How to handle an umbilical wound in newbornschildren

Immediately after your baby was born, life
family is filled with new experiences. For young parents care
for the newborn in the first days is unfamiliar and sufficient
uneasy. From the first days of life, the baby appears incredible.
number of questions! One of the first questions for young moms –
это как правильно обрабатывать пупочную ранку у новорожденных
kids so as not to harm. 

The content of the article

  • 1 How the umbilical wound is formed
    • 1.1 How to properly handle and care for wounds
    • 1.2 Hygiene of the newborn with unhealed umbilical wound
    • 1.3 When does an umbilical wound heal?
  • 2 VIDEO GUIDE: correct navel processing

Umbilical wound in newborns is formed as a result
fall of the umbilical cord residue for 3-5 days of life.

How to handle an umbilical wound in newborns

How is the umbilical wound

When the baby is born, the umbilical cord is clamped and firmly fixed
bandaged near the future navel. Next, the umbilical cord is cut off:
the doctor makes an incision between the clamp and the dressing. AT
the result is a small portion of the umbilical cord, which in
further dries out and disappears on its own. AT месте отделения
umbilical cord residue and there is a so-called umbilical wound.

How to handle and care for wounds

What you need to have to handle the umbilical

  • ATатные палочки;
  • Pipette;
  • Sterile gauze napkins;
  • Hydrogen peroxide (3% solution);
  • Zelenka (1% brilliant green alcohol solution);

First Aid Kit for a child – full list 

Step processing:

  1. Processing must be done after bathing the child.
    umbilical wound treatment

    umbilical wound treatment
  2. Wash thoroughly before handling the navel.
  3. Hydrated peroxide (concentration 3%) cotton swab
    remove the discharge from the wound and lubricate its entire surface.
  4. If there is a lot of discharge and the wand is soaked with it, then for
    further processing take a new wand.
  5. If there are residues of hydrogen peroxide in the wound, they are removed.
    clean dry cotton swab.
  6. At the final stage, the wound is smeared with green paint.

If you notice a discharge from a wound or redness of the skin
around it, the treatment of the wound should be carried out 2 times a day
(in the morning and in the evening), it is also necessary to notify the patronage
a nurse or doctor.

Hygiene of the newborn with unhealed umbilical wound

Until the wound has healed, it is necessary to prevent
possible navel skin contact with bacteria. To prevent
injuries to the infection are carried out by the following
обработке wounds:

  • They bathe the newborn with an umbilical wound in boiled water;
    how to handle an umbilical wound

    how to handle an umbilical wound
  • AT воду при купании добавляют раствор марганцовки до достижения
    pale pink color (in which water to bathe a newborn
  • Chamomile, string and nettle have anti-inflammatory
    properties (bathing in herbs);
  • Change of vest and diapers (sliders) necessarily made
    несколько раз в день, даже если вы
    пользуетесь подгузниками и одежда малыша сухая;
  • The umbilical wound should not be closed by a diaper, nor should it
    there must be bandages;
  • ATсе белье ребенка после стирки и высыхания проглаживают утюгом
    on both sides (how long do you need to iron diapers for
  • Processing of the umbilical wound is made on a clean diaper.

But if your newborn baby is bleeding
navel then read the article

What should parents do if they do not heal for a long time?
umbilical wound in a newborn? Should I consult a doctor? how
to care for and handle the umbilical wound – tips, recommendations,

When does an umbilical wound heal?

заживление пупочной ранки

In compliance with hygienic recommendations and processing rules
ранки, заживление пупка происходит не позднее чем через
2 недели (10-14 дней) после рождения. Worth
note that in the first few days after discharge from the hospital
the child is observed by a visiting nurse from a clinic. She can
demonstrate how to handle the wound if not done
maternity hospital staff.

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