How to give Dufalac to infants


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Pain in the abdomen and dysbiosis is a fairly common occurrence in children. infant age. Every young mother knows about this.

Fortunately, modern medicine offers many drugs that can effectively combat these symptoms. One of such popular means, widely known in our country – Duphalac. About how to give your baby this medicine, so as not to harm his health, we will discuss this article.

Many young parents have heard about the benefits of dufalac, but they don’t know at all how to use it correctly. Not for everyone It is known how much to give Duphalac to infants.


The dosage of the drug should be individual and depend on many indicators, such as:

  • Age of the child;
  • Symptoms of the disease;
  • The severity of the disease.

Given all these factors, the appropriate dosage should prescribe your doctor. Pediatricians prescribe for newborns suffering from dysbiosis, constipation and abdominal pain, from 2.5 to 5 ml medications per day, depending on individual characteristics baby.

Another question that often arises with parents: how many days to give dufalac to infants? Duration admission, like the dosage of the drug, is usually determined by the pediatric doctor, watching the course of treatment.

With mild stool disorders, the effect of the drug gives a positive effect after two to three days of admission. If monthly a child cannot go to the toilet for the most part what to do in such situations? If the child has frequent and prolonged intestinal disorders, the doctor may prescribe a longer course of treatment (up to three weeks).

This time is usually enough to restore normal gastrointestinal tract and get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

How to give Dufalac to infantsMany moms Faced with similar violations in their babies, they doubt: Is it possible to give duphalac to a baby at all? Does this is medicine safe for children’s health?

The answer to this question is obvious: dufalac is completely harmless a preparation that does not contain harmful substances and does not causing allergic reactions. Therefore this means seems fit for use even by newborns children (of course, provided that you prescribed this medicine a doctor and taking dufalac are under the strict supervision of a pediatrician).

But we should not forget that dufalac, like any other drug may cause certain side effects effects.


The following phenomena can be attributed to them:

  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Bloating;
  • Fatigue;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Arrhythmia.

If while taking Dufalac you noticed any of these side effects, this should be a reason for immediate cessation of treatment with this tool. Best in in such a situation, seek medical advice again which will tell you how to deal with side effects, or prescribe treatment with another drug.

Please note that similar deviations are observed when long-term medication. In the first few days, the effect of Duphalac can be very significant, and after two or three weeks, unpleasant disturbances may occur.

This once again emphasizes the main rule: as much as possible give dufalac to a baby, can appoint an exclusively experienced qualified physician. No way Do not self-treat if you do not want to cause irreparable harm to the health of your baby.

At the first symptoms of dysbiosis and bowel disease call a doctor who will conduct a thorough examination and advise how long can you give duphalac to a baby.


Reviews about this drug are often diametrical. opposite. Some mothers claim that this is the best tool for treatment of intestinal microflora, while others say that dufalac – completely useless medicine that did nothing to help them kids (and in some cases even provoked a deterioration well-being). Ask how to cook dill water for colic.

Colic in a child: symptoms, causes and methods elimination! Such a spread in opinions is easy to explain. He is associated with that each child has his own individual characteristics. For someone dufalak is a real salvation, but someone does not tolerates this drug.

What is the best way to give Dufalac to infants?Therefore, responding to the question is, how many days can you give duphalac to an infant, navigate not only on the instructions and advice of the doctor, but also on personal characteristics of your child. Be attentive to your baby, monitor the progress of his treatment and listen to the needs of his body. And then recovery not keep you waiting.

Many parents turn to doctors for advice, how can You can often give Duphalac to infants. Doctor prescribes the standard rule of taking the medicine is once a day (better all at the same time).

It is usually worth starting the treatment with a small amount of medication. (not more than half a teaspoon), gradually increasing the dosage. However, please note that children under the age of six months are prohibited consume more than one teaspoon of duphalac per day.

This can lead to undesirable health effects. a child. Therefore, turning to a doctor for advice on how to give Dufalac to infants in 2-3 months, be very careful.

Listen to all the doctor’s recommendations, or better, write down all of his tips so that you do not mix up the required amount of the drug and the rules for its admission.


Finally, note that Duphalac may be for your baby is a very effective medicine, but no treatment can be as effective as prevention. Instead of for a long and painful struggle with unpleasant symptoms, it is better try to prevent them.

Follow the correct diet of the baby, for the amount fluid intake, as well as your own diet (after all mother’s nutrition is of utmost importance during breastfeeding feeding). If you are extremely careful and careful your baby will feel great and you don’t will have to consult a doctor with the question of how best to give Duphalac babies.

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