How to help a scattered child?

Childish absentmindedness is a real problem for
parents, as the baby is regularly distracted by any
stimuli, unable to concentrate when solving a problem,
can’t remember what he was told or read just a few
minutes ago. Adults have to insist, stand “above the soul”
monitoring the execution process every second. Why is your child
scattered and what to do about it? Let’s figure it out.

The content of the article

  • 1 What does attention affect?
    • 1.1 Causes of the scattered behavior of children
    • 1.2 What to do?
  • 2 Tips for parents of a scattered child!

рассеянный ребенок

What does attention affect?

  1. On perception. When distracting the views of children
    not fixed on the subject, and randomly jump from one
    object to another. Such superficial perception leads to
    recognition errors, so ideas about the world around
    possess fullness and integrity.
  2. In memory. Little child involuntarily
    remembers much of what he sees or hears. Unnecessary
    the information is then filtered out. However, scattered kids
    instruction is required, but with it they do not always remember the required
    phrases or pictures.
  3. Speech and thinking. Due to inattention
    words do not unite in a structure, do not carry a sustainable
    meaning, so children confuse similar concepts. All this
    leads to a misunderstanding of cause-effect relationships, inability
    summarize, find similarities and differences.

So, mindfulness is very important for the future student. How do
find out what your child is scattered about? Основные признаки

  • it is difficult for your offspring to do something long
  • any movement, music, even a low sound distracts him;
  • in spite of trying, constantly mistaken;
  • it is difficult for him to find and correct the defects;
  • he barely recounts the short story;
  • due to multiple failures he is not interested in tasks related to
    evaluation, so he prefers computer games or
    common fuss with pals.

Causes of children’s scattered behavior

Before you start dealing with inattention, you need to
still find out where it came from. Experts identify a number
provoking factors.

  1. An important role is played by the peculiarity of the nervous system. Choleric
    may be distracted by the fact that he wants to do a lot at once
    things in the same second. Melancholic, on the contrary, slow
    and often have difficulty switching attention.
  2. A weakened body and a diseased condition can also
    cause inattention in the baby. Low hemoglobin, low
    blood pressure, headaches, infectious diseases and
    even banal colds – all these factors lead to distraction,
    often running unnoticed by parents.
  3. Sometimes this lack of attention is manifested only in
    certain activities, for example, when studying
    foreign language or when learning to read. It means that
    your child does not like such activities or it is still too small for
    of this.

What to do?

Lack of concentration is not a sentence. In your power to help
to your child, not punishing for “catching a raven,” but by training him
attention and memory. All this можно сделать и в домашних условиях, но
Yet an appeal to a psychologist or pediatrician in some cases will be
not superfluous.

  1. From an early age, teach your baby to focus on
    items. Dynamic toys, mother’s mirror and, finally,
    faces of relatives can be of interest for a long time.
  2. Picking up puzzles, mosaics or lotto – very exciting
    board games that require some preschoolers
    concentration. Don’t just give the kid a puzzle box, but
    sit down next to, show how you can fold the image or
    to build an entire city from the designer. Then pass the initiative
    son or daughter – let them independently perform the task.
  3. Spread out several small trinkets (toys,
    buttons, beads), gradually increasing their number. Your
    scion must guess what you hid behind your back or changed
    in places. Also, the tasks “Find the Differences” or
  4. Try to walk more often in the open air, go to the forest.
    Discuss the natural phenomena seen: birds sing, turn yellow
    leaves, flowers bloom, the wind rustles in the trees. Ordinary
    Contemplation will help develop observation in the child.
  5. Talk read fairy tales or viewed cartoon,
    refreshing the story lines, the actions of the main characters, unusual
    the details.
  6. Ensure that the student has a working atmosphere at home and in the classroom. Take away
    a table from the window so that he does not have the temptation to look at people
    and cars on the street. During homework, turn off
    TV and computer. Ask the teacher to transplant to the first
    school desk so that the child does not soar in the clouds on the “Kamchatka”.
  7. Analyze the mode of the day for first graders. Do not download unnecessary
    activities, sections, sports clubs. Make sure he
    spilled out and got the necessary vitamins.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Медлительный ребенок:
reasons and advice to parents slow children

As you can see, nothing is impossible. The main thing parents need
do not be scattered yourself and do not forget about daily exercises,
joint games and family walks.

Tips for parents of a scattered child!

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