How to get rid of scars: laser removalscar от прыщей, мазь, крем, косметические и терапевтическиеmethods

Update: October 2018

Scars and scars appear on the skin due to damage:
there may be cuts, injuries, piercings, unsuccessful tattoos, surgical
surgeries, burns and even acne and chickenpox. Scar placement
on visible parts of the body and face, significantly deteriorates the quality of life and
forces a person to constantly mask them.

The modern level of development of medicine and cosmetology allows
устранить практически все виды шрамов и scar и навсегда
Get rid of the ugly marks on your own skin. In this
статье мы рассмотрим основные, практикуемые сегодня methods
eliminate scars.

Treatmentм scar занимаются дерматологи, косметологи и
cosmetic surgeons.

Scars and Scars – What is the Difference?

In fact, there is no difference between the concepts, and those and other
represent the proliferation of dense connective tissue on
the area of ​​previously damaged skin due to injuries
surgical incisions, burns, ulcers, etc., and are
конечной стадией восстановления tissue. Scar tissue лишена
sweat and sebaceous glands, hair follicles.  The concept of “scar”
not used in official medicine and is typical for everyday
people’s speeches.

Классификация scar

AT медицинской терминологии выделяют несколько видов scar,
each of which has distinctive features:

Normotrophic scar

Formed on the skin in a natural, uncomplicated process.
рубцевания дермы after повреждения и characterized by:

  • flat, not serving over healthy skin form;
  • цветом, приближенным к оттенку здоровой skin.

Atrophic scar

Образуется after акне, прыщей и некачественного удаления
papillomas, moles and different:

  • pitted or indented shape, i.e. sinks relatively
    здоровой skin;
  • дряблой соединительной the clothю вследствие пониженного уровня

Hypertrophic scar

Остается after повреждения кожных покровов различного характера:
burns, ragged wounds, incorrect treatment of traumatic
damage, inflammation, etc. This type of scar
characterized by:

  • serving over healthy skin form;
  • pinkish color;
  • often by trophic ulcers, peeling or tears

Keloid scar

Может возникнуть after операций, травм, вакцинации, нанесения
tattoos, burns, insect bites for large-scale damage,
genetic susceptibility to keloidosis. Characteristic:

  • protruding above the skin, tumor form;
  • bumpy surface;
  • западающая центральная часть (через 4-5 лет after
  • hot pink, red or bluish color.

Стадии образования scarой ткани

  • ATоспаление и afterдующая эпителизация (7-10 суток). Swelling and
    inflammation постепенно уменьшается, образуются грануляции, и рана
    heals by first intention.
  • Formation of the “young” scar (30-90 days). Sprawl
    collagen and elastin fibers, aligning them in bundles. Blanching
    and cicatrization of the scar due to a decrease in blood circulation.
  • Final transformation (4-12 months). The vessels die off
    collagen fibers are stretched, the scar turns pale and thickened.

Prevention of problem scar formation

Complex, improperly formed scars, independently
healed serious wounds, keloid scars later on
harder to treat. To prevent this, you should:

  • seek medical attention immediately if serious
    injuries of the skin, especially on the face, and even when
    minor injuries when wound edges disperse;
  • properly care for the wound, to prevent its suppuration,
    daily treat the wound surface with antiseptics;
  • use special absorbable silicone plates,
    which are recommended at an early stage of education
    hypertrophic or keloid scar to stop their growth.

Indications для удаления scar и сроки проведения коррекции

Indications классифицируются на медицинские и косметические.

  • Medical removal of scars is carried out in cases
    when the scar causes functional impairment in the area where it is
    расположен: деформирует the cloth, мешает сгибанию сустава и др.
  • For cosmetic purposes, scar removal is indicated in cases where
    патологическая the cloth ухудшает качество жизни пациента, вызывает
    psychological discomfort and complexes.

Every owner of such a “decoration” wishes as soon as possible.
get rid of him. Possible timing of the correction effect
following factors:

  • the location of the scar;
  • the nature and extent of the damage;
  • age and history of the patient;
  • blood circulation features;
  • local immunity;
  • hereditary factors.

Не позднее, чем через месяц after операции удаляются рубцы,
located in the joints and limiting movement. AT
In other cases, the correction is carried out only after 1-2 years, when
the cloth созреет.

Современные способы удаления scar и шрамов

It should be noted that the correction method is chosen individually,
in some cases, several techniques are used to
get rid of scars. To achieve due aesthetic
the result, each of the methods described is assigned to several
procedures between which make the necessary break. Treatment

All types of treatment are contraindicated during pregnancy, in
childhood (up to 16-18 years old – exception – deterioration of function
organs and tissues), with severe somatic and oncological
pathologies, hyperthermia, and also have a number of specific

It should be understood that even with a very good visible effect
recurrence and growth of a hem is possible!

Indications Performance technique Result Contraindications

Electrostatic massage – effects on tissue variables
electrostatic field.

 ATсе виды scar на ранней стадии формирования  It is performed using a special apparatus,
generating an electrostatic field which in turn
causes vibration and rhythmic deformation of tissues and contributes
improving trophism and tissue microcirculation
 Acceleration of regeneration processes
  • intolerance to the physiotherapeutic method;
  • acute infections (general and skin);
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • tuberculosis;
  • erysipelas;
  • electronic implantable devices

Chemical peeling (salicylic acid, retinol)
или фруктовыми (молочная,  лимонная) кислотами

Удаление верхнего слоя scarой ткани и стимуляция
regenerative processes. Often combined with the introduction
hormonal preparations and preliminary mechanical abrasion

 Keloid, atrophic (early) and
гипертрофические (after формирования) рубцы
Depending on the type and size of the scar, a superficial
medium or deep peels using a phased approach. Going on
отмирание tissue и afterдующая стимуляция роста эластина и
collagen, smoothing skin relief and brightening
Smoothing of “healthy skin-scar” borders, relief alignment,
brightening of the scar color
  • intolerance to the active substance;
  • inflammation tissue;
  • acute infectious processes

 Dermabrasion is the mechanical removal of superficial
layer of skin, held by special brushes or cutters.

Norm and hypertrophic scars  Процедура проходит под anesthesia. Scar tissue
removed to the top layer of the dermis and a bandage is applied. In place
the former scar appears scab, which in no case can not
shoot by force, he disappears on his own on day 7
 Scar becomes less or completely invisible
  • inflammatory processes at the site of exposure;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • severe pathology of the CCC;
  • tuberculosis;
  • susceptibility to keloidosis.

Microdermabrasion – gentle removal of the upper layer of the skin

Atrophic and minor normotrophic scars The procedure is performed under local anesthesia: using
ultrasound, alumina or acid
Формируется новый слой здоровой skin вместо scarой
All of the above + individual intolerance
active matter (alumina, organic acids)

Фотокорреция —  маскировка scarой ткани под цвет

Hyper-, normotroficheskie scars, as well as atrophic, having
Red color
ATоздействие световыми лучами на scarую the cloth, которые
destroy excessive pigmentation and blood vessels
Lightening and softening of the scar
  • herpes;
  • fresh tan;
  • treatment with sulfonamides, antibiotics, retinoids during and
    14 days before therapy

Криодерструкция-  удаление патологической ткани при помощи

Some hypertrophic and keloid scars Проводится под anesthesia. Scar tissue прижигается
applicator dipped in liquid nitrogen for a short period
of time. In place воздействия возникает отек и пузырь, который
it is opened in 5-7 days and the wound begins to heal with
crust formation, under which a healthy one is already forming
the cloth
In place воздействия образуется розовый рубец, который
постепенно принимает цвет здоровой skin (в течение полугода)
  • hypersensitivity;
  • circulatory disorders at the site of exposure;
  • collagen diseases;
  • autoimmune pathologies;
  • receiving immunosuppressants;
  • гиперпигментация skin, криоглобулинемия;
  • pyoderma gangrenosum;
  • inflammatory process at the site of exposure;
  • Raynaud’s disease

Microwave therapy

This is an additional therapy performed with the help of
microwave radiation, is used when
cryosurgery for more efficient healing

 Some hypertrophic and keloid scars  Point impact (heating) with a special apparatus on
scarую the cloth, passes painlessly
 A flatter scar, less visible with minimal risk
  • bleeding tendency;
  • blood diseases;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • metal fragments in tissues exposed
  • sharp swelling of the face;
  • inflammation

 Beech irradiation

Это облучение поверхностных слоев scarой ткани лучами Буки
(X-ray) with minimum X-ray load. With
устранении застарелых келоидных scar проводится предварительная

Keloid and hypertrophic scars. Профилактика scar Точечное воздействие специальным аппаратом на scarую the cloth,
passes painlessly

Предупреждение роста и деформации scar.

Keloid Elimination scar

  • circulatory decompensation;
  • kidney disease;
  • dermatitis;
  • residual wounds at the site of impact

 Удаление шрамов лазером – воздействие на scarую the cloth
dosed laser radiation

 ATсе виды scar, любых размеров и локализации

Impact on scar tissue using a carbon dioxide laser after
Pre-anesthesia – heat and evaporation
pathological tissue with simultaneous stimulation of production
own collagen and elastin.

Practiced and more gentle, “cold” method with
erbium laser – delicate, high-precision laser resurfacing

 Formation of healthy tissue at the site of the scar
  • psoriasis;
  • dermatitis;
  • cystic acne;
  • inflammations;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • decompensated diabetes;
  • taking retinoids

Surgical excision is a rather rare radical method.
удаления scarой ткани

Keloid scars Various surgical techniques, sometimes multistage, choice
which depends on the type, shape, location and size of the scar – from
simple excision before operations with expander grafting or
using your own fabrics.  Are held under the general
Полное удаление scarой ткани без риска relapse
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system and respiratory tract;
  • psychical deviations;
  • acute inflammatory processes

Filling the scar with collagen, adipose tissue, hyaluronic
Acid – introduction to the rumen of a special preparation

Atrophic scars The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. In the fallout
the tissue site injected the drug, which leads to a visible alignment
поверхности scar.
Temporary elimination of atrophic changes (from 4 to 18 
month). The procedure can be repeated.
  • idiosyncrasy of the drug used;
  • scar inflammation

Medical methods

This is an additional therapy with drugs.
May be supplemented by microcurrent therapy to improve action.

Hypertrophic and keloid scars ATведение в scarую the cloth препаратов из групп:

  • corticosteroids: Kenalog-40, Triamcinolone acetate,
  • enzymes: Lidaza, Ronidaza;
  • acids: hyaluronic acid (mesotherapy, often practiced
    for the treatment of post-acne skin changes);
  • immunomodulators: alpha- and gamma-interferons, Pyrogenal;
  • cytostatics: Fluorouracil, Bleomycin.
 Ускорение разрешения патологической scarой ткани и
formation of new, healthy skin.
 – individual intolerance

Other methods

Некоторые виды гипертрофических и келоидных scar
  • Gels and ointments: Kontraktubex, Mederma, Dermatiks, etc.
  • Электро-  и фонофорез (для доставления ионов препаратов
    right in the focus of impact).
 Acceleration of tissue regeneration processes, reduction
symptoms that accompany resolution of the scar (itching,
the discomfort).
intolerance to physiotherapy methods and
hypersensitivity to these drugs.

How to remove acne scars

A separate section we will devote to how to get rid of scars from
Acne is one of the most common skin defects.

Why does a scar appear on the spot?

Even with the natural process of resolving acne on the skin remains
the mark is a bluish, red or brownish stain,
which is a cluster of melanin in the nidus of the former inflammation.
If the pimple is forced to squeeze, it leads to destruction
epidermis, infecting, spreading and
purulent fusion of inflamed tissues that, when healed
replaced by connective tissue. The situation is aggravated by reduced
immunity, non-compliance with the rules of asepsis, long stay
in the sun.

A similar process is implemented with improper care.
rash with chickenpox – combing leads to a deepening
and inflammation of pockmarks, the healing of which is already happening
with the formation of a scar.


Selected individually, taking into account the severity of the problem,
contraindications and apply a long period of time. Fit
for treatment of depigmented skin without signs

  • Vichy Idealia PRO

It is used to eliminate pigmentation, improve trophism and
cell regeneration. Whey contains a complex of active substances.
(DRM BRIGHT + Diacalite + Lipohydroxy Acid), which derive
excess of melanin, protect from UV rays, moisturize and nourish

  • Skinoren, Azix-Derm

Preparations help to get rid of pigmented points after
pimple permissions. Contain azelaic acid, which normalizes
metabolic processes and removes excess melanin from the skin.

  • Melanativ

Whitening cream designed for application to
pigmented skin before bedtime. Contains glycolic
acid, alpha-arbutin, kojic acid dipalmitate.

  • Stieva-a

Retinoid Retinoid Cream
exfoliation of the skin and effective whitening of pigmentation.
It is applied at night.

  • Dermagenetic Lefko

Cream based on dimethylmethoxy chromanyl palmitate, an overwhelming
synthesis of melanin, which moisturizes the skin and protects against aggressive
exposure to UV rays.

Therapeutic agents

Appointed in the presence of connective tissue changes. after
acne. They have keratolytic, fibrinolytic,
antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory effects. Brake
connective tissue growth and promote keloid resorption
sites, while accelerating the growth of healthy skin. Are selected
also individually, taking into account possible contraindications!

Zeraderm gel and cream.
Forms a polysiloxane film on the skin, which softens and
thinning scar. The active ingredients of the cream activate regeneration,
eliminate inflammation in the tissues. Applied for treatment
келоидных и гипертрофических scar.
Dermatiks gel and cream.
Also forms a film similar to that described above on the skin, eliminates
itching, burning and pigmentation. Applied for treatment келоидных и
гипертрофических scar, как свежих, так и застарелых.
Gel based on allantoin, heparin and onion extract. Slows down
рост scarых фибробластов и протеогликанов, стимулирует синтез
healthy cells and collagen. Effectively smoothes keloid and
hypertrophic scars.
Gel and spray, forming a film on the scar that smoothes,
thin and soften the scar and stimulate collagen synthesis. Fits
для всех видов scar.
Cream based on silicone, retinoic, ascorbic, acids,
cystamine, dandelion root, licorice, etc. Also forms a film,
которая размягчает scarую the cloth и способствует ее

Cosmetic procedures

These methods are described above and are used in cases where
cosmetic and medical products did not render due

Осложнения scar при неправильном лечении

It happens that due to insufficient qualifications
the attending physician either because of the guilt of the patients themselves who use
complex of medical methods of your choice and spend them in different
places, the condition of the scar can be significantly aggravated.

Some complications of inadequate treatment:

  • разрастание scarой ткани;
  • damage to adjacent tissues;
  • инфицирование scarой и здоровой ткани;
  • prolonged healing;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • the formation of benign tumors.

Отсюда следует вывод, что начинать лечение scar следует с
visit a qualified dermatologist!

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