How to give the baby medicine in the form oftablets or syrup – instruction for parents

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recommendation. Before using the medicine must
consult a doctor!

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  • 1 How to give your baby medicine in the form of a syrup or suspension
    • 1.1 What else should parents know?
  • 2 How to give a child pills or capsules
    • 2.1 Некоторые советы при лечении таблетками
    • 2.2 How to drink the medicine
  • 3 Children and medicines – School of Doctor Komarovsky

When young children get sick, one of the serious problems in their
treatment – medication. Babies still do not know how to swallow pills
Moreover, the drugs themselves can be bitter or simply unpleasant.
for a child to taste. What to do if you need to give medicine
a child who is not yet able to understand why he should drink
�”This crap”? There are special ways and “tricks”, knowing
who, parents can easily give a child a syrup or
a pill.

как давать грудному ребенку лекарства

How to give your baby medicine in the form of a syrup or suspension

Syrup or suspension – one of the most “gentle” options
medicines for the baby. Very often, children’s drugs in such
dosage form have flavoring additives and most
babies are transferred calmly. When prescribing medication in the form
syrup or suspension should use the following rules:

  • Find out what dosage is needed. Insofar as
    medicine in liquid form, it will be about milliliters. To many
    Medicines of this kind come with measuring spoons or
    syringes, but if they are not there, you need to use an ordinary syringe without
    needles. Measure out the amount of medicine “by eye” is not worth it: it is fraught
    that it is possible to “under-supply” or exceed the dosage;
  • Before giving the medicine, the vial should be
    This mainly concerns suspensions, because
    they are not homogeneous in structure and are “divided” in peace
    medicinal powder (precipitates) and water. After that, the right
    we take the amount of medicine in a syringe or spoon;
  • Ребенка лучше зафиксировать: грудничка можно
    swaddle and hold, as when feeding, slightly lifting the head,
    and an older child to sit on his knees someone from adults and
    ask an adult to hold it. So that the baby doesn’t get dirty,
    You can tie him a napkin.
  • Things are easy – the kid should drink the medicine:
    • Из ложечки: ложечкой нужно слегка отогнуть
      lower sponge baby and, waiting for the child to open his mouth, pour
      him the contents. This can happen both at once and in several
      receptions. Fully shove the spoon with medicine to the baby in the mouth
      you can not: this can injure the oral mucosa and cause rapid
      child protest;
    • Из пипетки: это «малышковый» способ для детей
      up to six months. The medicine is pipetted and in several passes.
      drips baby in her mouth. Children who already have teeth can
      accidentally crack a glass pipette (for example, if in a rush
      resistance jaws), so for them this method is not
    • Из шприца: подойдет либо медицинский шприц без
      needles, or a syringe that was bundled with medicine. Need syringe
      insert closer to the corner of the mouth, with emphasis on the lower lip. Enter
      the medicine is slow so that the baby has time to swallow. Can not
      pour syrup or suspension directly into the throat: the medicine should
      стекать по внутренней стороне щеки
    • С помощью пустышки: либо пустышка обмакивается
      in the medicine and is given to the baby, or it is filled with medicine
      (можно проделать отверстие в соске и вставить туда
      pipette with medicine. См картинку ниже). In the first case
      Dip the soother and give the child to lick it until it is necessary
      until all the required amount of medication has been taken.

Pictures are clickable:

даем лекарство с помощью пипетки
пипетка соска с лекарством
сироп детский с мерным шприцом
мерная ложечка

What else do parents need to know

  1. Bitter medicine (for example, an antibiotic in the form of
    suspension) is better to pour closer to the root of the tongue.
    First of all,
    there are fewer taste buds and the child will be less affected
    bitterness, and secondly, irritation of the root of the tongue causes swallowing
    reflex, and even if the baby will rebel, he will swallow the drug
  2. It is better not to dilute the drug with water, milk, juice or
    juice to improve its taste.
    Large volume of fluid
    it is much more difficult for a child to drink, especially if you like the taste of a drink
    will join the unpleasant taste of medication. As a result
    the body will not get the right dose of the drug.
  3. Some medicines can have a bad effect on tooth enamel.
    и оставлять неприятный привкус во рту
    , поэтому после
    reception syrup or suspension need to clean your baby teeth or
    wipe the gums with a napkin (how to clean the teeth).

How to give a child pills or capsules

Most medications that are given to children are convenient.
dosage form of a syrup or suspension, but sometimes
treat the child with pills or capsules. It is more difficult, but if all
do by the rules – quite doable.

  1. Specify that the medicine is really allowed by the child.
    age, as well as compatible with his diet and other
  2. Calculate which part of the pill you will need to give to kid.
    The instructions always indicate how many mg of active ingredient
    contains one tablet or capsule, therefore, following the appointments
    doctor, determine whether you will divide the pill into 2 or 4
    parts, or give a whole. In case you need to divide,
    pill can be cut with a knife and take the desired part, or grind
    into powder and divide it already. By the way, rub
    tablets into powder is most convenient between two spoons: one
    put the pill, and put another spoon in the first one right on
    pill and rub gently.
    Everything is easier with pills:
    it needs to be opened and empty contents.
  3. The required volume of powder is diluted with liquid and given by any of
    ways you can give a suspension. For dilution of powder
    you need to use the liquid that is specified in the instructions. More often
    All this water or milk (if possible).

Некоторые советы при лечении таблетками

  • как дать грудному ребенку горькую таблетку

    It is not necessary to dilute a large pill
    the amount of liquid to give from the bottle.
    As in
    the case of suspension, the taste of the pill can be unpleasant, therefore
    easier to give a baby a teaspoon of bitter solution than 100 ml
    tasteless drinking. Besides, it doesn’t always work out so finely.
    pound a pill so that all its particles pass through the hole
  • Do not add medicine to puree or other
    если таблетка имеет горький вкус, ребенок не
    realize that the food has become bitter from her and can begin
    refuse food;
  • If the drug has analogues in other medicinal
    forms, except tablets (candles, suspensions) – it is better to use
    by them;
  • Almost all kids do not like to drink medicine,
    so they can scream, dodge, close their mouths,
    spitting out the drug.
    Mom needs to stay calm,
    confident and persistent in their actions. Screaming at baby in
    this moment is not worth it: it will only aggravate the stress and set up the baby
    in a negative way with respect to any manipulations and procedures.
    It is also not worthwhile to roughly push the spoon or syringe into the baby’s mouth or
    to pinch the nose so that the child opens his mouth. Instead, you need to lightly
    push on the cheeks;
  • You can try to distract the child from unpleasant
    sensations toy, song or cartoon;
  • Always praise the kid for taking the medicine and
    explain that with this he helps the treatment and will soon be completely

How to drink medicine

To “bring down” an unpleasant taste from the medicine, parents immediately
after it give the child a drink. This needs to be done taking into account
compatibility of drugs with some drinks.

  • Antibiotics can not drink milk: milk breaks the structure
    medicinal substance and it is almost not absorbed by the body;
  • Tea can not be washed down because of the tannin contained in it.
    and caffeine. tannin reduces the effectiveness of many drugs, and caffeine does not
    compatible with sedatives because it gives
    opposite, exciting effect;
  • Aspirin is not washed down with milk, because milk, like alkali, its
    completely neutralizes;
  • Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and sedatives
    you can not drink juices, because citrates contained in them,
    neutralize the action of these drugs. In particular, aspirin can not
    drink citrus juices, and grapefruit and cranberry juices do not
    совместимы почти ни с какими drugs.

Baby’s health is the most expensive, although the children themselves are not treated
love Proper medication in the form of tablets or suspensions.
will relieve the whole family of stress and help save the child
calm attitude to different medical procedures.

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Watch the video:

Children and medicines – School of Doctor Komarovsky

The need to give children medication often causes
parents a lot of questions. However, the main thing that is needed
remember: “Any drug, if not shown,
contraindicated. And if the doctor prescribed, then the “educational program” from Eugene
Komarovsky by dosages, dosage forms or as
�”Shove” in the child a bitter pill.

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