How to increase and strengthen the immunity of pregnanta woman

During pregnancy иммунитет будущей мамы
weakened – the body needs additional strength for the development of the fetus.
During the period беременности женщины сильнее подвержены простудным
diseases that adversely affect the health of the baby.
Крайне важно внимательно следить за состоянием своего
health, to prevent disease, to strengthen and maintain
свой иммунитет — тогда и беременность будет протекать без

иммунитет беременной женщины

Causes of reduced immunity

  • Violation of hormonal levels. After
    fertilization of the egg the body is rebuilt, occur
    physiological changes. In this regard, there is a weakness
    тошнота, головокружение и ослабление immunity.
  • Notправильное питание и образ жизни. If a
    you used to eat fried potatoes, smoked chicken and
    semi-finished products, did not refuse alcoholic beverages, did not
    engaged in sports, it is not surprising that immunity
  • WITHтрессы и плохое настроение. During the period
    pregnancy in women is frequent occurrence of drops
    moods, and especially impressionable ladies also constantly experience
    for the health of the baby, wind themselves. The cause of stress becomes
    and changing the mode of the day when you want to sleep more and more
    work and household chores do not allow it.
  • Нарушение работы пищеварительной системы (ведь
    it is in the intestines that the eternal struggle of “good” and “evil” occurs.
    microflora, and much depends on its normal functioning
    health of the whole body).
  • Lack of regular physical activity, sedentary
    lifestyle as well as insufficient oxygen intake
    an organism. 
  • Bad environmental situation, living in large
    noisy megacities.
  • Notхватка витаминов и микроэлементов,

The first signs of healthy immunity are a feeling of cheerfulness.
and sound healthy sleep.

WITHпособы повысить иммунитет

  1. Not контактируйте с больными людьми и не
    super cool.
    Do not walk for a long time, avoid
    crowded places. The store is better to send loved ones
    relatives. If a позволяет финансовое положение, от услуг
    public transport is also worth giving up, take the exit
    personal car or taxi. This is especially true of cold
    time of year.
  2. Regularly walk in the fresh air. More often
    get out of town.
  3. 3-4 times a day, lubricate the nasal mucosa
    oxolinic ointment.
  4. Cleanliness in the apartment – first of all. Rub
    пыль желательно 2-3 раза в неделю, как минимум раз в две
    weeks do a spring cleaning. If a на поздних сроках
    pregnancy, such a task will seem overwhelming to you, attract
    households. Квартиру следует проветривать несколько в день.
    Use an air ionizer or a Chizhevsky lamp that cleans
    air from bacteria.
  5. Not пренебрегайте физическими упражнениями.
    Charging in the morning, allowing you to keep your muscles in good shape, will
    quite enough. In addition, there are exercises for
    pregnant women, allowing to prepare the body for childbirth, to facilitate
    this process. Classes are aimed at increasing the flexibility of joints
    pelvis stretching the muscles of the thigh.
  6. Harden yourself. This should be done gradually.
    It’s worth starting with a towel soaked in a cool towel.
    water. Затем можно перейти на контрастный душ (начинать
    нужно с воды комнатной температуры, постепенно переходя к
    lower temperatures).
  7. Visiting doctors – only with the permission of your doctor.
    Therefore, before running to the next
    flu shots, x-rays, massages and other procedures,
    consult with the gynecologist, perhaps in your position it will be
    categorically contraindicated. For example, flu vaccine
    can cause complications, you need to know about them in advance to take
    the right decision: to do or not to vaccinate.
  8. During pregnancy употребляйте много
    , но, помните, что обычная вода вызывает отеки,
    combine it with compotes, juices and decoctions with raspberries, mint,
    rosehip, ginger, willow tea. WITHамо собой, от вредных привычек
    нужно refuse.
  9. Personal hygiene will never be superfluous.
    Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after walking and contact with objects.
    common use. On the street, where there is no water and soap, use
    wipes and antiseptic gel.
  10. Twice a day, gargle with a decoction of chamomile,
    calendula or soda solution.
  11. The main criterion for future mom’s health is good
    , отсутствие стрессов и прекрасный сон. therefore
    do not worry in vain, find a new hobby for yourself or
    devote yourself to a hobby that was previously not enough
    of time. WITHмотрите хорошие фильмы, слушайте приятную музыку,
    chat with friends, sleep more.

Ten minutes of laughter are equal to the course of receiving expensive
vitamin complex, so look everywhere for joy and
have fun from the heart – in this case, not only your
mood, but also immune status.

Folk remedies

Eat more vitamins, drink immunity teas,
for example with ginger, chamomile, turmeric, rosehip. Cook for
yourself a delicious dessert with honey, prunes, dried apricots and walnuts
nuts. Bee products are very useful, but during
pregnancy should be eaten with extreme caution if you do not have
allergies to them. From other means of traditional medicine, for example,
tinctures and balsams prepared according to a proven recipe
Grandma, it is better to give up.

Healthy food

Be sure to add a maximum of fruits and juices in the diet. Not
sure of the freshness of the purchased goods – send them to the trash
package. Stop eating upset dishes.
stomach: chips, fast food, mushrooms, overly fried meat. it
heavy food for digestion which the digestive system
tremendous effort is required, with no beneficial vitamins and
minerals such food does not contain.

To maintain immunity, expectant mothers are recommended regularly.
eat foods rich in dietary fiber – prebiotics:
fruits, vegetables, especially bananas, garlic and onions.
Prebiotics are found in asparagus, beans, chicory, figs.

A weighty argument in favor of the inclusion of onions and garlic
in the diet: these products contain not only prebiotics, but also
phytoncides are biologically active substances that kill or
inhibit the growth and development of bacteria. Another option
use the beneficial properties of garlic: cut a few cloves
put it into small pieces, place it on saucers and place them all over
apartment. Thus, phytoncides will be able to actively show their
protective properties.



Eat beetroot and pomegranate juice, apples with pits,
pumpkin, carrots. Ordinary is also suitable for strengthening immunity.
buckwheat. Eat porridge with her or cook an unusual dessert.
по простому рецепту: промойте, прокалите на сковороде и
grind buckwheat on a coffee grinder. Mix with sugar
powdered. Take it one teaspoon before meals.

Liver, meat and fish are undoubtedly very helpful, but for
the digestive system of the pregnant they represent a serious
load, try to exclude them from the evening meal. But
prunes, figs and dried apricots in your diet should be introduced necessarily
they allow you to normalize the work of the intestine, get rid of

Folic acid plays a huge role during pregnancy
which is found in greens, beans and avocados. Eat spices with
the beds are only in moderation, especially parsley, which
stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic organs, it is harmful to
future moms. Under the strictest prohibition must be peanuts and chocolate,
they can cause allergies. Citrus fruits, effective
increase immunity, you need to eat in small

Eat more vitamins, especially vitamin C, zinc,

Vitamins and drugs

Any medication should be drunk with extreme caution.
But the use of vitamins will not be superfluous, since with the products
nutrition the body can not get the whole range of nutrients:
additive is required. For pregnant women, the whole complex is produced.
all kinds of vitamins. Before use, it is worth asking for advice.
doctor, maybe you do not need any drugs, your immunity
and so fine.

Важно: перед приёмом иммуностимулирующих и
other drugs consult a doctor! During pregnancy
do not recommend taking herbal preparations to maintain
immunity. Herbal immunity stimulants (Echinacea,
Eleutherococcus, Ginseng, Aralia) have not been fully studied by science
mechanism of action on the immune system, including during
of pregnancy. In addition, allergic reactions are not excluded,
high blood pressure.

There are some of the most popular ones on the market.
vitamin and mineral remedies:

  • Elevit. Contains a loading dose of magnesium, not
    contains iodine.
  • Pringavit. Very popular complex,
    containing a huge list of trace elements.
  • Alphabet. Unique in its kind complex
    different vitamins are divided into pills of different colors. You can
    take any trace element, if you want to give up the vitamin,
    which is already getting in abundance. Especially suitable for women
    allergy prone: from any element you can always
  • Vitrum Prenatal. Another drug not
    containing iodine. But here in large quantities there is iron,
    useful for girls with anemia, as well as folic acid.
  • Complement Mom. itт комплекс подходит для
    women who feel good, eat right, watch
    for health, and vitamins tablets are taken only for
    safety net.
  • Centrum Materna. The drug contains iodine,
    фолиевую кислоту, витамины А и В в повышенных quantities. Not
    recommended for allergy sufferers, a doctor’s appointment is required.
  • Multi-tabs Prenetal. it базовый витаминный
    complex for pregnant women.
  • Thembion. European product containing
    magnesium, vitamins of group B and C.
  • Amway Tablets with different vitamins
    vary in color, the drug causes controversy, since it is not sold
    in the pharmacy, and ordered by the catalog from a company representative. WITH
    other side – reviews of pregnant women speak about efficiency
    means and no harm.
  • Emfetal. The novelty of the Russian market, which
    women bye fear to buy.
  • Pregnagay. Notдорогие витамины, которые
    contain a whole range of useful tools. On the market recently, therefore
    opinion is ambiguous.

Notсмотря на широкий ассортимент витаминных комплексов,
помните о необходимости врачебной консультации.
If it’s summer, you lead a healthy lifestyle in your city
good ecology, and colds – infrequent guests in the house,
You should not even start taking medication.

Health care

When to seek medical advice and when to treat
illness at home? In an interesting position, even a small increase
body temperature and the first symptoms of ARVI indicate
the need for urgent consultation. Without prescription
it is undesirable to drink any pills, as most modern
means categorically contraindicated in the first trimester. Call
doctor or go to the clinic – you decide when choosing
second option, remember about the gauze bandage, because in medical
The institution is full of sick people.

As you can see, ways to maintain and strengthen the immune system
very simple, and the tips can be followed without difficulty. The main thing with
pregnancy – great mood, long rest, healthy
food and sparing daily routine, then you will feel
себя чудесно, и малыш скажет вам огромное «WITHпасибо» :)

The problem of women’s health is relevant worldwide. Woman –
continuer of the race. A healthy mother is a healthy child. How can
improve immunity, improve the health of pregnant, healthy and those
who are having problems. WITHвоими наблюдениями делится врач-гинеколог
Prokusheva Irina, Kazakhstan.

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