How to get rid of freckles on your face? And whether they needdelete?

Update: October 2018

Epheloids, better known as freckles, are nothing.
Pigment spots. They are usually small in size.
yellowish brown color (sometimes reddish and even black), shape
close to rounded and group layout: really, looking
on the face in freckles, it seems that they were “scattered” by

Preferential localization: open skin, such as
face, shoulders, arms, chest and back. First freckles
appear in a person at the age of 5, the largest number
age spots occur during puberty.

With age, after 40 years, the number of freckles decreases,
However, there are bursts of rash during hormonal
changes during pregnancy and lactation in women.

Freckles in almost 100% of cases are inherited.
Blonde, blue-eyed and red representatives of mankind
“sun kisses” are more exposed to people with dark hair,
which is associated with a smaller amount of melanin in the first.

High pigmentation activity is observed in spring and autumn.
period. Actually the name of freckles went precisely because
характерного весеннего проявления на skin. In spring, and especially in summer
freckles turn brown and darken parallel to tan

Causes and factors causing freckles

The origin of freckles is hereditary
due to a change in the structure of melanocyte cells. Exactly these
cells synthesize the pigment melanin, which gives freckles
visible color. Intensive melanin production and its uneven
распределение приводят к формированию freckles.

The natural trigger of freckles is
ultraviolet radiation of the sun: under its influence activity
melanocytes increases and they, performing a protective function from
damaging action of ultraviolet, begin to produce
large amount of melanin pigment. Every day pigment
more and more is produced, but due to the uneven distribution
меланин образуется очагово, в виде freckles.

Pathological provoking factors are:

  • frequent peels
  • hormonal disruptions and adjustment
  • stresses
  • diseases of the liver and gallbladder
  • hypovitaminosis
  • pregnant women freckles occur on the background of hormonal
    restructuring and metabolic changes.

Freckle treatment

Freckle treatment – весьма относительное и сомнительное занятие,
after all, they are not pathology and do not threaten the health of their
the owner!

Whitening masks, creams and lotions

Designed for use outside the sun, i.e.
in the evening or at night. Require regular, long-term use in
for 2-4 weeks. Apply on the skin with light massage movements.
and maintained the required amount of time. Leftovers
cosmetics are washed off with water (see how to get rid of
pigment spots).

Popular whitening cosmetics:

freckle cream KORA Snow White cream asset from Biocon night cream Perfect whitening from Vitex White Flax night cream from Floresan lightening cream Amanita from LLC NPK “Triniti M”

Cosmetic removal of freckles

It should be understood that pigmentation occurs in the epidermis,
therefore, the removal of freckles is possible only with simultaneous removal
surface layer of skin methods:

  • Quartz (about 10 sessions), causing peeling
  • Cryodestruction, in which the cauterization of the pigment occurs
    spots with liquid nitrogen. Procedure проводится однократно, но несет риск
    scar formation at the site of impact;
  • Peeling with acidic compounds – this method helps
    quickly remove freckles, but damages the epidermis down to
    severe inflammatory response;
  • Apparatus peeling with alexandrite and erbium laser.
    It will take about 2-5 procedures depending on the processed
  • Microdermabrasion, requiring repetition of procedures after 3
  • Dermocoagulation, used to remove wrinkles,
    allowing you to get rid of pigmentation forever.

The disadvantages of such aggressive procedures:

  • After similar, rather aggressive effects, the skin is long
    time remains inflamed and damaged
  • Appear in the open sun after the procedures categorically
  • With each subsequent peeling sensitivity increases.
    skin to any effects.
  • Expensive procedures
  • Have a number of strict contraindications, such as oncological
    diseases, pustular and inflammatory processes in the skin,
    pregnancy, systemic blood diseases, diabetes mellitus and any
    diseases in the acute phase.

Lotions and formulations for local use

Possess depigmenting (whitening) and exfoliating.

  • The mixture, which includes salicylic acid, white
    mercury ointment, phenol 20% and bodyaga, whiten pigmentation and
    peel off the top layer of the epidermis. Apply no more than a week due to
    the dangers of mercury on the body.
  • Смесь 1,5 г салициловой кислоты, 3 gr. витамина С, 24 gr.
    оливкового масла, 4 gr. glycerol 3 gr. wax, 6 oz. spermaceti, 5
    gr. water (can be ordered at the pharmacy with this prescription). Put on
    night thin layer.

How to remove freckles from the face of folk methods

Lemon juice diluted in water

A few lemon slices are squeezed into a glass of cold water,
Stir and the resulting lotion wipe the skin several times in
day. It has a whitening effect.

Parsley infusion

Two teaspoons of finely chopped parsley pour a glass
boiling water and insist 20 minutes. The resulting lotion several times
per day rub the skin. It also whitens the skin, but acts
less aggressive than lemon juice, suitable for sensitive

Cucumber Mask

Fresh cucumber rubbed on a coarse grater and thick layer
укладывают на проблемные участки skin. You can do this nice
the procedure is daily, especially after active solar

Freshly squeezed juices

The same effect has the juice of black currant, quince, viburnum,
cucumber juice and grapefruit juice: rubbed skin with fresh juice
instead of lotion.

Dairy products

Sour milk, kefir, koumiss, sour cream. Most gently brighten
pigmentation, simultaneously moisturizing and cleansing the skin. Can be used
as for masks, slightly thickening the fermented milk base with starch, so
and for wiping. The main thing is that the products are fresh.

Mask of protein and lemon juice

Egg protein is whipped with 1 tsp. lemon juice. The composition is applied
on pigmented areas of skin in a thin layer, after drying
Over the next layer is applied. The procedure takes 20 minutes, then
rinsed first with hot, after cold water.

Cucumber lotion

A pack of cucumber seeds for several days insist in a glass of vodka
or diluted to 40 degrees alcohol, filtered and diluted with
water 1:10. Used for daily rubbing of the skin or for
lotions (for 5-10 minutes).

Celandine lotion

About 100 grams of juice of celandine mixed with 50 grams of vodka, wipe
получившейся настойкой кожу 2 раза в day. Read about the benefits and
contraindications celandine.

Dandelion infusion

How to get rid of freckles on your face at home with
infusion of dandelion flowers. A handful of flowers steamed glass
boiling water, insist 20 minutes and filter. Wipe with lotion place
скопления веснушек 2-3 раза в day.

Mask of horseradish, oatmeal, yogurt

Half a teaspoon of fresh grated horseradish mixed with a quarter
cups of sour milk and 1 tbsp. oatmeal flour. Put the mixture on
pigmented areas with a thin layer, incubated for 15-20 minutes.

Castor oil

Apply the oil on the skin with a cotton swab, gently rubbing. Procedure
It is held at night, in the morning the remaining oil is washed off.

Preventing freckles

Elimination or minimization of provoking factors allows
would partially prevent the appearance of freckles (as well as possible
allergies to the sun):

  • As spring approaches, you should revise your diet,
    incorporating foods rich in vitamins, especially C and PP.
    A large amount of vitamins is found in vegetables and fruits, buckwheat,
    poultry, beef, liver.
  • Gradually get used to the sun – this will ensure uniform
    melanin production. In the first days of the spring sun should be worn
    hat with a wide brim, sunglasses, and also avoid
    appearance on the street in the period from 11 to 15 hours, when the sun is the most
  • Always use sunscreen with a factor
    protection 15-30 SPF. They should be applied to exposed skin.
    paying special attention to the favorite places of freckles – cheeks and nose.
    Protective creams reduce ultraviolet aggressiveness under the action
    it on the skin.

Popular sunscreens: Sunvita from Vitex,
cream barrier against sunburn and freckles from Floresan, Cream “Sunny
Series »F-100 from Floresan, sunscreen cream Miracle

  • As an additional measure, you can use powder with
    salol or quinine that protects the skin from radiation
    the sun

Freckles – is it beautiful or not?

This question is often asked to people with freckles. And in
95% are women, men may not notice this feature.
own skin until they are told about it.

True connoisseurs of beauty and famous fashion designers consider freckles.
a special, attractive feature that gives a person
spontaneity and freshness. People with freckles look younger
his years. Look at faces from world podiums – freckles
can be seen in almost every model! Hence the conclusion
that freckles are not only a flaw, but a fashion trend!

As for the fanatical desire of certain persons in order
I didn’t bring freckles – this is an empty and sometimes dangerous occupation.
Fighting nature is useless! How to expose your skin
traumatic and chemical effects that are often offered
in beauty salons, it is better to love your appearance for what it is
there is, and time and energy to spend on the selection of the appropriate hairstyle and

Unfortunately, there are negative examples of people
experimenting with themselves and trying to change their natural
appearance: some of them paid with health, and some and
life for rash actions!

Most whitening and peeling treatments lead to
dryness, wrinkle formation and premature skin aging, and this
far from the worst consequences.

Only a small proportion of people wear freckles constantly, like
This is usually a seasonal phenomenon. If freckles deliver
psychological discomfort and deprived of normal life should
take measures to prevent them, and begin treatment with gentle
folk techniques. Before contacting beauty salons where
far from always working medical workers, should be visited
a dermatologist and discuss acceptable methods of elimination with him

Freckles are the brightest sign of naturalness, the fact that
never go out of style. Let them decorate your faces and
make them your dignity!

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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