soybeans and

It is necessary to ensure sufficient intestinal microflora.
the amount of dietary fiber, for which cook whole cereal
grain, and the bread to use baked wholemeal flour.
It is also necessary to use lactic acid products (traditional
a glass of kefir an hour before bedtime).

Некоторые продукты способны привести к нехватке serotonin и
снижению его уровня – это мясо, чипсы, кириешки, алкоголь и
products with preservatives.
Because meat is a valuable source
animal protein (and amino acids tryptophan), its use is also
need to balance.

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Physical activity and environmental factors

One power change for a steady increase in level
serotonin недостаточно. Prerequisite is still
sufficient physical activity. Start with walking
дополнительным фактором выработки serotonin окажутся
fresh air and sunshine.

With sufficient physical fitness, you can go on the run
jogging Well, if you will run daily 3 km for 20-25
minutes When running in the body endorphins are produced, also
contributing to getting rid of depression.

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Drugs that increase the level serotonin

Some chemicals are able to provide an accumulation
serotonin в нейронах. This is the so-called. selective reverse blockers
захвата serotonin. These medicines have a smaller side effect.
action than other antidepressants (widely prescribed in the 50s
years tranquilizers), although they are not always avoided. TO
Possible side effects of selective blockers include:

  • Dyspepsia;
  • Hyperactivity;
  • Headache and sleep disorders;
  • The decrease in the intensity of orgasm during intercourse;
  • Shaking hands, cramps.

However, the manifestations of these symptoms are rare and often
pass by themselves even amid ongoing reception

In no case should you prescribe these drugs yourself.
alone, they can only be prescribed by a doctor in case
need for it! He will determine the necessary dose, order and
frequency of admission.

TO препаратам для повышения уровня serotonin относятся
paroxetine, citalopram (opra), fluoxetine, sertraline and fluvoxamine


Для лечения тяжелых депрессивных состояний назначают препараты
combined action, regulating simultaneously with the level
serotonin уровень норадреналина. TO ним относятся венлафаксин
(efectin) and mirtazapin.

All the above-mentioned drugs when prescribed by a doctor (as
usually by a psychiatrist) should be taken strictly in accordance with
by appointment and in no way abruptly cancel.

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