How to help a child with gas in the stomach?

Газики у грудничка

Born a child! Health and well-being of the baby in the first
месяцы жизни во многом зависит от ухода за ним. The first
The test can begin for the mother still in the hospital. It’s about this
unpleasant phenomenon like gaziki. What is it, why do they arise
и как помочь новорожденному малышу избавиться от газиков —
talk about this in more detail.

Causes of gas

Recognize that babies tormented gaziki very easy.

The baby starts to scream sharply, push up to the tummy
legs, to drive them from side to side, to show increased
anxiety. Then temporarily silent, but after a while the situation
repeats. And so it can last all day and all night. So that mom does not
lost calm and strength, you need to immediately find and eliminate the cause
gas accumulations in a child.

1. Poor nutrition of the nursing mother

If the baby is breastfed, then the mother should
remember from what products gaziki tend to form.
Increased gas formation in a newborn baby can
occur when eating a nursing mother of the following types

  • flour products;
  • legumes;
  • White cabbage;
  • carbonated drinks.

A large amount of sugar consumed by the mother can also
serve as the cause of the appearance of babies gazikov. Also exist
the opinion that tea with condensed milk improves lactation – it
wrong, lactation increases any warm drink, even simple
water. Condensed milk is concentrated sucrose, with
When used, be prepared for a baby’s painful reaction.

Here is a list of products allowed for use in HB

2. Incorrect breast attachment

When breastfeeding, you need to properly apply
baby to the breast. If you put it in the wrong way, the baby will
захватывать воздух. Also watch your posture during
feeding, arrange the child so that the head of the child is higher

We read how to properly apply to the chest

3. На искусственном вскармливание следите за тем,
so that the nipple on the bottle was constantly filled with a mixture.

Otherwise, the child will take in air.

4. Additional causes of occurrence
Tight swaddling, tight elastic
diaper, crying and screaming baby.

How and how to help the child with the accumulation of jeep?

  • To avoid the occurrence of gazikov, you need
    перед кормлением выкладывать младенца на животик, либо
    put the baby on your lap. If you will post after
    feeding then do it need a few hours after
  • After feeding, hold (bear) the child with a column.
  • You can hold the child with a column, but not just a column, but
    clinging to his chest.
  • Можно сделать массаж (поглаживание живота и притягивание
    legs to the tummy (bend the legs and hold for 10-20 seconds))

как и чем помочь при газиках

1. Massage

You can make your baby a light tummy massage,
stroking the tummy clockwise. No special effort
it is not necessary to apply, just cautious movements with your fingers. Through
for some time the baby will calm down, the intestines will relax, and gaziki
will come out. Do not run to the pharmacy for medicines without a doctor’s prescription –
the child can and should be helped himself, learning to do without

2. Vapor tube

The magic thing that you can buy for any penny
pharmacy. Lubricate the tip of the tube with butter / baby cream, and
Carefully insert the tube into the anus of the child (baby up to 6
months put on the back, press the legs to his chest and hold,
с 6 месяцев и старше положить на левый бочок и прижать ножки);
before the procedure, bed an oilcloth, because together with the gas workers
go out baby stool. Absolutely wrong view that
tubule is addictive. Reaching the age of three months
the child will learn how to produce gaziki, and the tube from that moment
you will no longer need.

Подробнее о газоотводной трубочке для малыша (инструкция к

3. Enema

In infants, gaziki are often accompanied by constipation. If
грудничка более двух суток не было
испражнений и малыш беспокоен, то следует ему помочь
clean the intestines with an enema. It is necessary to purchase in the pharmacy the most

Heat boiled water to 40 degrees, dial enema
With water, and gently insert the cream-smeared tip of the enema into the baby.
Squeeze the baby’s ass for a couple of seconds so that the water can liquefy
fecal masses.

Enema is an extreme measure that should not be abused,
for the child’s intestinal tract is still very tender.

Читаем: Как правильно сделать клизму

4. Hot water bottle

With the birth of a child in your home should appear hot-water bottle (list
of things). If you dial it with warm water and attach to the tummy
baby, she will calm the pain, will help the gas workers to move to
gut and free to exit. When buying, pay attention to
salt hot-water bottles, and also hot-water bottles with cherry stones. They are comfortable in
use and act more efficiently than conventional heaters.

5. Dill water

От газиков может помочь укропная вода, чай из фенхеля,
decoction of chamomile or other means of gas, sold in pharmacies
(Espumizan, bebinos, sub simplex, beibikalm. Read about

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