How to hold a newbornbaby

держим baby на руках правильно

A newborn baby seems very fragile, therefore
многие молодые мамы могут испытывать страх перед тем, чтобы
to take the baby in your arms. Кто-то боится нечаянно травмировать baby,
someone is just unsure, so his movements become awkward.
In reality, babies have a very high “safety margin” and
harming a child is not as easy as it seems at first glance.
The best way to master wearing skills is to know in advance how to
правильно брать baby на руки и как его правильно

Why take on your hands?

However absurd this question may seem, there is in society
мнение, что брать baby на руки стоит как можно реже.
The prevailing fears of “hands-on” cause some
мам сводить ношение baby на руках к минимуму. If you don’t
сторонник кроваток и манежей, носить baby на руках придется
often enough. For a baby this is very useful for some.

  • Для baby просто необходим телесный контакт с мамой, это
    confirmation of her love and the strengthening of affection between mom and
  • In the hands of an adult pussy actively learns the world, sees
    space from a new perspective, has the opportunity to get acquainted with
    people, objects and phenomena;
  • Правильное ношение baby на руках способствует его
    harmonious physical development.

Take the baby on handles

If the child is lying on a horizontal surface, take it on
hands – a special ritual. There is nothing complicated about it, but there are some
rules that must be followed in order not to scare the crumb and not
harm him.

You need to lift the baby with two hands. Palm of one hand
hold the back of the head, and the palm of the second hand – ass. All movements
should be smooth and careful.

Кладем baby на горизонтальную поверхность

Put the baby back in the crib, too, must be able to properly.
We lower the baby in the same way as it was lifted, supporting by the head and
ass. It is very important to lower not only the arms, but also the entire body.
lean forward. In this position it is easier to coordinate the movement.
hands, so the child is “insured” he falls on the bed or
just a careless landing.

After the baby has touched the surface, you need to count
a few seconds, and only then remove your hands. This is done in order
so that the child has time to adapt to the new position of the body, the new
support, and not scared.

Keep the baby in your arms

положение baby на руках

Популярные положения baby на руках

На руках у взрослого новорожденный ребенок может находиться в
different positions. Using different postures is beneficial for both parents and
the very toddler. Parents – for the prevention of muscle overload,
поскольку каждый способ поддержки baby задействует разные мышцы.
Kidу – также из соображений тренировки разных мышц, и для
diversity of views of the surrounding space.


держим новорожденного на руках колыбелька


Классический способ держать baby горизонтально. Kid
is in the hands of an adult in a cradle. Crumbs head
This is located on the elbow bend of the adult, the other hand
parent grabs the body and holds the legs, ass and back.
The child himself with this method of wearing as it were deployed to an adult,
belly to belly.

картинка: держим на руках колыбелька

If the child is often in this position with mom or dad,
adults need to alternate hands, laying the baby
head to the left, then to the right side. It is necessary for
самого baby как профилактика искривления позвоночника и


ношение на руках столбиком


Columnом обычно носят малышей после кормления. In this pose
it is easier for the child to burp out excess air accumulating in the stomach
during feeding. In this pose очень важно обеспечить поддержку
throughout the spine and hold the head. Child
hold to face, his chin lies on the shoulder of an adult,
the hands of an adult hold the baby in the neck and waist.

In general, the vertical load on the spine is not useful
для новорожденного baby, поэтому носить baby столбиком лучше
dosed for 5-10 minutes after feeding.


Держать baby столбиком можно так же и лицом от себя. Head
baby ложится на плечо, а ножки и грудку придерживаем руками.

On the tummy

держим на руках лицом вниз

Лицом вниз на животике

Многие малыши очень любят «летать» на руках у мамы или папы
face down. This situation also helps to improve
discharge of gas and is the prevention of infant colic.
Родители боятся укладывать baby на животик в его кроватку,
since various “horror stories” constantly hover around this posture,
поэтому носить baby на руках лицом вниз намного спокойнее.

To keep the baby in his arms tummy down, palm of one hand
располагаем на грудке baby, подбородок baby при этом
оказывается на локтевом сгибе. We miss the other hand between
legs, palm holding the crumb for the tummy.

Для baby эта поза полезна в качестве тренировки мышц шеи и
back, babies begin to hold the head faster.

Sit like a Buddha

Примерно так (поза будды)

Примерно так (поза будды)

Ребенок в этой позе напоминает сидящего Будду, хотя кроме
outward resemblance this posture has nothing to do with the actual
by the seat. The back and head of the child rests on the chest holding
his adult The adult holds the crumb by the breast with one hand, and
the other hand holds the legs with the feet folded together. Kid как
as if sitting in a lotus position.

Despite the apparent “crookedness”, this situation is quite
физиологично для baby. It is enough to remember in what position
the baby is at mom’s stomach. Breeding hips at such an angle
also useful for the crumbs: it is a good prevention of dysplasia
hip joints.

Видео как правильно держать baby

What not to do

Separately, I want to “go through” the precautionary measures and
обозначить, как нельзя брать и держать baby на

  • Нельзя приподнимать baby за кисти рук и запястья. Joints
    newborn crumbs are still very weak.
  • You can not lift the crumb, not holding the head. Neck muscles
    also not yet strengthened, without support, the head is thrown back.
  • If the baby is already on hand, make sure that its pens and
    legs did not hang down.
  • In the upright position, you should always monitor the support.
    backrest. Vertical load on the spine for a newborn
    the baby is very harmful, and the consequences can be far from
    immediately, but only closer to the preschool age.
  • Keep the baby in your arms should be very carefully, not pressing it
    to yourself too much.

Смотрим видео: как нельзя носить baby на hands.
Incorrect grips:

Держим baby правильно при проведении гигиенических

A separate narrow question – how to keep a newborn baby
time of washing and bathing. Nurses usually talk about this in
maternity hospital or when carrying out nursing patronage after an extract.
However, a small parent crib will not

  1. During washing, the baby should be face up.
    Фактически baby мы держим одной рукой, а другой рукой подмываем.
    Head малыша находится на локтевом сгибе, тельце на предплечье.
    With the same hand on which the baby lies, hold him by the thigh.
    The second leg at the same time hanging down, opening the crotch for washing away.
    In this pose подмывают именно новорожденных. Older children can
    wash away in the face-down position.
  2. Во время купания малыша придерживают за головку и ass. The most
    the main thing – to ensure that the chin crumbs was always higher
    water level.

Читаем подробнее: Гигиена новорожденных детей
(washing away boys and girls)

For grandmothers and older people, some
способы ношения малыша на руках являются новыми и
�”Exotic”, because before the kids were almost always worn in the pose
cradles Do not be afraid to deviate from the old recommendations and
пробовать разные способы носить baby. Subject to all rules
the baby will only benefit from such a variety of provisions.

Читаем далее: Как отучить baby от рук

Video GUIDE: how to properly hold and carry a newborn

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