How to give maltofer baby


  1. The properties
  2. Admission Rules
  3. Dosage
  4. Contraindications
  5. Conclusion

One of the most common disorders in the development of infants today is anemia. If the pediatrician has set a similar diagnosis, in most cases, complex treatment is required, including specialized diet food and intake iron preparations.

The most affordable, effective and safest for infants drug – maltofer. Therefore many mothers they ask questions: how to give maltofer to infants, in what doses, how often does the drug cause adverse reactions?

The properties

This medication contains iron in an easily digestible infants trivalent form and additional components not causing anaphylactic type reactions. Trivalent structure iron molecules almost completely repeats iron-containing organic compounds found in breast milk and food, which allows the drug to be completely absorbed into the stomach and intestines of the baby, without forming harmful to the body free ions. Therefore, the probability of an overdose leading to intoxication of the baby.

The main indications for the use of maltofer:

  • Latent deficiency of iron in the blood of infants falling into risk category: low birth weight, premature, artificers (feeding on artificial milk mixtures);
  • Variety of iron deficiency anemia origin.

Admission Rules

Taking the drug must be combined with eating or add it to drinks that complete the baby’s meal. Usually maltofer in the form of syrup or drops is prescribed to small children, easily soluble in food liquids. Syrup equipped with a measuring cup, with which it is easy to separate prescribed dose.


How to give maltofer babyDosage of this antianemic drugs depend on factors such as age baby, the nature of the disease, the severity of the disease. Most pediatricians prescribe children under one year of age maltofer in following doses:

  1. For premature babies with a diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia the usual dose is 1-2 drops of the drug per day for every 1000 gram weight. The course of treatment in most cases is 12–20 weeks.
  2. In the case of normal body weight of the baby with IDA to him ten to twenty drops of the drug are prescribed, which corresponds to 25-50 milligrams of ferric iron or 2.5-5 milliliters of syrup per day.
  3. For normally developing babies as prophylactic or in case of latent iron deficiency six to ten drops of maltofer are prescribed (15–25 milligrams of iron, respectively) or 1-2.5 milliliters syrup.

If the baby is already twelve months old, the doses may be increased:

  1. With iron deficiency anemia can be taken daily for 50-100 milligrams of iron, which corresponds to twenty – forty drops or five to ten milliliters of syrup per day.
  2. As a preventative measure or in the treatment of latent forms of IDA daily intake of this antianemic drug there will be 25-50 milligrams of iron, which corresponds to ten – twenty drops or 2.5-5 milliliters of syrup.


Find out on our website why anemia in infants is dangerous.

What should be the norm of white blood cells in a child?

Be sure to read the material on how to normalize the level. hemoglobin in infants in the blood. In infants with this antianemic drugs following negative may be observed reactions:

  • Nausea, sometimes accompanied by vomiting;
  • Digestive disorders expressed by constipation or diarrhea;
  • The different nature of abdominal pain;
  • Allergic reactions, hypersensitivity to one of maltofer ingredients;
  • Staining of feces in a dark color;
  • Darkening of the integument.

All of the above symptoms are extremely rare. Usually Maltofer is perfectly absorbed by infants. But with adverse reactions are highly recommended consult a pediatrician who will advise another a drug.

Contraindications to taking maltofer:

  • Excessive iron in the blood of the baby;
  • Forms of anemia not associated with a shortage in the child’s body gland;
  • Age to sixteen weeks.


In case of detection of deficiency of excretory systems in the baby (hepatic, renal), bronchial asthma or cardiovascular diseases the question of how to give babies maltofer should be addressed with regular medical supervision.

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