How to improve relations with the husband after the birthbaby

После рождения baby у новоиспеченных родителей
there is no time for anything, and most importantly – for each other.
Most of them are beginning to think that life is drastically
changed that their family relationships will no longer be so pleasant
and light, as before. There are thoughts that about entertainment
you can even forget forever that there will be no feeling
carelessness. In fact, everything is not so sad.


Really difficult only in the first time after the birth of the crumbs.
Parents have to get used to the baby, and the baby – to the parents.
The female body also needs time to restructure. Young mom
in the meantime, one has to learn to find a balance between
toddler and his personal life.

Do not forget that during this period it is difficult not only for you, but also
to your husband. Yes, he doesn’t need to spend all day with
kid, but he has his own difficulties. One of them is the realization that
that now he is a father, and his wife gives him less time than

Try to make every effort to improve relationships.
with the spouse after childbirth. Our recommendations will help you with this.

Create coziness at home

… To want to go back there. Your home should be
comfortable with you and your husband, child and other children or
relatives, if you live together. Create one
the atmosphere in which will be cozy, and then your spouse will hurry
home after work.

Give the husband as much attention as before pregnancy.

When caring for a baby, do not forget about your spouse. Ask him about
how his day went when he comes home from work
sincere interest in current events. Try to make
so that your husband wants to spend time at home with you, and let
him to do that. It is very important that a man does not feel a lack
внимания, чтобы осознавал: после появления baby вы не стали
to love him less – on the contrary, this feeling became even stronger. Give
spouse to understand that you need him more than ever, just
now he has added worries and responsibilities.

Take time to look after yourself.

At first you will have no time even to wash your hair. However later
if you immediately start learning to plan your day, you are easy
You will find time for yourself. You can adapt and all this
combine – it only seems that this is impossible.

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not enough time

Do not be afraid to ask for help with your child.

Men are certainly tired at work, but most young people
dads will be just in joy ponyanchitsya with a crumb, while his wife
caring for herself or setting the table. Also sharing
Caring for the baby, you only strengthen family relationships.

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Pay attention to clothes

Sitting at home on maternity leave, women often stop following their
clothes They wear old stuff: washed-out T-shirts, stretched
pants, the size of which is no longer determined. When they are asked
why they dress so untidy, they say it is comfortable.
If the husband is at work, at home you can walk even in what. Only when he
comes home, look at his neatly dressed wife
nice, and she obviously does not cause desire.

Try to meet her husband from work in beautiful clothes.
– it will again arouse his interest in you, as a woman.

Не обязательно надевать дорогой вечерний наряд – вполне
pretty neat dress. You can also choose something comfortable,
but at the same time attractive. A great option – dress, if
it’s cold, you can wear leggings or breeches under it. You can still
to meet her husband in trousers with a top or a cute blouse.


In general, it’s not so much the clothes that matter how much their neatness and
feeling attractive in this form. This usually happens
enough for her husband to hurry home the next day, where his
will be waiting for a beautiful wife in a good mood and little son or

Outfits for walking with the baby

If you are going to the park with your husband and baby, do not wear jeans and
sneakers (anyway, constantly). At least periodically
change outfits. Feminine dresses and pants are pretty

Sleep clothes

Sleep clothes может стать проблемой. Overnight falls
get up to the baby several times, so the lace nightie,
which you used to wear when breastfeeding become
неcomfortable. You can find some shorts and a topic for sleep. So you
you will feel comfortable and look

Groom your hair

When you need to take care of a newborn, loose hair is very
interfere. The kid clings to them with his hands, pulls. therefore
better to do simple hairstyles. Even a pair of braids or tails
looks better than the eternal bundle.

Put yourself in shape after giving birth

All 9 months of pregnancy, the stomach grew gradually, so that
it is physically impossible to return the prenatal form for a week. Get started
perform simple exercises, if it becomes difficult – stop.
From the flabby belly well helps alternately retracting and
relaxing his muscles and this can be done after a few
weeks after discharge from the hospital.
Any place will do –
even a park where you walk with a baby.

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Talk about sex

The fact that a woman has sexual arousal origin “in
head “- a known fact. If she is not tired, but a man
satisfies her need for emotion and communication, then problems for a couple
in the intimate sphere should not be. Of course, this also requires
pronounce your desires out loud.

Let go of hurt feelings

To accumulate a negative is harmful to health, appearance and relationships
with a man. If something doesn’t suit you, say it right away.
spouse Just be calm, do not shout, do not provoke a quarrel.
Give себе обещание, что у вас будет конструктивный диалог, который
will not result in a string of recriminations.

Speak your wishes out loud

Feel free to tell your husband what you want – for example, so that he
washed the dishes after dinner, sat with the baby while you were in the shower.
Get ready for what he asks for something in response. For example,
so that you are interested in his affairs every day.

Show your husband how you cherish them

Of course, with the appearance of the crumbs, any woman switches attention from
мужа на baby. Just not difficult, going to the crib,
kiss a loved one on the cheek, hug, smile. It is simple
attention signs, but the effects of them are wonderful. At least husband
will understand that he is still dear to you.

With the addition to the family relationship between spouses
moving to a new level. A woman faces the task of finding
balance between baby, husband and various affairs. If possible,
You will have a strong and happy family.

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Relationship with husband after childbirth: mistakes, problems

In this video I will talk about our relationship with my husband after
the birth of our son. I will give some tips to improve

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