How to increase lactation if the child is not enoughbreast milk

Update: October 2018

Do you have a long-awaited baby? Or are you looking forward to it?
appearance? Then this article will help you learn a lot of interesting things.
lactation. You will learn what lactation is, lactation crises, than
они обусловлены, как определить хватает ли ребенку breast milk,
and also a very important point – how to increase the lactation of the nursing

Every woman, except for 0.01% of girls with
contraindications to breastfeeding, can and should feed
baby breastfeed. This will not only provide the baby with a good immune system.
protection, will help maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract, but also
will give your baby that necessary close contact with the native
Mommy, who will not be replaced by anything else.

A little bit about lactation, as a physiological process

Lactation is a natural process by which
выработка, накопление и выделение breast milk молочными
glands of women. Moreover, it is a hormonally dependent process, then
There is a lactation process regulated by many hormones. Hormone
prolactin is secreted by the pituitary gland and stimulates milk production.
glandular tissue of the mammary glands. Milk accumulates in the glands and
milky passages.

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Oxytocin is released when the baby sucks the breast and provides
contraction of a number of muscles in the milky passages, thus it is responsible for
milk excretion. Oxytocin also stimulates the contraction of the uterus, which
lets say that breastfeeding speeds up
involution of the uterus, which leads to the rapid termination of postpartum

The first days after birth, the woman is allocated colostrum, on
throughout this time, the child receives only him. Some
Women colostrum begins to stand out even during pregnancy.

This is an individual feature of such women, but
should be mentioned that you should not squeeze during pregnancy
colostrum, thereby stimulating the production of oxytocin, which means that
the uterus is reduced and premature labor may occur.

Colostrum is extremely nutritious and very beneficial in it.
contains not only many nutrients, but also
immunoglobulins, which are so important for a newborn baby.
Albumin and globulins (proteins) contained in colostrum do not require
cleavage in the gastrointestinal tract of the child, they immediately
absorbed in the intestines of the baby. 3-5 days colostrum is replaced

The baby is completely enough colostrum in the first days of life, by no means
In this case, you can’t feed the baby with a mixture, water or

Why there is not enough milk for a child – lactation crises

Virtually every woman breastfeeding a baby, at least once
задумывается о том, что вдруг ребенку не хватает breast milk.
This is a very common mistake of young mummies. Just below we
analyze in detail what mistakes make women who can
cause loss of breastfeeding.

You have probably heard this frightening phrase –
lactation crises in a nursing mother. In fact, nothing terrible
it is not.

Lactation crisis is a temporary, natural decline.
количества выделяемого breast milk. This process is natural and
with simple rules, there is no threat to
будущей lactation.

This phenomenon is caused by hormonal changes
women. All crises can occur at different times. Most
common terms of lactation crises are 7-14
days after delivery, 30-35 days after delivery and 3-3.5 months. In these
periods under the influence of hormones may decrease slightly lactation,
what is normal.

These terms are not dogma, for every woman they can have
different, because the endocrine system is different for everyone. Duration
lactation crisis ranges from 3 to 8 days, on average it is 4-5
days It is not necessary during this period to be nervous and worry, to think that
the child is starving, no need to listen to grandmothers with tips on how
increase lactation, baby’s milk is enough and will be enough if
follow the simple guidelines below.

How to increase lactation?

There are a few simple rules that will help
lactation. It should be remembered that lactation is set after 3-4
months before that there may be hot flashes of milk, engorgement of dairy
glands, it may seem that there is no milk in the breast (although it is not at all
so), and after the establishment of lactation, the breast ceases to “fill up”,
milk is produced only during feeding time. Therefore, if
you already have lactation, then you increase it and not
would need.

The amount of milk depends on the level of prolactin and from what

If the lactation process has not yet been established, and you have wondered
как увеличить количество breast milk, то помните о простых
soviets. In this section, we’ll talk about what you need to do to
of this. And what, no need to do – this you will find out a little later.

Feed baby on demand

Do not observe any regimes, you can not feed the child according to the regime
he himself knows when to eat and when to sleep. He can
require chest and after 20 minutes, and sleep for 5-6 hours, all this
is the norm!

Put the baby to the chest as often as possible, duration
feeding can be any

The act of sucking causes the production of hormones, including
oxytocin and prolactin. The more the baby sucks, the higher
the level of these hormones, which means the more milk.

Often women complain that the baby can suck
several hours (see how to cure nipple cracks when feeding).
This should not bother you. In the first months of life in a child especially
acute need for contact with the mother.

After all, he grew up in her stomach for 9 months and was with her inseparably
connected. When a baby is born, it is experiencing tremendous stress,
it takes time to get used to the world around it. Him
constant need for contact with the mother, so the child can
for hours to lie at her mother’s breast, occasionally sucking her.

He does this not because he is hungry, but because
he needs a mom close by, as close as possible. In my personal experience
I will say that a child may not let go of his mother for 6-7 hours
her breasts. And as a mom and a doctor I will say that this is normal! Not worth it
forget also that in the first 3 months babies are often disturbed
colic, and this is another reason to be closer to mom (see what to do when
colic in infants).

Be sure to feed the baby at night

Some moms want to teach a child to sleep all night almost
not from birth. Normally, a child can wake up to eat up to a year. BUT
in the first months of lactation, night feedings play a crucial role.
The child should eat at night! This is important, since, precisely at night
hours the level of prolactin increases, this is a feature of the endocrine
human systems, which means that during this period there should be feeding,
to make more milk.

Homeopathic remedies

On this account there is a dual opinion. On the one hand, nobody
did not conduct research on these drugs in terms of
Evidence-based medicine, therefore, it is impossible to say for sure that they are
благотворно влияют на lactation. On the other hand, worse is definitely not
will be. For many, the placebo effect and lactation work.
increases, someone just stops in a natural rhythm
lactational crisis, but the fact that under the influence of
of these drugs may vary slightly and the level of prolactin
(see interesting about placebo effect).

Lactation products

The main thing I want to say is that there are no products
increasing lactation! Since none of the food you eat
products will not affect the level of prolactin (see what you can eat
nursing mom). The only thing to do is not
limit fluid intake. Drink as much as you want.
But forcibly drinking an extra glass of water is also not worth it. Body itself
knows how much fluid he needs.

Некоторые ошибочно думают, чтобы было больше breast milk, а
especially if it is not enough, then you should drink as much as possible
cow’s milk (see in detail about when you can give milk
ребенку и можно ли пить nursing mom). This should not be done by
several reasons:

  • Cow’s milk does not affect the level of prolactin.
  • Everything you eat goes into breast milk,
    including cow’s milk proteins, and they can cause a baby
    severe allergic reaction.
  • Cow’s milk is not “processed” into breast milk.
  • The use of milk and dairy products by a nursing mother,
    causes severe colic in children.

Mistakes mummies

Now let’s talk about what you should not do if you feed

  • Do not set the feeding mode. The child will decide when and
    how much to eat
  • Do not give infant formula!

This is one of the main mistakes of women! Many, having decided that
the baby does not have enough milk, run for the mixture and start to feed
her baby This leads to a number of consequences. A child can do
to give up breast because sucking is much harder from her than from
bottles. Смесь намного слаще breast milk, ребенку вполне
it may seem that the mixture is tastier, and it will give up breastfeeding
milk The introduction of the mixture provokes not only abdominal pain, but also
severe bouts of colic in a baby with immature intestines. Also you
you risk not only losing lactation, but also provoke
the child has constipation and allergies.

  • Do not give water to a child who is on full breast.
    feeding, before the introduction of complementary foods! Contrary to allegations
    many authors.

Many people mistakenly think that milk is food, that baby need to
also water. This is not true. Breast milk consists of 80-90% of water and
even in dry air during the heating season or in
conditions of hot climate – this is enough for a child. If suddenly you
I wanted to go to the child with a spoonful of water and offer it to him,
то предложите ему лучше грудь, простимулируйте lactation.

If a child drinks water, his stomach fills up (for this
he doesn’t need to drink half a glass of water at all, just a few
spoons), a signal comes to the brain about filling the stomach, so the child
skips feeding.

Water should be given with the introduction of complementary foods, at 6 months (see how
correctly enter the lure). Frequent cases of poor weight gain
infants who get less milk due to supplementation. When
the baby is bottle fed
necessary, but we are talking about breastfeeding.

  • Do not think that a crying child is a hungry child.

A child has a lot of reasons to cry. If he refuses
his chest, but he continues to cry, maybe he has a stomachache,
he has a headache, crying at night and evening speaks of the possible
increase intracranial pressure in infants. He can быть
wet, he could get scared of something, he wants to mom or dad,
maybe he is bored, maybe he is teething. Reasons for crying
the baby has more than a dozen and it is wrong to think that his every cry
because he is hungry.

  • Do not think that if the breast is soft, then there is no milk in it.

Milk is always produced during feeding, if by
the next feeding you do not have painful seals in the chest, then
it is, on the contrary, good, you have no risk of lactostasis and, possibly,
you have already established lactation.

  • No need to express milk after feeding

Сцеживание need to, если имеется лактостаз. If you are after
feeding you decant the milk, then you lose the most nutritious
�”Back” milk. It’s better to offer the baby’s chest once more than
потерять самую ценную порцию milk

  • Do not use the old norms of weight gain

In modern medicine, comparative tables are used, according to
height, weight and age of the child. Many pediatricians use old
schemes, according to which the child must gain 1 kg for the first
month. These schemes were made many decades ago for children.
on artificial feeding. To children who are on breast
feeding these norms are irrelevant.

  • Do not give a dummy

The nature of the baby does not provide for sucking, except
chest As a rule, mothers give a baby a pacifier when he cries, and
Mom doesn’t know what to do. This is not a reason to shut up.
baby mouth silicone nonsense that he does not need. If a
the child is crying, then it is necessary to find the cause of his crying. Sucking
рефлекс ребенка должен удовлетворяться сосанием chest BUT отлучение
from the dummy in the future, is for the child nothing but

  • Do not rely on control weighing

It is sometimes recommended to weigh the baby before and after feeding.
to find out how much he ate. This is not a demonstrative method. First of all,
желудок ребенка рассчитан на получение маленьких порций milk
A child’s daily allowance can be eaten in 12 feedings per day, and this
It means that every time he will eat a little bit, but often.
Во-вторых, ребенок не всегда съедает одинаковое количество milk
In one feeding he can drink 10 ml, in the other – 100 ml. But if
you will see an increase of 10 grams on the scales, then you will immediately begin
panic because you decide that the child eats little and lacks

  • Do not enter the feed early.

Before 6 месяцев ребенку хватает breast milk. Moreover, he
it is useless and even harmful to give a new kind of food until that time. Before
6 months in a child there are enzymes only for digestion
breast milk.

BUTвтор: Ревус Олеся Григорьевна врач-невролог

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