How to harden children up to a year in the sun -regulations

Закаливание ребенка на солнце (солнечные ванны) направлено
on the increase of immunity reduced by frequent viral diseases
baby and to reduce the number of viral diseases. To children
the body the sun’s rays have significant physiological

солнечное закаливание детей до года

Quench kid: the sun

From medical sources:
Свет солнца состоит из различных пучков, каждый из
which has a certain oscillation frequency and wavelength.
Infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin and subcutaneous tissue, and
producing a heat effect, heat the fabric. Under their influence on
the nerve endings of the skin turns out to be a stimulating effect and
reflex decreases the tone of the walls of blood vessels of the skin, and
vessels of internal organs are narrowed. There is a redistribution
blood. After the end of the irradiation, there is a gradual
восстановление исходного распределения blood. 

When exposed to ultraviolet rays, rapid redness of the skin does not
It is noted that because of this they are called cold rays. However through
a few hours after the UVR, redness is observed.
Celebrated within 1-3 days. Redness of skin is replaced

Recommended stages of hardening a child under 1 year:

  1. Adapting light and oxygen bath (10-20 minutes
    голенький ребенок занят активными играми или находится в
    quiet position without the influence of direct solar
  2. Солнечная ванна (на мокром песке ванны применять не
    worth it);
  3. Finishing light-air bath;
  4. Activities with water (pouring, swimming in the pool, shower);
  5. Mandatory rest in the shade.

The basic laws of finding a child in the sun

  • za

    Protect baby’s head from
    прямого солнечного воздействия головным убором (косынкой,
    panama, a handkerchief) of light, light material from natural
  • На младенце во время солнечных процедур обязательно должна
    wear a light blouse or shirt.
  • Детей до года необходимо выносить на солнышко в
    first time in a shirt, then in a T-shirt, in 1-3 days you can shirt
    take off and simultaneously hardening the sun and
    by air. The ambient temperature in this case must exceed
    20-22 degrees, and the weather without wind.
  • Water procedures are performed only after the above.
    stages, because you can cause hypothermia baby.
    Вытирать ребенка после водных процедур необходимо
  • Продолжительность солнечной ванны для
    The baby should not first exceed 3 minutes, and then gradually
    increase it to 5 minutes.
  • При температуре воздуха более 30 градусов, а также
    младенцам с онкологическими заболеваниями, солнечные
    ванны противопоказаны.
  • При солнечном ударе или же если ребенок перегрелся
    you must immediately place it in a cool place,
    cool by physical means, i.e. dip in a cool bath,
    drink plenty of water. When the temperature rises and chills
    antipyretic applied.
  • To prevent hyperthermia (temperature rise) and
    dehydration during sunbathing surely water your baby more often
    savory drinks.
  • Active games, running, walking during data is recommended.
    procedures. The only exception is the winter period.

Be healthy!

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