How to improve the immunity of the child

Update: March 2019

Which parent would not want the child to be ill as much as possible
less often, and better, not sick at all? How to turn dreams into reality and
strengthen the immunity of the child with frequent colds?


5 steps in nutrition

  • If you are only at the very beginning of the journey, and the child is not yet a year old – not
    neglect breastfeeding. It is advisable to stimulate
    lactation and without strict indications do not go to mixed or
    artificial feeding.
  • Do not rush to lure the baby, but do not be late with
    introduction of complementary foods. Dates for the start of vegetables or porridge – six months.
    The level of iron in the blood affects the viability of the immune response.
    Add to the baby’s diet in time (8 months). For kids
    on artificial feeding, with anemia or rickets, you can start
    meat feed in 6-7 months.
  • Vitamin D deficiency leads to rickets. Even if you don’t notice
    its signs, they can be present and significantly reduce immunity.
    Baby air and sunbathing are useful (with diffused sun during
    avoid burns). In the northern latitudes quartzization is possible.
    Vitamin D preparations (water preferred) should be given with
    for preventive purposes, starting from the second month (from 2 to 3
    drops), last up to a year and a half throughout the winter
    months, and in the North and year-round. For kids, переносящих рахит,
    doctor selects therapeutic dosages with the subsequent transition to
    prophylactic doses. For such babies, repeated prophylaxis in
    the winter months are maintained until the child is 3 years old.
  • If the little one is already 2 years old, transfer it to
    common table without food frills and excesses.
  • Food allergies – the scourge of our time and a blow to the immune system.
    To avoid her, while breastfeeding mom should
    stick to a balanced diet. When choosing artificial
    mixes – to give preference to the adapted. And when manifestations
    diathesis in the baby – on protein hydrolyzate or soybean substitutes.
    Remember, whatever the indicators of phosphorus and calcium in the mixture,
    whatever vitamin D content is indicated on the can,
    Prevention of rickets with vitamin D does not replace the mixture.

The most effective way to increase immunity in children and adults –
physical activity in the open air. More often
take the child out of town, take walks with him (Scandinavian
walking), play outdoor games, as well as bikes, downhill skiing,
any active movement. The main thing is to have fresh clean air and
the child was active.

Available methods

Strengthen the immune system of folk remedies is quite possible. What kind

  • Hardening, starting from the first months of life, is an important factor.
    formation of immunity. The child should not overheat. Put on
    baby on the weather. Gymnastics and massage in the ventilated are useful to him.
    Indoors, daily swimming and walking. For kids с 4 лет
    Scrubbing and foot baths with cool water are possible. Child with
    years can be allowed to run at home barefoot.
  • A sick child should not take so much antiviral,
    how to stay in a well-ventilated room in which you regularly
    wet cleaning is carried out, and there are no dust collectors (carpets, soft
    toys, feather pillows and cotton blankets).
  • Often a sick child should be shown to the ENT and dentist:
    foci of chronic infection may be in the carious teeth, average
    ear, tonsils. Timely treatment of teeth, washing lacunae and
    elimination of otitis media will help avoid formidable complications
    streptococcal infections (lesions of the heart, kidneys and joints).
  • After the antibiotics that the kid took, he sometimes
    A course of probiotics is required. Linex, bifidumbacterin, bifikol – not
    panacea. They are prescribed by the doctor when it is confirmed that
    there is little beneficial flora in the intestines.
  • It is possible to use the natural phytoncides contained in
    onions and garlic. Of course, it is not necessary to drip the juice of these
    plants, but spread out in a room cut bulbs or
    garlic heads quite appropriate.

So there are many simple ways to strengthen
immunity of the child. The main thing is that all measures are used systematically.
and regularly.

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