How to go to work with a flash coronavirus

A new pathogen from Coronavirus family COVID-19. Many state institutions, commercial and private enterprises ceased SARS-COV-2 infection-related activities. Employers give employees monthly leave, while others continue to work remotely. Many small businesses suffer losses and the number of unemployed is growing every day due to the outbreak epidemic of NCOV-2019. Some keep going labor activity, fearing for the safety of the workplace, несмотря на страх заражения вирусом SARS-COV-2.Safety rules for working with the COVID-2019 virus

Как обезопасить себя от коронавируса на работе?

If you decide not to maintain a home quarantine mode, we recommend comply with the safety rules for visiting public places, including number and workplace:

  • To get started, get protection from infectious diseases: these are disposable masks, goggles, rubber gloves, antiseptics, wet wipes and alcohol;
  • When going to work, choose the best route that will exclude visits to public transport and crowded places;
  • Do not touch the railing, handrails, door handles and other items of frequent use by people;
  • Keep a minimum distance of 2 when communicating with other people. meter;
  • Do not talk face to face without a face shield;
  • Do not shake hands, kisses and hugs;
  • Periodically disinfect the workplace with alcohol and antiseptics.

Keep in mind that the work environment is not always safe. Even if you follow all the rules safety, there is a risk of getting coronovirus through air. The virus can be in the air and enter the body. through the respiratory tract. Best Choose Home Remote mode for work – so you will be less exposed to external external influences.

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