How to go to the hospital with coronavirus

Coronavirus has taken many countries by surprise already, and he is also actively distributed in Russia. The number of infected increases everyday. People avoid visiting public places and give Great attention to personal hygiene. The virus is quickly transmitted and with легкостью поселяется в организме человека.Is it worth visiting a hospital with coronavirus?Covid-19 не имеетspecific symptoms, so at the initial stage it is difficult distinguish from flu and colds. The first signs of a pandemic are dry cough, malaise, fever and difficulty breathing. Also new symptoms of the disease were identified. If you find yourself первые симптомы, необходимо сообщить об этом врачу.

Как обратиться в больницу при коронавирусе?

In no case should you go to the medical center yourself institution because the sick person can infect others people. It is necessary to call a doctor at home. Before the doctor’s arrival, an infected person must have a separate room and Avoid close contact with relatives. Also to all people who are in the house it is advisable to wear medical masks and change them every 3 hours. A person infected with coronavirus needs complete rest and plentiful drink. Do not panic, as a large number people are already cured.

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